Suzanne’s 2017 Editorial 1987-2017 PROPHECIZED TIME – IN THE GOLDEN AGE NOW

Suzanne Lewis

I have always loved watching the night sky with its’ grand family of stars and galaxies…. I have spent a lifetime wishing upon the first star I see each night. Since the eighties, my gaze often has gone to the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters, home of the blue stars. My dearest native teacher, medicine woman and gifted seer introduced me to the “Photon Belt” of stars and their role in ancient prophecy. In 1987 this far seer, Brooke Medicine Eagle and I facilitated a long dance called Dance Awake the Dream held up on Cascade Lake shores.
This was the third of four years of committed ceremony and over 500 people from all over the world came to Idaho’s high country and danced, cleansed, prayed for the coming of the Dawn Star, the heralder of the Golden Age for the sake of All Our Relations. All the Family of Life, Light and Nature. During the long dance in the early morning hours, the stars literally came splashing down from the heavens disappearing into the mirroring lake and high mountain peaks.
As the new day began with the sun ascending over the highest peaks, we ran towards the Dawn Star, the radiant golden light of the “Christed” oneness. Shortly thereafter, I was summoned to meet with local authorities since I was the responsible one for this event. In an altered, exhausted state (having dance through the night) I faced off with the Sheriff and local Minister. What were we doing? Complaints and fears from the community across the lake. I am unable to remember what I shared but it pacified them.
1987 marked the beginning of the “Rainbow Bridge”, corridor or passage from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Golden Age. The prophecy confirmed that the time period from 1987 to 2015 would be the dismantling of the false, unsustainable patriarchal domination and destruction of the family of life (brown, yellow, black, red and white peoples) to the new times of the Matriarchal, the feminine nurturing, respecting and safety and inclusive of ALL BEINGS including MOTHER EARTH and her diverse family of elements, trees, waters, four-leggeds, swimmers, two-leggeds, winged ones and green things.
This morning as I looked out at the early morning sky so clear and I saw the Pleiades has moved through Orion’s Belt (which is pivotal mapping in Prophecy) and well on their way to our closes energetic exchange. Thus the attention to this upcoming week with the fall equinox, the Full Blood Moon (The moon is closest to the earth at this time) and Total Lunar Eclipse (Saturday evening). I am steeped in reflections (West Work) 1987-2015, we’ve crossed the bridge and landed in the Golden AGE of good relations or not.
My dear friend Brooke just sent an announcement of her next holy sojourn, the Magdalene Tour scheduled for next May (Mary’s Month). She suggested that I read the book, LABYRINTH by Kate Mosse as a reference for the holy trek.
Yes, we ran and gave ourselves to the Dawn Star’s golden rays, the Christ elder brother but we did so in union with the elder sister, White Buffalo Calf Woman and the teachings of the Good Red Road of Relationships.
One of my near death experiences had me walking through a corridor lined with ancient carved pillars. I came to this haloing, ring of luminous shimmering blue light. I looked through and saw on a rise, a mound, a long dark haired, radiant being with its arms outstretched. At first I thought it was male, the Christ but I blinked and looked again and it was the feminine, elder sister. It was HE-SHE. As I stepped through the ring of blue light, I was jolted back into my physical body. A male and a female were yelling at each other as to how to care for the crushed being me. My first words back in this world was “Stop Fighting.”
Brooke’s recommending of LABYRINTH, a DaVinci Code like historical fiction of the search for the Holy Grail, is set in the Pyrenees near Carcassonne, France. On one hand, I must explain the irony that I had this book stuck away in the back of a shelf for want to read books lost from six years of recovering from being crushed in a T-Bone car accident in a car driven by my father and traumatic brain injury. My only child, my dear son, helped me recover order in my home and libraries this past July. We ended up donating a dozen boxes of books, carting them away. I had to choose which books I wanted to keep hundreds of times over and somehow I kept this LABYRINTH BOOK. IRONY, I’d say.
Then on the other hand, prioritizing time to read this 500 page book is huge for me. If I read I don’t write. Something stellar demanding I read this book set simultaneously in the
1200 ad, the time of the crusades and the annihilation of Bon Homnes, the heretics, the Unchristian, the time of the great burnings of high priestesses, Parfaits and what they were willing to suffer in order to save their sacred books of wisdom from the religious, greedy crusaders. This was the very time period where the feminine and their holiness was erased from the Bible.
Simultaneously my attention has been drawn to the global crisis of mass exodus of people from war torn, religious diversity intolerant nations. (From Syria to Europe plus many other places in the world).
Plus some of my dearest friends were literally in Carcassonne this year and special gourd buddy has been crafting a storyteller gourd with pictorial symbols of their sacred journey with Labyrinth, the caves and the stone walls. Brooke herself was there too in May and another writing friend Dr. Janet was there. Even my son just returned from Europe and the Pyrenees. So I have been gifted the sight of so many photographs and stories of the very European terrain the book was set. I have been able to viscerally connected without ever having to leave my home to travel across the great ocean to the sacred caves, the labyrinths, the parfaits or holy priestesses and the Magdalene, the Holy Grail. I thank you all.
Fyi (“The Female Parfaits of the Cathars (Priestesses) :were highly trained in ENERGY ” healing, which all the Cathar Parfaits did by one standing at the head of a patient and one at the feet and then both sending in energy, as one held the head and one the feet. This brought immense energy charges through the body and thus immense and miraculous healing occurred. They also then charged this by calling in the Shekinah to work through them, and the Shekinah entered via the upper chakras and then flowed through their hands into the energy field and body of whomever they were healing.
They often delivered sermons in the forests and the Magdalene caves and was one of the high initiates of the Magdalene-Goddess- Sophia Cathar entourage which were all women and immensely powerful, highly educated and the upper class of this area. They had reached a type of higher enlightenment steeped in the Gospel of Love, which had them lightyears ahead of the church. They guarded their secrets with their life and the church never got hold of their inner and secret teachings and thus those souls severely tortured by the Inquisition and those burnt at the stake, never revealed their secrets for they were under oath.” (Judith Kusel))

