Spirit of the Wind Carry Me Home to MySelf

blue horse
Spirit of the Wind
Carry me Home to Myself
Wonder Woman Pose
Suzanne Lewis

This past week the veracity of the wind has been calling my attention. As I sit in my greenhouse craftroom creating Medicine Necklaces, I have the good fortune of a wall of windows yielding full exposure to my sanctuary of a back yard. I have hung yet another two strands of Windhorse Prayer Flags. Red, green, yellow, white, blue and pink prayer strands creating a waving tapestry of action when the mighty winds are blowing. As with the creation of a wheel/circle of stones, the symbolic prayer flags give an energetic connection with all others on this good planet who are praying and petitioning for our Great Earth Family.

That ability to sustain the faith, the rightful, respectful, recognition that we are unified, interconnected in this invisible vibratory anthem. Those who are disconnected from this spiritual energetic, attunement, community of well-wishers, are often the “naysayers” whose aim is to discredit, diminish and denigrate the faithful. Oh, they love to prove the loyal wrong, ignorant and delusional.

In the five element theory each element has an environmental adversity. For the water element it’s cold, for the wood element it’s the wind. So as we are shifting from winter/water element to spring/wood element, the winds of change drive in the changes. My understanding is that the wind is “the breath of the creator, great spirit.” It carries our original instruction, our inspirations.

One of my favorite songs from my dear friend Brooke Medicine Eagle is called “Spirit of the Wind”. It’s main verse goes:
Spirit of the wind calling me
Spirit of the wind calling me Home
Spirit of the wind calling me Home to Myself

In my understanding of the archetype natures on the Great Wheel of Life connects the Northwest direction several ways. One, it’s the home of Medicine People, it’s the direction to receive input from Star Brother and it is home for the “Whirl Wind Women” sometimes known as the “Braided Hair Clan”.

It represents a chapter in one’s life’s journey after a death of an aspect of self, we dive into our authentic nature with its original blueprint. It’s a time of walking alone, like a snake with new skin, we are not to be messed with. The Whirl Wind Women in my imagination are like a “dust devil” a swirling dusty cloud, a little tornado that churns and turns everything around. When it’s passed and things settle down clarity and free breath returns.
One can easily detect, recognize others who have come through a “trueing” of their nature. Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes refers to this archetypes as the “Scar Clan” called to return to source, center our trued sacred heart.

Meanwhile the mid season we are in is the Northeast direction on the Great Wheel and is the archetype of the “Grandmother’s Council” of wisdom keepers. So strong, containers for the sacred laws and patterns of relations with their deep legacy of sustaining life in good relations with all the Family of Life, Light and Nature. They are guardians for the sake of the children’s, children’s children.

In a way they are a Circle of Stones, a unified sacred energy field transmitting to all who circle and pray for the Greater Good.

A friend of mine on Monday shared with me as we were gourding, sheltered from the great whirling winds, watching the dynamic Windhorse activity, that her teacher sent out an alert to be aware of the winds. She was suggesting that the “naysayers, the destructive, negative, disbelievers’ harmful energy are embedded into the winds. She offered up that we practice our “Warrior/ess Pose” which embodies us to expanded strength to resist, repulse harmful depleting amplified winds/energies.

Recently my dear friend Dr. Peggy Rowe, Noble Teacher and writer, shared an activity, an exercise she teaches children where we assume the pose of “Superman or Wonderwoman”, standing tall like a tree, chest reaching for the sun’s rays, hands on hips, feet grounded, breathing and empowered.

Keep the winds at your back not in your face. Abstain from battling, going up against the winds. Orientally, we are asked to protect our ears (ruled by water element) and the back of the neck (metal element-lung, large intestine). Then we are to become like a “Windhorse Prayer Flag” allowing the winds to ripple through us maintaining flexibility, grace and freedom. Abstain from the battle, rejoice with the capacity to flow freely.

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Suzanne Lewis, editor and manager Wholisticbodymind.com since 2000. Suzanne is a Planetary Peacekeeper, an Agent for Conscious Evolution, a Spiritual Healer, a Mother, a multi - faceted artist (beads, gems to trade beads; guords star seed art; published author and Lover of Life for the sake of All our Relations.
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