Suzanne Remembers being Touched by Stars

Grateful for the Touch
Early Morning Star Gifting
All Time is Present
Suzanne Lewis
Around 6 a.m. Christmas morning I stepped outside to greet the new day. The deep indigo blue skies sparkled with stars and planets. As I gave gratitude for this new day, I looked to the Western skyscape and a phenomenal shooting star streaked to the Southwest, exploding like fireworks close to the treetops. The force of this sky gift literally felt like an ocean wave pulsing/crashing through me, rocking me off center. I gasped; my hand went to my heart, as I recognized the sacredness of this sight. The splashdown of the star careening into Earth’s atmosphere instantaneously flashed me back to the mythical star at the time of the birthing of the elder brother, the Dawn Star, Jesus. But the remembering continued to touch into the early morning hours during the Dance Awake the Dream (Harmonic Convergence) Ceremony, the long dance ceremony in 1987. Another time when I witnessed stars making contact with the Earth.

Hundreds of us were committed to dance through the night doing prayers for All Our Relations, willing to give all ourselves to our dreams of a Golden Age of good relations and respect. During the early morning hours of stepping dancing it felt for me very solitary, I remember noticing no other dancers and then the stars came showering down, splashing into the Cascade Lake, melting into the mountaintops. It was an unfathomable experience.
This Christmas morning when the shooting start made itself visible to me, it felt prophetic, monumental, and maybe even oracular. Just days away from 2012, the year I’ve been waiting for over 35 years begins. In 1987 we danced in order to greet the Dawn Star and its enlightened, Christ-like consciousness. The new messenger of light, love and loyalty came to Earth with the stars.

In 2012 the beckoning Shooting Star introduces for me “Bridging Heaven and Earth”; the masculine with the feminine; the East with the West; mind with emotions. Most importantly, bridging the North with the South; where the wisdom keepers must take a stand regarding right use of power for the sake of our family of life, light and nature. The North-South road is often referred to as the Red Road, the pathway of vital life, abundant life, healthy life, respected life for One and All.

In my belief system “We come from the stars into the stars shall return.” Right now the star messengers are grounding with this Earth. It’s spectacular and just in the nick of time. Starlight, Star bright as I wished upon the shooting star I remembered a vision I was given in 1998. Standing on the top ledge of a grand Pyramid in Palenque, arms open wide; I reached out to the midnight, star strewn sky and called for a vision of 2012. I saw a magnificent circle of red, brown, white, yellow and black women, fully adorned with local tribal regalia, hand-in-hand circling, dancing filled with joy, delight and playfulness. The Lokondon, Mayan wisdom keepers asked us to bring our visions back to the North and share them. I made a gourd piece to imprint the message I received. When asked about 2012 and the Mayan prophecies, I always say it is time when red/brown/white/black and yellow people will circle, will have cross cultural respect, practice deep listening as well as evolved delivery of essential aspects for incredible unity of purpose….May the Earth and all her people and elements live well, mend gracefully, restore interconnectedness.
Much like the metaphor Lynne Twist shared, “In a way, one way of looking at this like the tide that turns in the ocean, when the tide turns in the ocean it turns way down deep where no one can see. And then it takes some time before it rises to the surface and then you see the tides turning. And I think the tide has turned. And we’re just beginning to see it and feel it on the surface of life as we know it. And another way of talking about it is to put our attention and intention on having people see that the tide has turned rather than try to turn it.” It’s already here, “the wave begins its form on ocean floor, we don’t see it, but it rising, flowing to the surface” I believe there is only one sky, only one ocean and the shooting star made visible the rising wave.
May 2020 Be the Best Year Ever…For the Sake of All Our Relations
Suzanne the Starrose

About Suzanne

Suzanne Lewis, editor and manager since 2000. Suzanne is a Planetary Peacekeeper, an Agent for Conscious Evolution, a Spiritual Healer, a Mother, a multi - faceted artist (beads, gems to trade beads; guords star seed art; published author and Lover of Life for the sake of All our Relations.
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