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In 1986, during the second year of a four year healing cycle of ceremonies with Brooke Medicine Eagle I cognitively became aware of what I call Water Medicine.  What does that mean?  For me after a year of prayers towards healing our two legged view of unconscious consumption of our planet’s rainforests and its medicine cabinet of healing plants and partnership for a healthy atmosphere, I got it that until one goes about mending their internal waters, we were ineffective at tending our earth’s external waters.

Both the Oriental philosophy of health and the Indigenous People’s natural spirituality contend that we are all one in the great circle of life.  We are the  Family of Life and the more we are harmonious with the external nature of all things the greater comfort we will have for our own internal landscape.

In the Oriental ways called the Five Element theory, the water element represents the kidney and bladder within our physical body and it’s rivers flow four times the pathways as any other element.  What’s curious about this system of health language is that each organ has a range of emotions that accompany the element.  The kidney when balanced feels peace and harmony and stability while when out of balance knows fear.   The kidney is called the feminine aspect of water and tracks from the sole of our feet up into our chest.  The bladder, masculine aspect, runs from the inside corner of our eyes, with twin flows up and then down the backside of the head, on either side of the spine, down the back of our legs and out the periphery side of the soles of our feet.  It is said the bladder rules the emotions stimulated by the senses of our face, smelling, hearing, tasting, toning and seeing.

If the bladder is out of balance then we experience a detachment, numbing, cloudiness, grey heaviness around emotions.

It’s curious to me when I hear so often that we are on this earth to face our greatest fears, for I immediately recognize addressing kidney influences.  After years of reflection and experience with the Indigenous People’s Medicine Wheel I learned that the North on the Wheel is the home of the waters.  The snow and rains of the winter provide the flow of the waters for the rest of the year.  Most know the North on the wheel as the place where we walk alone seeking reunion and oneness with the Maker of all the Things, the Great Spirit, God.  It’s the place we hone in on our ideals of living life.  I contend that all healing begins in the North.  Until we are rooted safely in a spiritual relationship with the Highest Good and the water are addressed and honor imbalance and fear dominates our days and our nights.   When we can come home to safe way of embracing our fears and our deepest emotions we will bask in an immense sense of ease and balance.

Fall season is the time of letting go those deep, inherent patterns that are destructive and may be rooted in generational patterns that harm our ability to live each day fully and appreciative of the good, beautiful and sustainable gifts that are bountiful for those who have eyes that can see and ears that can hear. In other words, a presence that relies on one’s senses and is steeped in a trust that this is truly heaven on earth.  We have chosen to be here and we are ready to get on with living life fully.

Did the terrorist assault affect you?  One of the basic premises of the Indigenous People’s is that We Are All One.  If the Chinese Embassy was accidentally bombed, we, thousands of miles away, feel the effects.  If there is drought or fires in the Northwest, our internal nature is also influenced by the dryness or the heat.  Everything is related at a cellular level.  To maintain the illusion of separation, of uniqueness, is often a fallacy that cloaks many Westerners.  Our inside nature mirrors the outside nature and vice versa.

The individuals, the cells, who spiritually surrendered their physical life to fly into the tallest of structures, created a thriller-movie image that quickly became an intense inferno that killed thousands of innocent beings and subsequent heroes, crumbling the most technologically progressive buildings. Simultaneously this angry action collapsed many of we American’s illusion of safety and sustainable peace on our lands leaving us vulnerable and fearful.

In the past two weeks as a ‘hands-on healer’, I have witnessed a consistent fallout from this event in my clientele, many of which are health practitioners and educators.  First of all, they are physically hurting, especially behind their hearts, and secondly, their unconscious has gone about armoring, trying to steel themselves from the sensory overload of this intense event.  Thus, the opportunity has arisen to upgrade their awareness that We Are All One.

The sights seen on national coverage, the sounds, the messages of War have triggered responses within them that has resulted in a body tension, a freezing, which ultimately creates an inner terror, a fear that their health and well-being is collapsing.   Often this is totally unconscious, and God forbid if they look at it consciously, the result maybe a forced remembering of terror, of bullying, of vengeance forced upon them at some earlier age, or maybe lifetime.

As sentient, feeling beings, the West or fall on the great wheel of life requires of us to remember harmful, destructive influences, to reframe the past into a sustainable current script, to forgive ourselves for our choices to be involved in angry, violent, abusive, death-like scenarios and let it go. So that we can rejoice and celebrate our willingness to be radically alive and to influence seven generations to come to live a good, beautiful, kind, loving existence that sweetly trusts and cooperates with nature.

The old adage “An eye for an eye” is a decrepit, insidious pattern that demands being reframed.  When the message of war is issued by our leaders through mass media, we are sustaining this archaic principle, perpetuating terror to all’s innocence.  The elder brother, Christ, would have said, “Forgive them for they know not.”  So what can we do to reframe the past, unhealthy pattern of terrorism?

This past week on the O’REILLY FACTOR,  Mr. O’Reilly espewed that those who are speaking up for peace, or walking a mile in the terrorist cell’s shoes are traitors and should be hung.

This rhetoric immediate made me flash back to the Vietnam Error, as a pacifist, I was judged and labeled un-American for my actions that asked what about the Vietnamese, the innocent ones, and what are the real roots of this undeclared war.  Only in the last decade have some of the old politicians asked for forgiveness for the unjust prejudices imposed upon we the peacekeepers. I believed in the seventies as I do now in the 21st century, it is American to ask our leaders to look again, to get more honest.  Question Authority.

My response is we must begin within our own selves.  We must allow ourselves to remember our own history of being involved with ‘bullies, stalkers, batterers, starvation and judgments of I am right and You are wrong.  Once we can bring to our consciousness that yes, my father did beat my mother and maybe even me, or religious institutes who believe it’s doctrines are the only way to God, or having a physical/mental handicap does make a person less than, or silence regarding business practices that make women inferior…the scripts are numerous and equally disgusting…then we can begin to stand for and model humanitarian integrity and create a sustainable possibility for today and tomorrow.

This stance would then require that each of us practice our truths in our community.  When we witness the mother hitting her child at the grocery store, we must show up and say stop it.  When the business refuses to hire a homeless person because they have no permanent address, we must stay stop it.  When the papers ignore the story that implicates a rich prominent politician’s promiscuity’s, we must say stop it.  Until we are ready to see the ways in which we are being terrorized, bullied in our own community, there will be no effective way to address this current earth situation of cellular units of terrorism.

On this same note, if one discovers they are the bully, the terrorist and judgment maker, then this will be one of the greatest challenges to regain authentic integrity and stop their harmful ways.

Once we gain a voice that is heard at all levels of our life and interactions, reflecting a consciousness sensitive to bullying, then we will be able to radar into the angry, belligerent truck driver driving a cargo of nuclear waste aimed at destroying quality of life, or the hijacker who’s intent on murdering masses to cowardly fuel further fear.  Will this change in consciousness take decades?  I doubt it.  Like the unimaginable crumbling that occurred in New York, life is sped up to such a quantum rate this ability to say stop it and take actions to restore equanimity can be immediate.


“There is a light in this world, a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter.  We sometimes lose sight of this force when there is suffering, too much pain. Then suddenly, the spirit will emerge through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways.”

— Mother Theresa

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Suzanne Lewis, editor and manager since 2000. Suzanne is a Planetary Peacekeeper, an Agent for Conscious Evolution, a Spiritual Healer, a Mother, a multi - faceted artist (beads, gems to trade beads; guords star seed art; published author and Lover of Life for the sake of All our Relations.
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