PAY ATTENTION: Stephan Dinan of the Shift Network announcement 10/29/17

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With CNN announcing tonight that Mueller’s first indictment is on the verge of going public, we’re about to bear witness to the rapid unraveling of the Trump administration. Once one person is jailed – and I put my money on Michael Flynn, with former CIA director Woolsey now cooperating – that is going to lead many others to try to cut deals. Once it is clear the ship is sinking, things are going to get ugly fast. It appears, at the very least, that Reince Priebus has cut a deal, most likely around Trump’s obstruction of justice (he would not have just gotten the prestigious law position he just did nor spend 9 hours with Mueller’s team if he hadn’t). Seems Sean Spicer has done the same. Please try to have compassion for what Trump supporters and Republicans in general are going to have to go through, which is a radical disillusionment the likes of which American democracy has never seen. From what I have read and heard, the tentacles of this thing are going to run very deep, including into many other high-level Republican leaders. As we’ve seen with Weinstein, Toback and others, there’s a point at which it becomes safe to break with the power figure and reveal the hidden deeds. The leaks from the White House calling for an intervention from Sen. Corker are just the beginning of people breaking ranks. The coming weeks (and potentially months, although I think we’ll be through most of it by the end of the year) will be some of the most intense we have ever faced. Make no mistake, this is an initiation into the next level of American democracy but it comes through a massive exposure of our collective shadow. Let’s love our way through it, including those who have supported Trump, rather than add hatred to the flames. And let’s pray that there is no military action in North Korea to attempt to distract us from what is to come. This is a very real death of an inflated, fake vision of American greatness and if we navigate it well, it will prepare us for really serving our highest destiny.

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