North Water Medicine Healing is the Revealing of Feelings

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In 1986, during the second year of a four-year healing cycle of ceremonies with Brooke Medicine Eagle I cognitively became aware of what I call Water Medicine. What does that mean? For me after a year of prayers towards healing our two legged view of unconscious consumption of our planet’s rainforests and its medicine cabinet of healing plants and partnership for a healthy atmosphere, I got it that until one goes about mending their internal waters, we were ineffective at tending our earth’s external waters.
Both the Eastern philosophy of health and the Indigenous People’s natural spirituality contend that we are all one in the great circle of life. We are the Family of Life and the more we are harmonious with the external nature of all things the greater comfort we will have for our own internal landscape.
In the Eastern ways called the five element theory, the water element represents the kidney and bladder within our physical body and it’s rivers flow four times the pathways as any other element. What’s curious about this system of health language is that each organ has a range of emotions that accompany the element. The kidney when balanced feels peace and harmony and stability while when out of balance knows fear.
The kidney is called the feminine aspect of water and tracks from the sole of our feet up into our chest. The bladder, masculine aspect, runs from the inside corner of our eyes, with twin flows up and then down the backside of the head, on either side of the spine, down the back of our legs and out the periphery side of the soles of our feet. It is said the bladder rules the emotions stimulated by the senses of our face, smelling, hearing, tasting, toning and seeing.
If the bladder is out of balance then we experience a detachment, numbing, cloudiness, grey heaviness around emotions.
It’s curious to me when I hear so often that we are on this earth to face our greatest fears, for I immediately recognize addressing kidney influences. After years of reflection and experience with the Indigenous People’s Medicine Wheel I learned that the North on the Wheel is the home of the waters. The snow and rains of the winter provide the flow of the waters for the rest of the year.
Most know the North on the wheel as the place where we walk alone seeking reunion and oneness with the Maker of all the Things, the Great Spirit, God. It’s the place we hone in on our ideals of living life. I contend that all healing begins in the North. Until we are rooted safely in a spiritual relationship with the Highest Good and the water are addressed and honor imbalance and fear dominates our days and our nights. When we can come home to safe way of embracing our fears and our deepest emotions we will bask in an immense sense of ease and balance.

Gifts of inspiration, North on the Great Wheel of Life, the winter season, the archetype of the hero, heroine, warrior, warrioress; is the most spiritual season of all four directions. In the Oriental Five Elemental system, it is the home of our waters. Often you will hear me share “All healing begins with our water system (i.e. kidney/bladder).” It has taken me decades of study and research to state the following:

****Our physical body is over 65% water and the energetic flows/meridians of the kidney and bladder track four times the distance than any of the other four elements (earth, air, metal, wood).

****The emotional barometer read for the kidneys (feminine) flow, when in a state of balance, equates peace, ease, safety. When out of balance, fear reigns. I have been taught that we humans are on Earth to face our greatest fears. The two universal angst or fears are first, the fear of abandonment and secondly, the fear of betrayal (taught by Dr. Angeles Arriene).

Whereas the bladder flow (masculine) begins in the face and is connected to our senses — seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, toning and when triggered instantaneously, instinctually, intuitively; a feeling spread through the body. This is a gem of eternal wisdom. When the senses in the face are activated, in a “nano” second, the body is drenched in a wave of sensations alert/nausea/shortness breath/sweating bullets/hair standing on end/eerie scratching chalkboard…).

Then we engage our mind (between our ears) and name the felt sensations as an emotion, which then gets stored in the heart. When the bladder flow is disrupted, it is a sure signal of stuffed emotions. Many a being becomes fixated, on an emotional script; compulsively, building a “mountain out of a mole hill.”

An Eastern approach to emotional states request that we first name the emotion. Oh, I am pissed off. I am numb. I am sad. I’m outraged. Etc. Then one takes another breath, turning everything over to the highest good, vowing “to do no harm and to receive no harm” and moves one’s focus to equanimity, neutrality and beauty. By mandating one’s mind, picturing, remembering a “golden moment” (a memory of a time when things were great, peace was felt, we could breathe fully). The brain chemistry switches and “joy juice”, endorphins are secreted. We are back in the present moment choosing where we put our focus and attention.

Cross culturally North on the Great Wheel of Life (Medicine Wheel) is connected with one’s spiritual essence, their integrity, their self-esteem and self-worth and is framed around right use of power, often symbolized by mountains, being a warrior/ess or a wise elder. In our changing times as we move into 2017, young and old, are looking for wonderful heroes and heroines to model a good, beautiful way of living with self and others.

The deep call is for each of us to authentically walk on the altar of our life, in good relations with all. It is the time for congruity of what we say and what we do. Anytime one finds themselves breaking one’s code of ethics or being subjugated to collaborate in wrong doings, fear and shame riddles the health of self and community.

North on the great wheel of life is framed around right use of power. No longer can we stand for archaic standards, mercenary mentality to misuse power through words or actions. My prayer is: I look forward to this day when the “Power of LOVE reigns over the love of POWER.”

About Suzanne

Suzanne Lewis, editor and manager since 2000. Suzanne is a Planetary Peacekeeper, an Agent for Conscious Evolution, a Spiritual Healer, a Mother, a multi - faceted artist (beads, gems to trade beads; guords star seed art; published author and Lover of Life for the sake of All our Relations.
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