Suzanne’s Medicine Necklace Sampler

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Created by Suzanne Lewis
Cross Cultural Healer, Teacher, Writer, Artist of Beads and Gourds ** Editor
Online Wholistic Journal and Heart Art Resource
Boise, Idaho

I have been creating Medicine Necklaces for over thirty years. As a fifth generation Idahoan, I am very proud of our “Gem” State with all its precious, diverse stones and crystals. From garnets, to a multitude of jaspers, including Bruneau Picture, Willow Creek; opals, sapphires, obsidian and so much more.
The Indigenous people believe only the mountains and the stones live forever. They are considered guardians, wisdom keepers and provide vibrational support of one’s being. Medicine means to me that which makes one well, at peace, vitalized.
A long time ago my dear friend, Brooke Medicine Eagle, taught me this prayer:
“There’s a Secret One Inside
All the stars and all the galaxies,
Runs through Her Hands like Beads”

I sing this as I create Medicine Necklaces. I have the gift of holographic touch when connecting with the various stones and pendants. I can “see” the terrain it came from. I can feel the artistic intention. I gaze out into my own backyard nature and see the color tones with each changing season. I pray.

Cross culturally, water is revered for its healing capacity. As the waters go, we go. Willow Creek Jasper is found just twenty miles from my home in Boise, Idaho. I call this precious earth toned stone with its’ diverse color tones from magenta, new green, mauve, gold and earth browns; the Master Healing Stone.
Why? Giant geodes up to seven feet across are excavated from the cliffs overlooking the Willow Creek. The owner and miner of this vein of Willow Creek Jasper says seven out of eight of the huge geodes when broken open have no matrix (jasper stone). But, the one that does also has a pool of “original waters” at its core that splashes and spills out upon being cracked open. He gets all wet!

My love of Trade Beads began in the late eighties over at the Oregon Coast while visiting Mary Trail. She had a passion for blown glass beads especially ancient ones. My first trade bead investment was a strand of agates that were polished and worked and drilled during the time of Christ. It was a spendy strand. I think I paid over $100 for 16” strand of stones. Today just one stone can cost $30.
I often tease that I don’t have a savings account but my bead collection holds great worth. For years I had a passion to collect samples of as many trade beads as possible, especially the ones blown for the Northwest expedition in the 1800’s. I learned how the cunning traders bought Manhattan for beads, I learned that cobalt blue beads were considered God Beads for many land based Indigenous tribes. Natives had no sense of ownership of earth, of the waters, of the sky and thus no monetary values…but the beauty expressed in the beads was priceless.
The past three years my bead/stone passion has been drawn towards Tibetan/Nepalese reverence expressed in their Repoussé, inlaid turquoise and coral in metal with sacred wood beads and seeds. When I acquire a treasured pendant, just by sitting, holding, being with the artistic expression I soon am able to envision the landscape of its origins, the artisan who sculpted the piece’s intention and the medicine it offers. When I work the beads share with me a story, a sensing.
So what beads and crystals are calling to come into my hands and expressions in 2015? What I’ve learned is that my expressive creativity through medicine necklaces with the stones and the trade beads feeds me great encouragement. It feels like foundations support force for my life. Then Nancy brought the latest scores of desired beads and pendants from jade to anglesite, turquoise, Larimer opals, amazonite, and oh the fancy jaspers to the scrimshawed bone Tibetan inspired pendants. When I lay my hands, touch in with the various beads my gift of “hologramming” location of origin, intent of the creator is seen and felt. This feeds my soul a great wealth of relations.
Beads from the deep blue green seas.

About Suzanne

Suzanne Lewis, editor and manager since 2000. Suzanne is a Planetary Peacekeeper, an Agent for Conscious Evolution, a Spiritual Healer, a Mother, a multi - faceted artist (beads, gems to trade beads; guords star seed art; published author and Lover of Life for the sake of All our Relations.
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