Blue Water Medicine Necklaces – Larimar, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli,

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Medicine Necklaces = a Circle of Stones PROTECTION


Created by Suzanne Lewis

  Cross Cultural Healer, Teacher, Writer, Artist of Beads and Gourds ** Editor

Online Wholistic Journal and Heart Art Resource

Boise, Idaho

           I have been creating Medicine Necklaces for over thirty years.  As a fifth generation Idahoan, I am very proud of our “Gem” State with all its precious, diverse stones and crystals.  From garnets, to a multitude of jaspers, including Bruneau Picture, Willow Creek; opals, sapphires, obsidian and so much more.

The Indigenous people believe only the mountains and the stones live forever.  They are considered guardians, wisdom keepers and provide vibrational support of one’s being.  Medicine means to me that which makes one well, at peace, vitalized.

A long time ago my dear friend, Brooke Medicine Eagle, taught me this prayer:

There’s a Secret One Inside

All the stars and all the galaxies,

Runs through Her Hands like Beads”


        I sing this as I create Medicine Necklaces. I have the gift of holographic touch when connecting with the various stones and pendants.  I can “see” the terrain it came from.  I can feel the artistic intention.  I gaze out into my own backyard nature and see the color tones with each changing season.  I pray.


Cross culturally, water is revered for its healing capacity.  As the waters go, we go.  Willow Creek Jasper is found just twenty miles from my home in Boise, Idaho.  I call this precious earth toned stone with its’ diverse color tones from magenta, new green, mauve, gold and earth browns; the Master Healing Stone.

          Why?  Giant geodes up to seven feet across are excavated from the cliffs overlooking the Willow Creek.  The owner and miner of this vein of Willow Creek Jasper says seven out of eight of the huge geodes when broken open have no matrix (jasper stone).  But, the one that does also has a pool of “original waters” at its core that splashes and spills out upon being cracked open.  He gets all wet!


Medicine Necklaces, that which makes one vitally well soundly protected. For over 25 years I have been creating these “empowering, protective” necklaces from trade beads, gem stones, fetishes and tribal art. For the past few years, my attention was pulled to the Tibetan tribal beads and their honoring of the oceans, mountains, rivers and natures family. Integrating the Tibetan beautiful art with her deeply rooted Indigenous Peoples’ symbolism has created necklaces and beads representing universal harmony, beauty, empowerment, tenderness.
Beads from the deep blue green seas.
I have built up quite a collection, plus when my son traveled to Nepal and Tibet in the late 90s, I had him pick up for me hand hewn turquoise nuggets and amber and traditional mala composed of Bodhi Seeds. Simultaneously I as gaining insight on the relationship of North American Hopi and the Far East Tibetans. The simalarities of their relationship respect of the Earth Mother and her elements. Both cultures revere the “Mother Mountain”, her caves, her blood, her rock quardians, her medicine/power animals and Green Medicine/plants kingdom.

It’s quite fascinating the language and symbolic/metaphorical commonality. For me it was almost eerie this internal scenario that informed me to heed the prayers of the peace makers Far East to South West. I was getting that the refugee Tibetans, recognizing they will never literally be able to return to their homeland turned the despair into a prayer that would transfer their rich heritage to a new homeland, to their brothers and sisters from another continent on the other side of the great waters.

In the Indigenous ways of being family with all of nature and her family; the rock people are the ancient ones who have been on this sweet earth the longest. They are the guardians, the protectors. the foundation form for our sacred wheel. Their energetic presence supports integrity and connectivity w/all the family of life, light and nature.

In addition to the stones commonly revered there was the reflection that we are all the Earth’s family whether a rock, an animal, a bird, an element—earth air, fire, water, metal—a symbol, a plant—seed, green growth, flower, seeds–. I discovered similar power animals from the winged ones who fly–the great birds—hawks, eagles, all birds: four-leggeds— the buffalo horse, dog, cat, wolf, lion, deer: to those who swim in the waters—fish, dolphins and those that can do both water and land– frogs, turtles, salamanders; to those who represent transformation because they have stages to their lives—butterfly, frog and the plant kingdom—seed, green growth, flower, seeds–.

These representative, these earth teachers each exemplify a prayer, a petitioning, a request for a being during various life challenges or changes. (A caterpillar knows instinctively that it must spin a cocoon. When finished it will use the protection it has made to turn itself into a beautiful butterfly. When the time is right, the butterfly will break through the cocoon and stretch its wings to meet the world.)

The Medicine necklace with each deliberate collection of stones and fetishes, emit a frequency, a vibrational language that recognizes outside nature reflects inside nature. The color tones deliberate to invite elements of Nature, earth, water, fire, air, metal/ mineral.

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