Watersongline call for Water Ceremony this Spring

Answer the Call

Igniting the Love Ceremony

March 20th, Spring Equinox

Dear Mother Waters may you continue to bless your earth, land, people, children, animals, and the prayers that we do for you, a balanced world, and the next seven generations. Ashe, Aho, Namaste, Amen

We Invite You To

To answer the call for the WaterSongline’s Igniting the Love Ceremony from wherever you are
To answer the call to prayer simply light a sacred fire (in the form of candle etc) by a body of water (glass, bowl, river, ocean etc) and send out lots of heart waves to our Mother Waters, Earth and Humanity.
Also join your hearts and prayers with Leaders, Heads of UN, Global Spiritual Leaders including the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers at the Wings of Water Global prayer that will happen at 7 PM European time. Pray for the proper treatment of our Mother Waters, Earth, and Humanity. Pray for Mother Waters to touch every heart with love, peace and a sacred attitude to all things.

Auspicious Time to Pray for Water

This time represents a mega auspicious time for the renewal of the world waters celestially, physically and psychically. It is predicted that the old will go and the new will come into play, but only with our continual prayerful actions.

On March 20th we see the the following happening:

Astrologically the old door finally completely closes on the old millennium and old ways. The new door opens to the New Dawn.
The Water Messenger symbolized by Aquarian, and the protector of the world waters Leo govern the New Dawn Era.
The future of our Waters being decided and shaped by world leaders, Heads of the UN, and spiritual leaders who will meet at the Hague Peace Palace for the Wings of Water Conference. This conference will help to shape the next UN 15 year directive on how our global waters should be dealt with.
World Water Day, March 22nd

You are In Good Company

As you pray remember their will be joining with thousand of other prayers around the world.

See WaterSongline Prayer Location Page at http://watersongline.com/prayer-events/events/?page=2 for some of the prayers that have been posted.
Post us your prayer if you want others to know about it

WaterSongline People Updates

Grandmother Pauline Tangiora, International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers: writes, “Water an Indigenous Perspective” for Wings of Water UN Conference and debate on water. Read on
Broker Consultation Website or WaterSongline Blog
Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis, Director of Humanity4Water Awards, one of WaterSongline’s Co-Visioners, and author of “Beautiful Waters”:writes, “Ubuntu – Water Shows the Way” for Wings of Water UN Conference and debate on water. Read on Broker Consultation Website or
WaterSongline Blog.
Ann Rosencranz Program Director for Center of Sacred Studies: has released her book and CD “Call all Nation” that weaves her beautiful Call to all Nation song with quotes from the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. Click Here to Read More
Rabbi Soetendorp and Michael Slaby of the Soetendorp Institute: co-organize the Wings of Water Conference and help to get High Level Spiritual Leaders and Groups involved in UN Millennium Development Goals. See Soetendorp Institute for more information Click Here.
Visit wings of Water Website

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