Magical Child Rule by Suzanne

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Yes We Are Playful
Magical Child Rule
“Don’t Worry Be Happy”

Suzanne Lewis

I love to laugh, the unexpected burst of energy rippling from my center out. In the five element theory the heart is part of the Fire Element and when it is vibrantly healthy, the sound of laughter is deep and full. There is koan that roughly goes: “Beware of the one who laughs but belly does not roll”. Laughter is the shortest distance between us. Shared humor is medicinal and beneficial. If a being hangs out cloudy, heavy, depressed—the quickest remedy is healthy humor.

Our work had been to create a fulcrum with a platform where our Universal Self can unite with our magical child, one’s authentic nature. Once the reunion occurs we set about sharing that all parts of our inner family, housed in one’s subconscious, with triggers found in the third chakra, ruled by our mental body; are all on the same soul journey and right now in 2017 we need to work together, co-creatively.

Back in the Eighties I was introduced to Voice Dialogue with one’s inner family members at a global conference in Sun Valley, Idaho. When I share this integration work it’s in the language framework of soul repair, soul mending and soul retrieval. The numerous training with various Spiritual teachers, Shamans use the same technique to assist a being to return to his/her original commitment for choosing to live at this time on Earth.

East or Spring on the Great Wheel of Life is the home of the Visionary which is directly connected to our Magical Child. The aspect of Self that is delighted, magical, playful, curious, creative, imaginative, enthused and loves of good story.

Often times the broken magical child whose authentic resiliency has been hi-jacked, will become the CON, the manipulator, the dominatrix, the fabricator to create SELF IMPORTANCE. East work is all about truth telling, “Saying what you mean and Doing what you Say.” Every word expressed or thought emits a frequency thusly we are “Singing for Our Lives”.

Wednesday evening I shared the Tree of Life Heart Resonance Breath with my evolutionary writers group. The tree of life is also recognized as one’s Spirit Column, “hollow bamboo flute”, being an instrument of divine grace.

When one walk the spirit pathway they have been initiated into a metaphorical existence. Call it the “tools of the trade” or powers in one’s medicine bundle. The Tree of Life Breath once known, never forgotten.

The Tree represents the three kingdoms. The roots, one’s past/history; the trunk, one’s literal Earth life in the middle world; and the branches, the Upper Kingdom connected life’s purpose, dreams, aspirations to achieve. The Tree is a universal symbol, cross-culturally it is recognized as the bridge between Heaven and Earth and we two-leggeds are seen as “Human Trees”.

When one hears RAINBOW BRIDGE it can refer to the Rainbow Prophecy found in many tribes/cultures predictions. The RAINBOW is a blessing from the Creator. It can represent cross-cultural diversity and respect and beauty, it means generations standing beside one another. The Hippies, with the Beatniks, with Indigo Children, with the nerds, with the geeks, with old with the young, with all of Mother Nature’s family….

In the Seventies, we who were unable to stand with our government regarding the draft, the Viet Nam Error, the nuclear proliferation and ignorance, the prejudice and injustice to all the minorities (women, blacks, children, ill, yellows, and list goes on as we are all some kind of minority); well we marched, protested and tried to be heard. We stood alone and were judged harshly. The Rainbow prophecy declared that at this time when the young must take a stand, to lead the call for justice, safety, rehabilitation of our ways with nature etc., WE their Seventies radical activists, devoted Earth Stewards will stand right beside them. We will represent dignified unity for all.

About Suzanne

Suzanne Lewis, editor and manager since 2000. Suzanne is a Planetary Peacekeeper, an Agent for Conscious Evolution, a Spiritual Healer, a Mother, a multi - faceted artist (beads, gems to trade beads; guords star seed art; published author and Lover of Life for the sake of All our Relations.
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