PEACE WHEEL PRACTICE Guide Manual by Suzanne Lewis

I dedicated the PEACE WHEEL PRACTICE Guide Manual to the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers who during my greatest challenges while healing from my crushing, brain injury were my spiritual comforters and heroines. Below is my dedication found in the manual.

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Birth Death What Thresholds
We Have your back Dear Ones
Eternal Spirit
Suzanne Lewis

If you want to make God laugh tell it your plans. Our life journey with its many chapters includes the most tender, endearing, vulnerable life and death thresholds. Mighty moments when one becomes aware that we are mere mortals living an eternal spiritual existence. The timeline for assuming our physical earth body and leaving it is in greater hands and hearts than ours.
“The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers speak to this greater source as The Grandmother of All Creation, the One who is the Maker of Life. The One we have forgotten and she who is calling us. She is coming back into our consciousness through prophecy and visions. She is bringing a profound nurturing, a depth of compassion and a kind of love we no longer remember, but which was strong in ancient times. This pure female energy will awaken in men and women”….
“The end of the world as we know it is near. The Grandmothers tell us that balance as a way of living is returning, balance in relations including with Mother Earth. A thousand years of peace is being ushered in for those who will make necessary changes in their hearts.”
The Grandmothers say “that the Circle of Life was broken around 500 years ago when the first white people came to America…According to Hopi Legend, forgetting the original teachings to the Creator occurred. From deep under the water he said, I am going to send you in the four directions…I am going to give each of you certain teachings and when you come back together you will share the teachings with each other. Then you can live together and have Peace upon the Earth.” **
My Peace Wheel Practice and Guidebook has been recognized by the Indigenous Grandmother Flordemayo. “Prophecy is a message from the spirit world and is most often given in response to a deeply held prayer. Receiving a vision or prophecy is a mystical experience of seeing and knowing. When a prophecy is given and begins to unfold, it is because of a greater intelligence is guiding the unfolding.”**¬
…”As with a puzzle, different piece of the puzzle are revealed and confirmed in different ways and bits and pieces to different people sometimes over a long period of time…
Once prophecy is set in motion it’s ever evolving. As the story is forming its meaning is not always clear. But just like a powerful and affecting dream, a prophecy reveals more and more levels of itself as time passes…
A vision or prophecy feels more real than the waking reality and teaches truths too deep to be adequately conveyed in words. When a vision or prophecy is received its power and strength and future unfoldment won’t let go, won’t leave you alone until it’s fulfilled.”**
As we began 2012, I choose to participate in Grandmother Flordemayo’s Sacred Golden Dawn Ceremony by online conferencing. I walked and prayed aligning with Grandmother’s instructions. I received a vision I now call the “Eagle-Hawk Vision”. I received input on a PEACE WHEEL tool to help the Peoples with peacemaking and conflict resolution. By the end of January I had put out a call to my friends and other ACE grads sharing my vision and asking if they were willing to manifest a literal circle of stones PEACE WHEEL in Boise. A committed group of women, called Boise Wisdom Keepers Council, a HUB of the Birth2012 project united.
In June I received a call for Grandmother Flordemayo stating she would be in Boise and was going to hold council. Still recuperating from a near fatal car accident and a crushed body with a traumatic brain injury committing to show up and attend G.D. event was a stretch to my capacities.
Every fiber of my being made me “show up” bearing a gift of three blue Hopi corn mother ears connected to Grandfather Thomas Banyaca, spiritual Hopi messenger. The deep resonance that resulted was beyond my imagination and definitely beyond words.
Unexpectedly Grandmother Flordemayo asked to hear my vision. Caught off guard, unprepared still uncertain in my capacity to speak because of my PTSD…I too listened keenly when for the first time I shared orally my love of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. Through my post accident mending period with it traumatized and frayed neuropathways I had lost contact with my ability to write, to read, to teach, to access my mammoth library of intelligence.
With my visual so dappled, other senses compensated. My hearing became amplified. In this highly sensitive state I turned to listening to the teachings of the 13 Grandmothers and Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, the master cross cultural storyteller. Hearing the medicine stories of these wise women was my finest soothing medicine elixir. What they deeply shared was one of the few things during my restoration that I could embrace, wrap my heart and mind around.
It’s ironic that these elder women from all around the world became the pioneer oraculars/leaders in the use of global teleconference, in partnership with Stephan and the Shift Network. I recalled being on a call with the Nepalese Grandmother. We learned how arduous it was to arrange for her to even get to a phone and then the lines/web connection was so poor. Phone lines crackling, distorted in the background Grandmother sang Om Mani Padme Hum heartfelt. The prophecies demand: “If the Elders will speak, the Young will listen.” That this is the time we have no choice but to stand up and advocate for the family of life, light and nature.
It was through my connection with the 13 Grandmothers that I first learned of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s vision and Stephen’s Birth2012 project.
In January I had completed my first training to become an ACE Agent, an Agent for Conscious Evolution. Through the intensive course we were petitioned to bring our Gift to the Shift. Through deep heart centered meditations, prayers and practicing I discovered that I was to help “dismantle the trigger” associated with trauma, head injuries, abuse, war, illness, depression; disasters lodged in one’s body-mind. The trigger is an instantaneous body jolt, adrenaline dump, breath holding, nauseating, dizzy making involuntary body response. It has nothing to do with the mental. “It” fires as a result of a sensory contact—seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, feeling.
It became clear to me that a wounded/harmed/poisoned person cannot assimilate the wisdom of the finest teachers, the great gifts from words or books when still mending from trauma especially head injuries and post traumatic stress syndrome. The input is blocked from the harmed one’s grasp.
In January under the guidance of Grandmother Flordemayo’s Sacred Dawn ceremonies and prayers I received a profoundly vivid imprint of the PEACE WHEEL Practice. Then in June with the literal meeting with Grandmother Flo and subsequent sacred healing the ancestors and muses began to download with intensity. My dream world was filled with discourses of treasured wisdom keepers.
I had a rough draft of the PEACE WHEEL practice I shared it with Grandmother FLordemayo. Her invitation came days later to present the practice in a private setting with representative of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and Mayan elders. The veil of humbleness grows as I recognize this gifting back to the elders is the greatest honor in my lifetime.
Less than a week to go and things are really accelerating. I am visited by the Grandmothers often especially in my dream place. I smell Grandmother Flordemayo’s presence. It feels like I am just getting it – the magnificence of being a conscious puzzle piece holder.
Suzanne Lewis the Starrose of Idaho

(**GRANDMOTHERS COUNSEL THE WORLD Women Elders Offer Their Vision
for Our Planet, pgs. 115-117.)

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Suzanne Lewis, editor and manager since 2000. Suzanne is a Planetary Peacekeeper, an Agent for Conscious Evolution, a Spiritual Healer, a Mother, a multi - faceted artist (beads, gems to trade beads; guords star seed art; published author and Lover of Life for the sake of All our Relations.
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