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March 4, 2013
Dear Sunray Community and Friends,
With the advent of the Tibetan & Chinese New Year of the feminine water snake and
recent findings on the expanding Universe, I am inspired and reflect upon early
creation stories. In particular, the creation story of our world, all that we see
and the overtones of them as a vibrating crystal plate, suspended by four cords,
each chord composed of seven threads and each of the seven threads, also surrounded
by seven threads, ad infinitum. This story of the Universe and its ongoing creation,
energized by vibration (some would say the voice of Creator; some, a wave arising
from a field of potential); this idea resonates with string theories and membranes
of different Universes.
The membranes arising from the field of vibration described by some Cherokee stories
and also told to me by Grandfather Joe Washington of the Salish People, corresponds
with the “…latest Big Bang Theory, which proposes a cyclic universe — driven
by colliding membranes. The new model supports analysis that a human-like mirror
mind created our universe. The wall in science is coming down.” (The Mirror Mind
of the Cyclic Universe [],
Fintan Dunne.)
This model supports the direct experience of meditators and the philosophy of indigenous
cultures. What we think, how we think and what we do, all resonates within the
field and makes apparent the cause and effect and implies an understanding of personal,
family and group karma. We have been taught to do unto others as they do unto us.
And in examining the power of words and thought, it is clear that when one thinks
with appreciation and cultivates a positive view, health improves and life reveals
more harmony. It has been shown clearly; the relationship of our conditioned view
interacts as a chemical cascade within our brain and affects our endocrine system
to basically support belief systems. (See Joan Borysenko, Minding the Body, Mending
the Mind; The Power of Mind to Heal.).
So with these thoughts in mind, it is more clear, the impact of our activities within
our body-mind and environment.
One way in which this theory is being tested is through the intention process initiated
by William Tiller (see []).
This research is working with children labeled as autistic and energizing their
gifts, their potential and seeing their skilful participation in the world. Dr.
Tiller states: “We humans are much more than we think and psychoenergetic science
continues to expand the proof of it.”
He and other scientists talk about “Psychoenergetic Science[, which] involves the
expansion of traditional science to include human consciousness and human intention
as capable of significantly affecting both the properties of materials (non-living
and living) and what we call “physical reality”. For the last four hundred years,
an unstated assumption of science is that such a thing is impossible. However,
our experimental research of the past decade shows that, for today’s world and under
the right conditions, this assumption is no longer correct. “(“The Tiller Model”,
William A. Tiller).
We are awakening within the dream they’re calling the natural wisdom state. The
Peacekeeper Teachings []
that I’ve shared over the years have been based on the concept that all beings are
our relatives: interacting fields, interacting waves in continuous communication.
And as such, we may energize the appearances of awakened society or wallow in the
illusion of separation. Where do we go, when all information is within our heart-mind’s
Through cultivating kindness and appreciation, we may energize the seed of awakened
potential in our lives, our family and our cultures. I invite you to read the article
“Mirror Mind of the Cyclic Universe []”
by Fintan Dunne, and consider the ways in which this information may be tested and
applied to your life. A simple experiment that many of us have worked with over
the years, especially with young children, is to plant two similar seeds in similar
earth. Water them regularly and place in separate rooms, receiving equal daylight.
Choose one plant that you will speak to and say you love and to send positive thoughts
to. And for those who are truly brave, the remaining plant you speak of your doubt
and fear to that plant and verbalize your own negative self-speech. This experiment
very clearly reveals the power of our thoughts and speech and the importance of
cultivating a heart of compassion and generosity. When young children do this experiment,
after three to four days of negativity to the plant, they decide they way to end
the negative speech and awaken the positive.
Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo

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Sunray Meditation Society
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