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“During the Waimea Ocean Film Festival, numerous speakers and movies reminded us of the central importance of Lokahi, wholeness, which is an essential theme in Hawaiian wisdom teachings. In practice, one envisions oneself living within the “Lokahi Triangle,” whose three points of reference, or reverence, represent nature, spirit, and humanity. As a navigation aid for charting one’s course through life, one is encouraged to be mindful and to pause often to reflect: ‘What is the quality of my relationship to nature, to spirit, and to my human community? Am I living in right relations – or in what the Hawaiians call a “pono” way? If I am not pono in these vital relationships, then how might I best restore harmony and balance and return to a pono state of right relations with nature, spirit, and the members of my family or community?’

Such wisdom teachings invite us all to imagine what the quality of our lives, communities, relationships, health, ecosystem management, and society could become if more of us were truly dedicated to living in a pono way within the ‘Lokahi Triangle.’
The universality of this wisdom is helpful for anyone in any culture seeking to go beyond mere sustainability, in order to thrive and become more resilient in the face of change. These ways of living, working, and planning are a most compelling beacon of moral imagination. As John Muir reminds us: ‘When we try to pick anything out by itself we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.’ Taking this wisdom to heart, whenever we align and attune ourselves in harmony and right relations with spirit, nature, and humanity, it sets up a resonance in the web of life that affirms this innate potential within all beings.”

– Michelle and Joel Levey, Huffington Post blog http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joel-michelle-levey/nature-spirit-and-wellnes_b_2363999.html

Some of the films that moved us most deeply, that we highly recommend you seek out, and share widely include:

Jane’s Journey

– on the life of Jane Goodall – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Janes-Journey/262363871195
Hot Water – on impacts of mining and nuclear tests of health and water in the US, Fukushima leaks, on the drinking water and oceans of the world, and the lives and health of people, regions, and nations – http://www.zerohotwater.com

Gasland 2 – a profound look at the impacts on health, community, and environment of fracking –

More Than Honey – a beautiful, moving view of the vital role of bees in the lives of humans and health of the world, and the forces at play that are destroying them.

The Last Ocean – a moving documentary on the Ross Sea in Antarctica, one of the world most pristine natural environments, and the forces at place to preserve or destroy the sensitive balance there. – http://www.thelastoceanfilm.com

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