Suzanne’s Most Recent BULLY Episode

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Suzanne here:

“I hate blind left swings that come out of nowhere.” A call for help.

Sunday morning I taught my spiritual healing class. Typically my loving Scotty dog, Latte, and I walk in the early morning. I walk for 45 minutes every day, rain or ice, because it is my therapy. Still mending from my crushing car accident, it took me almost two years to regain the ability to walk around the block. I am considered fragile, partially handicapped with my balance impaired.
As I crossed my front yard, Latte on leash, my neighbor’s miniature Doberman like stick dog came out of nowhere to attack me and my little dog with its maniacal scary barking. I was able to command it to back off so we could cross the street and begin the walk.
For those of you who know me and my home, my yard is a sanctuary, and I work outside every day. This new neighbor’s dog has charged me multiple times, once charging, snarling after my dog all the way into my home. Its incessant barking has cracked my sanctuary of a home. Sometime it bark so much it loses its voice.
Back to Sunday, walking in the afternoon, settling down to an appreciation of the nature and the beauty around me, I approached my home and walked in the middle of our road to give lots of space from my next door neighbor and his mean dog.
Cars lining the road blocked my view and once again from behind the car this black and white terror came squealing charging at me and my dog. It circle and then went for my dog, now between my feet, nipping at my right ankle. Because of my T-Bone car injuries, my range of motion to the right is limited and my dog’s leash was in my right hand.
I started shouting NO, NO, BACK, GO HOME, HELP, NO, NO as this aggressive dog would jump back and circle and charge me again and again. I thought I was going to fall and believe me I can’t afford to fall.
In time the dog’s owner came out from the back yard, grabbed his dog. I said, “Your dog just attacked me.” I was experiencing instantaneous trauma, mild cardiac arrest; where the heart beat too fast and one loses the capacity to breathe.
He said: Where are the bite marks and blood?
In disbelief I said again your dog just attacked me.
He said: Where are the bite marks and blood?
I have learned to turn and walk away in dangerous situations. I quickly walked into my home. Thank goodness I am trained to regain breath because I was in serious distress, shaking, rather quaking from the inside out. I was so indignant and befuddled how someone would take that kind of defiant, demoralizing stand….
Having just taught a class focused on handling the “bully”, the one who misuses others through words and actions; I knew I had to go back and draw a line of justice. So out I went walking in the middle of the road, I approached him and his dog, now talking to a new neighbor man who had heard the raucous. I said: “It is against city code to have a dog run loose especially an aggressive, dangerous one.
He put his hand up and said: “Now you want to talk…put it in writing” and turned away. I said: “It is against city code to have a dog run loose especially an aggressive, dangerous one.”
I turned to return to my home and his wife came out. She told me I had to accept that little dogs get out once in a while and that I was exaggerating the situation. She inferred I was lying.
Keeping my breathe deep, my protective shield hot, I recognized that there was no access to a meditative resolve, fair communication; they could only hear their side. Such a cute little dog.
I came back inside and through the night I was unable to turn off the visioning and the discussion. I heard, Suzanne you won’t be able to handle if an innocent child, or your beloved neighbors mending from hip surgery, or another dog, mine, gets hurt. It came to me to formally lodge a complaint through the Idaho Humane Society Monday.
I just want to share how humane and kind the Idaho Animal Control unit is. She heard my story and was black and white with their response. “Doesn’t matter if it is a little dog, any dog in the city running at large is breaking the law”. A formal complaint is being hand delivered to my neighbor’s. If another attack or running at large occurs, what comes from a second complaint in one year is more serious consequences.
It’s springtime and my front yard is at its finest. I love tending my flowers. I hate feeling apprehensive that another assault has to happen to me or my precious Latte before the law can mandate my safety.

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Suzanne Lewis, editor and manager since 2000. Suzanne is a Planetary Peacekeeper, an Agent for Conscious Evolution, a Spiritual Healer, a Mother, a multi - faceted artist (beads, gems to trade beads; guords star seed art; published author and Lover of Life for the sake of All our Relations.
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