August 6, 2013When Women Wake, Mountains MoveDear People,
My immediate reaction when I heard “Women Rise!, was “This is an anthem for 5WCW!” The first lines “When women wake, mountains move,” brought to mind the image of the young Asian mother with her child on her back with words that are almost identical. I had used it on a petition to: One Billion Rising! Get Behind 5WCW (UN 5tth World Conference on Women). Barbara McAfee is the singer-songwriter. In a women’s workshop that we were doing together at Feathered Pipe Ranch in Montana, I also got to sing the song with others. It is rousing and uplifting! Click below to hear the song. I hope you will sing along—the words are here.
“Women Rise!” a song for 5WCW

Women Rise!
© Barbara McAfee

When women wake, mountains move.
When women wake, mountains move.
When women rise, the world rises with us.
So women wake, women wake
Women rise, women rise, women rise….

In a million small gestures, we weave it all together
Much of what we do goes unseen and unsung
But from our daily labors, our downright stubborn loving
A new world is begun….
We’re not going to wait ‘til we’re perfect
The women we are will just have to suffice
We likely won’t ask for permission to change things
We may not even be nice….
Is there something that grabs your attention?
A face or a story that won’t let you go?
Each gesture you make in repairing this world
Will matter more than you’ll ever know.


Musings: India as 5WCW site?

I initially linked 5WCW and New Delhi when I became an advocate for 5WCW. Now I come back to this, with the thought that there will be women in India who want to bring 5WCW there. Is there a someone who intuitively senses that she has the potential (advice: with a circle of others) to be an influence: with the result that the UN ambassador from India and others in the General Assembly will respond to the Secretary General’s request to submit a resolution to have 5WCW? Is this your assignment?

I believe that synchronicities happen to further good causes and that it comes through a combination of fortuitous timing and heart-connected connections. The message of 5WCW in India needs to reach whomever it is meant for—women who want to take this on as their personal assignment. Will you mobilize grassroots women’s organizations in India to support 5WCW? Will the already-established Women’s Parliament be energized to take this idea far and wide? Will you moblize women with vision and financial resources–of which you are one, to work together toward this? Will you be the one to mobilize women in the tech and internet world? At colleges and universities? Will you do whatever you can because it is yours to do?

There is information in Moving Toward the Millionth Circle about what an “assignment “is, the need for a global women’s movement, and the background for advocacy at the United Nations. Reasons that women are needed to change/save the world are in Urgent Message From Mother.

Why India? India is the largest democracy in the world and it also has problems of a developing country. Outrage over rapes is mobilizing grassroots protestors. Eve Ensler’s One Billion Rising had the largest response in India in numbers of women dancing in the streets. Women’s movement energy is building, and it is this and the ripple effect that makes leaders pay attention to women. India, specifically Greater New Delhi could absorb a huge conference and provide a range of accommodations. The infrastructure is in place including a vast transportation system that was created for the Commonwealth Games. English is the common language, it is a multi-culture, multi-religious, and multi-ethnic country. When? 2016. One year after Beijing + 20.

Upcoming Events August – November
For more details and Jean’s full schedule http://jeanbolen.com/schedule

XIXth International Congress for Analytical Psychology
August 18-23, 2013 – Copenhagen, Denmark
Registration open to Jungian analysts and candidates
“Emergence of Empowered Conscious Feminine” breakout session August 22

The C.G. Jung Society of Saint Louis: Third Jung in the Heartland Conference, “Healing by the Numinous”
September 5–8, 2013 – King’s House, Belleville, Illinois
Lecture: The Meaning We Make of the Numinous
Workshop: Path with Soul, Path with Heart: the Inner Compass

Annual Labyrinth Society Gathering
September 16-22 2013 – Vancouver Island, BC
Keynote: Labyrinths for Global Healing, Landscapes for the Soul
Workshop: Living Life as if in a Labyrinth
Circle Experience: “Circles with a Sacred Center”

The C. G. Jung Society of Colorado Springs
October 4 – 5, 2013 – Colorado Springs, CO
Lecture: Catching Fire: Imagination and Activism
Workshop: Path with Soul/Path with Heart: the Inner Compass

San Francisco Writing for Change Conference
October 12, 2013 – San Francisco, CA
Keynote 1:00 pm Writing for Change: in the Psyche and in the World

Women of Wisdom: Emergence of the Conscious Feminine
November 1-2 – Charleston, SC the Sophia Institute
(Hold the date. In planning stage now)

UN CSW 2014 — A New Leader of UN Women

The dates for the UN Commision on the Status of women are March 10 –21, 2014. When the CSW meets, NGOs concerned with women and girls, most doing their work on the ground come to NYC to present panels, workshop, events: http://www.un.org/womenwatch/daw/csw/

July 10, 2013, Ms. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka of South Africa was appointed Executve Director of UN Women. She is the former Deputy President of South Africa.
Michelle Bachelet, former President of Chile and the first Executive Director of UN Women, completed the two years she had agreed to serve and returned to Chile, where she is the favored candidate for President in the fall election. (Chile does not allow consecutive terms).


I am working on a new book Atalanta: The Indomitable Spirit of the Artemis Archetype. In Greek mythology, Atalanta was a famous runner and hunter. At her birth, she was abandoned on a mountain to die (because she was born a girl). It was said that she under the protection of Artemis the Goddess of the Hunt and Moon because a mother bear found her, suckled and raised her. Artemis is the archetype of the sister, feminist, and goal achiever. Katniss in The Hunger Games is a contemporary version of an Atalanta–who was the Princess Atalanta in Free to Be You and Me. (Atalanta will be published by Conari Press in 2014). Also coming in 2014, the 30th Anniversary Edition of Goddesses in Everywoman.

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