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Suzanne Lewis, editor of online Journal, announced that her new book The PeaceWheel Practice Guidebook is now available on Amazon Booklist both in hardback and Kindle. An audio tape is soon to be released.

PeaceWheel Practice Explanation Suzanne Lewis, Visionary and Author The PeaceWheel offers an inspired option, a utilitarian tool, antidote for optimistic, sustainable, upgraded character building, personality enhancing, relationship strengthening, vitality boosting, focused on being WHOLE, safe, heard and respected and being enough. When question where did you learn of this wheel? Who else already has it? It is then that I confess I received this visionary tool while in deep prayer after my near-death car accident and resultant traumatic brain injury and crushed body. I consider it Universal Sacred Wisdom gifted from my eternal great teachers and ancestors.

The PeaceWheel prototype, tool and accompanying Guidebook is a channeled/downloaded integration of the new medicine tools I’ve gained post traumatic brain injury and my thirty-year career as a Wholistic ‘Hands On’ HEALER and TEACHER. Integrating the Medicine Wheel and the Five Element Theory with Sustainable Communication is my personal field of expertise and I have a library filled with cross-cultural “Body-Mind” wisdom tools.

After almost a year of meditative “trance-lation”, I see it based on the four directions and center. The five archetypes of humanity, our five bodies, one’s authentic, magical nature; the five broken, harmed child false belief patterns, and the language to empower choice. Western Mind is challenged to trust or validate this holy scribe’s transmission, healing gift from grace. I was told that I was still in physical form to totally commit to aide in “dismantling the trigger in one’s body-mind” as a result of PTSD, TBI, Anxiety disorders, depression, hypersensitivity.

Suzanne Lewis shares: The Great Wheel of Life becomes a compass as well as medicine tool to assist us to view the patterns, the archetypes of humanity, one’s authentic blueprint of Earth walk. If harmed, the broken child belief nature results. Stepping the PeaceWheel, connecting through one’s senses; offers the antidotes or the healing salves, as I prefer to call them, which encourages mending and strengthening. This empowerment nurtures an individual back to their authentic self, their personal integrity, their true nature. The PeaceWheel Practice provides an opportunity to discover one’s strongest sense and learn to utilize this enhanced essence as a spiritual gifting. “Through our senses, hearing, smelling, toning, seeing, and touching, we experience impulses, stimuli, that through our “animal nature/body” instinctually responds with a feeling, a sensation. Then we engage our mental faculties between our ears to name what we are feeling as an “emotion”, love, hate, despair, fear, angst, joy, sad, delight, wonder….

Then the emotion gets stored in one’s heart. Through one’s sense’s we mend frayed and damaged neuro-pathways. After trauma, the brain has a phenomenal compensation process. Where there is a loss of skill, sense, speaking, touching, hearing, smelling, touching…another will become enhanced.” Global Stress Disorder with post-traumatic stress response. This morning I heard a new terminology, for me, that our precious Mother Earth and all her peoples are in Global Stress Disorder with post-traumatic stress response…the whole planet! That’s when the bell of truth rang through me. As a repairing PTSD person, knowing in a nano-second one can become triggered. The trigger occurs through one’s senses, whether through seeing, hearing, smelling, touching it’s our instinctive protection response. The adrenalin starts dumping with a flight or fight stand, shortness of breath, sweats, skin crawling, nausea, body tremoring. An integrated body-oriented approach to treat and repair trauma triggers.

Healing Instinctual Injuries Through Sensory Integration Activities,
Medicine Tools for Mending the Harmed Five Archetypes of Humanity
“In a remembering, you felt a way to survive, and you were filled with joy and delight.”

About Suzanne

Suzanne Lewis, editor and manager since 2000. Suzanne is a Planetary Peacekeeper, an Agent for Conscious Evolution, a Spiritual Healer, a Mother, a multi - faceted artist (beads, gems to trade beads; guords star seed art; published author and Lover of Life for the sake of All our Relations.
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