Suzanne’s Winter 2015 Four Rivers –Crack Between the Worlds EDITORIAL

Suzanne Lewis, Editor
A wisdom I hold close to my heart is “If the elder’s will speak, the young will listen” and from the mouth’s of babe’s deep wisdom is spoken.” In 2002 I studied with James Twyman and his willingness to share the wisdom coming from special children, psychic children, sometimes known as the Indigo Children, Star Children, Crystal Children. First hearing their messages that include envision a world that is peaceful and with every inch of stamina maintain that intention. I have concluded that maybe, just maybe I too am an “indigo child’ gone unnoticed by the elders around me. Now in my elder years I can recognize the importance to stand in community supporting these young wisdom seers for the sake of seven generations to come.
Looking at the state of Global Stress and National Gun Disease, a part of me has been deeply embarrassed that our state of Idaho is so out of step for the good of all her people. Now it is almost unbearable that we have become a nation so disconnected from the welfare of all Her People. In a conversation with a good friend regarding how decisions are made, I heard myself relate that the laws are only as strong as those who uphold them. We can have law, a code of ethic and if gone unenforced it’s just words.
I shared with friend that most laws and wars, are sustained by men…with women in the shadows. I shared the Cherokee wisdom of having an elder Wise Woman Council. Before any law was decided upon, first the women would be asked to investigate and consider the effects on the family, the land and the generations to come and to ceremonially pray. The wise women would deliver their perspective to the chief and his counselors and in this way be included in decision making.
I wonder what would happen if the wise women of Iraq, Afghanistan, China, India, Mexico, Russia, North Korea, Tibet, Iran and United States were asked to convene and contemplate the current edge of constant terror and deep wounding. What would they would ask us to consider?
Cross culturally North on the medicinal wheel, winter, is connected with one’s spiritual essence and is often symbolized by mountains, being a warrior/ess, or wise elder. In our changing times young and old are looking for wonderful heroes and heroines to model a good, beautiful way of living with self and others. The deep call is for each of us to authentically walk on the altar of our life, in good relations with all. Anytime one finds themselves breaking their code of ethics or being subjugated to collaborate in wrong doings, fear, mistrust and shame riddles the health of self and community.
The North on the Great Wheel is the season of winter and the heroes and heroines but it is also the placement of the water element (ie. The kidney and bladder) within the Oriental Five Element Theory. In all health issues one is taught to begin with the state of one’s waters to mend and balance any disorder in our total system. Curiously, the kidney when healthy brings forth the state of balance and peace but when out of balance the emotion of fear reigns. The bladder is directly connected to the senses in the face and the range of emotions triggered by those senses. If imbalanced it creates anxieties and emotional extremes.
During the last moon cycle in 2015 from November to December 26th, called the 13th lunar month, we are petitioned to examine the flows of the following rivers:
the river of challenge
the river of love
the river of inspiration
the river of magic and wonder
Consciously we are to register events and circumstances that play out during this time period with the deep wisdom that it may predict situations that will unfold during the next year or season of one’s life. As one observes the inter-plays in these rivers we are to be in our witness state of awareness. Deleting any judgment, comparison and understanding, just being watchful to notice if one of the river’s dominate the way we exchange with life. We are to be especially alert if one of the rivers has no activity. Through this month of observation and contemplation of the four rivers, sometimes called the four poles of our framework, we can affirm in the months to follow to create and bring into our life more love, inspiration and childlike wonder.
How do we attend when there is a drought, a flood, an unexpected downpour, a damming, a destruction in our rivers or flows? It is said that by attending to these rivers in a lifetime we will eventually return to the origins of the waters in the sacred garden of joy and delight. It is said that’s when we wake up and realize heaven is on earth right now, right here.
I send out prayer to our sweet earth, her elements, family, flow of waters and respectful exchanges to all who walk the rainbow bridge. Let’s count our blessings and participate in a sustainable vision of life.

About Suzanne

Suzanne Lewis, editor and manager since 2000. Suzanne is a Planetary Peacekeeper, an Agent for Conscious Evolution, a Spiritual Healer, a Mother, a multi - faceted artist (beads, gems to trade beads; guords star seed art; published author and Lover of Life for the sake of All our Relations.
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