Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo Electricity from TREES research
Words from Harvard and M.I.T Physicist & psychologist, Dr. John Carlton-Foss, Honored Guest Presenter at the 2014 Sunray Elders Gathering:

On Electromagnetism and Trees:

Perhaps three years ago Venerable gave me a challenge. I was to determine a way to capture useful electricity from trees, white pines to be more precise. One of her elders, clearly a powerful holy person, had been able to light electrical bulbs with trees and his medicine.
Trained in part as a physicist, I was skeptical, but proceeded. I tried various approaches using what I knew from physics, although I must say that the experience was like being trapped inside an egg that all my training indicated was real, with a phenomenon that lay outside the egg. I did not measure a voltage or current until I discovered that the tree trunks held this potential difference in relation to the soil. I also discovered that the soil was not a “uniform ground.” That was an important notion invented and implemented with great effort by physicists in the past few centuries. There would often be a potential difference (“voltage”) between two locations in the soil.

Last year I collaborated with Madeleine Piat-Landolt. After a rainy night, a small group of us made a cornmeal offering to a tree, then performed the measurement. It was roughly double the usual measurement! Madeleine and I shrugged it off as probably dampness on the trunk leading to augmented electrical properties. Others went off to measure other trees with equipment I provided. One worksheet came back with written measurements.

Months later I kept noticing the worksheet on a shelf at the top of the stairs to my home office. No cornmeal offerings to any of the other trees. All the readings for these trees were the usual ones. And all of the trunks were a little wet. Wetness may not have been the cause of the increased voltage readings.

The worksheet reported electrical voltages between the trunks of trees and the surrounding soil. The mere fact that there are such voltages is of interest. The natural world is not at all neutral. One can often measure a potential difference, a voltage, between two different spots on the ground. The ionosphere is filled with charged particles, which mix in not-yet-known ways with lower levels of the atmosphere. Charged particles come from the sun to the ionosphere. The atmosphere is more and more positively charged as one goes higher above negatively charged earth. There is clearly an immense amount of subtle and unsubtle electrical activity on and around Mother Earth.

The increased voltage as a result of the cornmeal offering, being “with” the tree, appears maybe to be the cause. Trees may really respond. Further experiment will test this. It will be a little more challenging than the first measurements because the result requires a state of communion with the tree, and we will probably tend to be a little more self-conscious repeating the experiment. Yet we will do it, and eventually cross yet another bridge in understanding.

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There is new research out on “Sprites,” which are high atmosphere electricity about major storms. It was recently notices these Sprites can be large enough to hit the Ionosphere, and are feeding into the Schumann Resonance Waves. These are bounced all the way around the planet.…/20312-trees-transmit…

TREES TRANSMIT ELECTROMAGNETIC SIGNALS BY SUHAIL JALBOUT I was requested by a colleague to illuminate the garden of his house. According to the


I was requested by a colleague to illuminate the garden of his house. According to the electrical drawings, two projectors were required to illuminate a large pine tree over 100 years old. One projector was located above the stem of the tree and the other at its mid-height, both pointing upwards. A gardener passed during the installation of the electrical cable on the pine tree. He informed the electricians that the electrical current in the cable will cause the death of the tree. The electricians, after consulting with me, removed the cable. The tree was lighted by a projector installed on the ground pointed upwards.

I searched the net for any relevant information but without results. I called the Agriculture School of one of the Universities in town to have any feedback on the subject. Unfortunately, they did not have any proven data about this phenomenon. So I asked another experienced gardener if he had witnessed the death of trees due to electrical currents. His reply was affirmative. Finally, I asked the Director of the Physical Plant at one major University in town whether such incidents happened on campus because few trees are illuminated during special yearly festivals. He confirmed the death of one small cedar tree.

Why the electrical current in cables installed on trees cause their death? The most logical explanation is the following:

Electrical currents produce electromagnetic fields. The strength of the electromagnetic field traps or changes the direction of motion of the nutrients that are flowing from the roots to the branches of the tree. In other words, the electromagnetic field prevents the nutrients from reaching their pre-scheduled destination thus disrupting the normal nutrition process of the tree. Once the natural nutrition equilibrium is altered, the tree starve and dies.


1. Trees should have an electrical potential (voltage).

2. Most probably the impact of the electromagnetic field on trees during the spring/summer seasons is much more effective than during the autumn/winter seasons.

3. The impact of the electromagnetic field of 220V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz high wattage lighting circuits on trees is more drastic than the 12V or 24V/50-60Hz low wattage lighting circuits.

To prove the 1st point, I decided to drill a 2mm hole in the stem of a tree and measure the voltage between the hole and ground by means of a milli-voltmeter. Before proceeding, I searched the net to investigate whether this experiment was performed. To my surprise, I found out that this experiment was done by scientists.{1} They proved that trees have a potential differential, in milli-volts, between the stem/branches and the ground. As a result, the following are few conclusions:

1. The potential differential between ground and the stem of a tree produces a flow of electric current. The electric current in turn produces an electromagnetic field. This implies that every tree transmits electromagnetic signals. I tend to believe that the transmitted signal from different trees have a specific pattern of woven frequencies. This is due to the composition and the concentration of their charged nutrients that flow from the roots to the branches. If it is possible to record the minute transmitted patterns, this data can be used to identify the type of each tree.

2. The electromagnetic field that is produced by the current flowing in electrical cables installed on trees will definitely disrupt the flow of current within the trees resulting in their death.

3. We can understand now why people love to spend their free time in parks and in forests. The transmitted electromagnetic patterns from trees somehow resonate with the bio-electrical circuitry of the human brain giving them the feeling of happiness, tranquility, relaxation, peace of mind, and harmony with nature.

4. It seems the bio-electromagnetic signals that are transmitted from human beings also have effects on plants. There are many people who have “green hands” and others that have an “evil eye”. The bio-electromagnetic signals that are transmitted from the “green hands” people are received favorably by plants thus increasing the nutrition process leading to their fast growth. However, the signals that are transmitted from the “evil eye” people disrupt the flow of the electrical currents of the nutrition process resulting in the death of plants.


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