MOTHER TREES Net of Light Prayer Jan. 25, 2020

Sharon McErlane


As the Earth teeters on the brink of environmental destruction, many are caught in despair. And, although we humans have brought about this destruction, we seem helpless to correct it. But the Grandmothers are not in despair. “Come forward and work with the spirits of nature,” they say, and their request is not only spiritual, but practical. They have a plan and it includes us.

“Begin by working with the trees,” they said. “We need a place where humanity and the spirits of nature can meet and you must be that ‘place.’ The trees are where you will begin. Trees connect through the mycelium network in their roots, a freeway of communication. The Mother Trees of the old growth forests are masters at this,” they said, “and though only a few of them are left, from these few, others can learn. The great network of tree communication that once existed all over the Earth can be re-activated.

“Because of your understanding of the Net of Light, we are asking you to participate in this work,” they said. “The Net of Light is even more powerful than you think it is. Its reach is enormous and, when you work, you will be able to link it to the mycelium network of the plant kingdom. The actual work of communication will be done by the trees,” the Grandmothers said, “but human beings are needed to connect the trees to the Net of Light.

“Because man destroyed the old growth forests all over the Earth, at this point, nature cannot fully connect to its own communication network. Strange, but true,” they sighed, and then quickly called out, “Enter all Net of Light workers! This is your hour!

“Several years ago, we taught you how to work with the spirits of the Ancestors so humanity could heal the so-called ‘past’ and move from war and aggression into forgiveness and peace. At first you were resistant to our request,” they said, “fearful and full of prejudice about working with the Ancestors. But in the end we prevailed and now you live your lives in harmony with the Ancestors. Today we are leading you into yet another arena of work. It’s time to get to know the spirits of nature and connect with the elemental kingdom. To save your planet from destruction and return it to balance, this link must be made,” the Grandmothers said, “and you are here to do it!

“Man has brought the Earth to the edge of calamity, and though he doesn’t know how to rectify the damage he’s done, nature knows. At this time humanity needs to back off and let nature lead. Honor Her,” the Grandmothers said, “support Her, and follow Her guidance. And your first step is to reactivate the communication network for the trees.

“Although most of the old growth forests are gone now and only a few Mother Trees still stand, the template for the vast communication network of these ancient forests is still intact. The template never dies,” they said, “and we will work with you to reactivate it! Why do you think we called this emergency Net of Light Gathering for January 25?” they asked. “We did it because this work must start!” they declared. “Each Net of Light Gathering this year will focus on working with nature — Laguna Woods, Joshua Tree, New Zealand, Ghost Ranch, Villa Maria, the Great Smokey Mountains and Northern California. And,” they said, “there will be still more Gatherings.

“We will give you more information on the work with the trees,” they said, “so watch for it. But begin here. Each time you work with the Net of Light, think of the ancient trees, the great Mother Trees. Then, in ceremony, meditation, song, or however you do it, cast the Net of Light to these archetypal trees and ask them to anchor light once again. Ask them to send a radiant broadcast throughout their roots to bless everything that lives. Remember,” the Grandmothers said, “the template for this work is still set into the Earth, so what we are asking of you is do-able. Please take our request seriously,” they said. “Get to work now and more information will follow.”

Join us January 25 in Laguna Woods if you can and, to learn more about the Grandmothers and how to work with the Net of Light, go to

The tree below illustrates a song written several years ago by a Beacon in the UK. The lyrics are pictured, and the song may be heard by going to the website and clicking on media, then songs, “Grandmothers’ Anthem.”

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