The Meek and the Mature by Bill Chishom

The Meek and the Mature
by Bill Chisholm

“The meek shall inherit the Earth”

Not long ago as we were discussing the predicted changes coming with the end of 2012 and what the Mayan’s called the era of Macha (selfishness, anthropocentric, power over) to the new era of Pacha (brother/sister hood, biocentric and cooperation), a dear friend and I were talking about the Biblical promise of “The meek shall inherit the Earth.”, and just what that meant. Who were these meek and what does it mean to be truly meek.

Meek sounds milk toasty, un-empowered, it is really quite the opposite. Out on a hike one day contemplating the double question of what it means to be in one’s power and what it means to be truly meek, it came to me that the truly meek were those who fully understood and were connected to their power. They in a sense have achieved an inner Pacha, they don’t have some egoic need to flaunt their power.

In our society and particularly with regard to national and international affairs it is perceived as a weakness to acknowledge the nation’s mistakes and wrongdoings and particularly to apologize for them. It is a sign of weakness not to acknowledge the error of our ways and to not apologize for the wrongs done to others and to the Earth. It is the only way to clean the slate, to clear the air and begin the healing process.

As this discussion and contemplation of the notion of meekness was taking place, the word “maturity” came in to play. Like meek, maturity seems to be one of those concepts that has somewhat alluded our culture. There seems to be an extended adolescence that runs well beyond the late teens, into the 30s, 40s and even 50s, a refusal to grow-up and take responsibility. It seems to be more dominant among men than women and perhaps this has to do with the role of motherhood.

On a long hike I was contemplating the meaning of “maturity” and the circumstances that cause one to move from being immature in one’s actions and responses to life’s challenges and circumstances to being more mature. What came to me first was the idea of “Spiritual Maturity” and what came with that idea was the notion of moving out of a state of self-centeredness to a state of unity and responsibility..

The challenges we have inherited and those that we have made for ourselves are enormous, almost overwhelming to comprehend a way out, but it is quite clear to me now, that if there is anyone left to inherit the Earth, it will be the Meek and the Mature. The shift in abstract eras does not negate the need for concrete action.

There is a great quote from the hippie guru of the 80s Stephen Gaskin that I think fits these times “We are the people, we are this season’s people, there are no other people this season. If we blow it, it’s blown.”

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