Suzanne Lewis Medicine Beings Standards

Medicine Beings Standards
Suzanne Lewis

One of the standards required of a Medicine Being is to sustain the positive, the loving, the way of beautiful and no harm. Each wounded one who seeks mending must come ready to do the work necessary to rebuild, regenerate one’s authentic blueprint of well-being and cosmic purpose. The Medicine Person must stay home in their “wisdom eye” of clear seeing knowings. While seeking the participation of the wounded one’s highest nature, best of traits, one always stays on alert to the beings broken nature and its false patterns of projection, seduction, victimization and superiority, the judge and jury.
The imbalance person has to choose who shows up in the treatment. The Medicine Person must uphold strong integrity fields of protection.
A long time ago I learned as a lifeguard that before one dives in to save another, one must remember that the drowning one will do anything to save themselves including climbing on top of the rescuer, drowning them in order to be on top. The lifeguard must assess the environment, the conditions of the water and their own stamina and talents and support before leaping into the deep waters.
West workers have multiple archetypal names from Shaman, to Teacher to Green Medicine person. West on the Great Wheel of Life is symbolically connected to the ocean, to cycles, to emotions. In the Five Element theory fall, west, is ruled by the Metal Element composed of the Lungs and Large Intestine organs. Simply stated the lungs carry one’s inspiration, our original meaning and intent for living. I often share if we breathe, we are enough for I contend it is our creator breathing through us. Whereas the Large Intestine rules our ability to let go that which no longer serves one’s highest good. The Large Intestine often connects to one’s sense of security, home base, our sense of foundation especially developed while in our childhood.
I often say that when one finds themselves in a state of “repeating” an unhealthy pattern one more time—the individual totally desires to never live it out again…no more…it simultaneously is called “Breaking the Chains/Patterns, unhealthy familial or cultural trainings. Most importantly, we have not one breath to blame, shame or judge anybody else….not one’s parents, not the church, not the government…
It is the moment of personal autonomy where one must dive into their own authentic, original deepest of cosmic purposes for earth life. We must choose who’s driving the company car. Who’s in the driver seat?

The Shaman, the Spirit Seer or “far seer” (far back to far out), steeped in an encyclopedia of Earth Life chapters, with intact wiring often is called on behalf of the fractured being. The one divorced from their original medicine bundle filled with gifts and talents, stuck in the quagmires of denial, delusion, depression, dysfunction, dumbness, depleted, ditzy, demanding….tired of living a lack luster life. The Teacher is called upon to educate that one can do nothing to correct or heal some outside of self relationship whether it is with mother, father, sister, brother, grandparents etc. Instead we initiate the possibility of an “Internal Family composed of all the ages and influences of our earth life so far. We then empower through education and practices to mend or upgrade the broken/false/fractured aspects of self.
Cross culturally it is recognized that most people believe their mental strength, intelligence results from the area between the ears in the head. The truth being that what we listen to between the ears can lie to us, deny, dominate us, where as Medicine People recognize that what lies beneath the head, our body holds our authentic, true history. The body is unable to lie, it just holds the mapping of harm, trauma, death, tragedies, passions. In a nano second the senses in one’s face (seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching) can get triggered, ignited in an intuitive, instinctual response. Then our brain between the ears jumps in to name what was felt as an emotion that then gets stored in one’s heart.
People who have suffered the “blind left swing”, the unexpected harm, the accident, will have what is now being called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, stored as a trigger point in our body/mind. It is so vulnerable, speaking from great experience, to lose control of how we respond, react to issues or situations that duplicate a previous trauma and pain.
In order to do this holy of wholing, reclamation of self takes a commitment of time and community. Often times when one is able to bring back, reorient to one’s fractured parts; it will call for counseling, support circles, devotional practice. As I have been taught, when a lost aspect of self returns, we must maintain a personal relationship with it for in a nano second, when we get triggered by a theme or an essence of past injury to soul, it can quickly leave our earth body (one’s consciousness) again unless we have woven a nest of golden sweetness and constant regard.

Am I ready to face the great gift of today if can?
Is my self worth as strong as my self critic?

Model/Archetype—TEACHER Medicine Wo/man Green Medicine
Community Spiritual Healer Counselor Children’s Advocates
Heart Artist Shaman Earth Guardian Green Medicine Person
Changing Woman Bear Medicine
we desperately need Leaders with Integrity, Humor, Dignity and Insight.

Broken Child Nature – “KNOW IT ALL”-victimizer-reality bender
Soul Fragmented-authenticity Dark Night of the Soul
Soul Stalker-Vampires- Soul Stealers – Beggars – street person
Saboteurs-Hungry Ghost – Smoky Mirrors

Learn to recognize the signs of one who dominates, diminishes
***Someone talks on top of you
***Predictions of future, an act of violence (swearing, profanity)
***Glorifies truth
***Always brings focus back to self
***Doesn’t listen
***Puts focus on others
Voice- Talks on top, double talker
Broken record – rants
Opinionated and predicts your life
Cruel and bears false projections
Integrating the Oriental five element theory and the Indigenous People’s
Medicine Wheel is one way to cross-culturally develop a universal language that is inclusive of the family of life, its’ seasons, its’ symbols and its’ metaphors.

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Suzanne Lewis, editor and manager since 2000. Suzanne is a Planetary Peacekeeper, an Agent for Conscious Evolution, a Spiritual Healer, a Mother, a multi - faceted artist (beads, gems to trade beads; guords star seed art; published author and Lover of Life for the sake of All our Relations.
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