Suzanne Lewis sharing Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes Rough Prayer

Dear Brave Souls: Symmetry and Balance in all that is made by hand, including human life….
Please do not read if you might be offended by what I call, ‘Rough Prayer.’
This prayer contains cussing [“Cabron” is used as a fiery direct cuss word in Spanish]
Because I’ve heard some version of “old people should just be left to die now” at least 100 times in the last many days, I wrote the following prayer as Ive heard SO many people online and in media callously speculate about persons in my age group [Im in 75th year on earth–. but ‘old’, I think, can be any age to those who are cruel] as being expendable re resources of food, medicine, shelter and more.
Also, Teresacita, one of our sister-commenters here wrote these words here earlier
“…I was shocked today by comment that we should just accept all our elders will die and stop accommodating preventive measures when it is mainly for that one, expendable group. Finally, I am awake. I am that expendable group….”
I tell you in all peace, that this ‘elders ought be kicked to the side’ is not the first time in my lifetime some political persons have hinted at the elders’ “duty to die, ” — the last being in the midst of the billion dollar health insurance industry wrangling with the government about “managed care” a crude euphemism meaning not wanting to allow elders reasoned treatments.
¡Ya Basta x 10!
We all have our own ways of staying strong in peace, and during duress. I tend toward devotional prayer, but regarding this ‘death chisme’ death-gossip flooding the internet, the fire woke me in the middle of the night and would not leave until I penned these words for whomsoever might find them useful, those who are vulnerable in any way, healthwise, agewise, mind, heart, soul, spirit wise, all wise.
I offer in all gentleness but also with fire: May all remain well and May ALL receive care to the best that can be
Not to tempt fate, but with humility, that is Creator at center, to slam home utter Faith: here is what I call “Rough Prayer.”
Para La Vida por Las Viejas y Los Viejos, the Old Ones, the Vulnerable of Any Age: Prayer About the Reality of the Length of Precious Life!
I am an elder ,
in my 75th year on earth
And you suddenly say
As some greed hounds have done before,
‘Let us leave the old behind.
Who are they?
Rocking chair fodder.
Muddled and doddering.’
¿You know who else said that Cabron?
Adolph Hitler and his flying monkeys!
Hitler called the souls of human beings,
“life not worthy of life”
because of age or affliction
or religious affiliation
I rise Cabron. We rise.
We frontliners rise.
We rise to speak for those
who have not yet heard
of your vile ‘plans.’
Now from the bloody echos
of an egregious 1940s history
of “Never again!!”
You dare to say I
And my brothers and sisters
in Their 70/ 80/90s,
the vulnerable, the ones in need,
Should die
Should be left aside
kept to the sidelines
Kept From helps
Refused interventions, medicines
You dare to try to cut the cloth
from the Weaver’s loom
Before the weaving is fully done!
¡NO Cabron!
I say ¡Cabron!
I am speaking to you,
Your lowness
Let me set you derecho
You have no say so over our lives.
We live and we will live
and love to the last breath
decided not by you,
but by Greater.
For we were born
at the appointment of
El Dio y La Diosa…
And the time
of our leave-taking from Earth
Was decided before we were born¡
I said ¡cabron!
We are divinely inspired
to be on planet Earth until
we walk onward
deigned ONLY by Greater…
You’re on noticia:
I have news for you Cabron–
And I speak for many mis comadres,
los todos compadres, los todos
viejas y viejos,
all our sister-mother-daughters,
all our son-fathers–brothers,
ALL our elders…
¡Be informed Cabron!
for this has ALWAYS been true,
despite your many cheap imaginings.
Will ALWAYS be true!
::: ¡Even BULLETS
CANNOT kill me
If it’s NOT
my time
To die! :::
May this be understood by many
May it remain so
May it be enacted in good ways
as each person sees fit
according to their ways of Life.
[and a little woman]

About Suzanne

Suzanne Lewis, editor and manager since 2000. Suzanne is a Planetary Peacekeeper, an Agent for Conscious Evolution, a Spiritual Healer, a Mother, a multi - faceted artist (beads, gems to trade beads; guords star seed art; published author and Lover of Life for the sake of All our Relations.
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