2015 and the energy from the stars so close, so demanding.
We come from the stars and to the stars we shall return.
The Earth is a star.
We are all star matter.
Welcome to the Golden Age
HE-SHE stands together for wholeness, respect and love.
Great possibilities as there is enough for all.
Suzanne the starrose of Idaho
(Suzanne here: My second book, newly recovered and renamed, WATERMEDICINE WOMAN RETURNS: Normalizing the Language of Spirit, I already have written the four year sacred healing ceremonies with Brooke Medicine Eagle. I share my story of being a holy woman under the guidance of the Great Mother, the Compassionate One and share my lifetime guides and holy women, visible and invisible; Great Mother, Mary, Kwan Yin, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Elder Sister, Earth Mother, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Dr. Angeles Arriene, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, Grandmother Flordemayo, Dr. Peggy Rowe Ward and Judie McReynolds)

References for Inspiration:
I offer you love
I offer you peace
I offer you friendship
I see your beauty
I hear your needs
I feel your feelings.
My wisdom flows from the highest source.
I salute that source in you.
Let us work together for unity and love. Mahatma Ghandi

We have calcium in our bones, iron in our veins
Carbon in our souls, and nitrogen in our brains.
93% stardust, with souls made of flames.
We are just stars with human names.
Nikita Gill

“Upon suffering beyond suffering:
The Red Nation shall rise again and
It will be a blessing to a sick nation
A world filled with broken promises, selfishness and separation.
A world longing for light again.
I see a time of seven generations when all the colors of mankind
Will gather under the Tree of Life
And the whole world will become one circle again. Crazy Horse

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Suzanne Lewis, editor and manager since 2000. Suzanne is a Planetary Peacekeeper, an Agent for Conscious Evolution, a Spiritual Healer, a Mother, a multi - faceted artist (beads, gems to trade beads; guords star seed art; published author and Lover of Life for the sake of All our Relations.
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