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Hello Everyone!
This will be a short newsletter because I am in the midst of my own “radical restructuring” right now. We are moving to a new home after living in our current home for nineteen years. It’s a very positive move, but it is also a major undertaking. The major influences for September are listed below.
The Show keeps going on… and on… and on…

As is obvious to all of us, the radical restructuring energies of the Uranus-Pluto square we are seeing at play out in the world are not only relentless, but appear to be accelerating. As individuals, it can be challenging to stay informed, compassionate and calm and not be swept up in the energies of fear, anger and emotional turmoil that are swirling around us.

It seems like all the things that need to be healed in the world have risen up from the depths and are staring us in the face. You could compare it to an illness in which poisons that were buried within the body come to the surface. That may sound gross, but the poisons (e.g. hate, fear, prejudice, resentment, revenge) have to be released and purged before the earth can heal. Fears must be faced before the transformation can occur. That is a basic Plutonian principle. The Uranian influences of disruption, rebelliousness, unexpected changes, violence, instability and shock are also part of the mix.

Although this process is unpleasant and uncomfortable, it can ultimately lead to transformation and breakthroughs. From a spiritual perspective, we can view it as part of a natural cycle in the evolution of human consciousness. The Uranus-Pluto cycle we are now experiencing lasts for 139 years. It started in the 1960’s when Uranus and Pluto came together in a series of conjunctions in Virgo and planted the seeds for the entire cycle. It will end in 2104 when a new cycle begins.

Three crisis/turning points will occur before this cycle ends: 2010-2015 (square), 2046-2048 (opposition), 2073-2074 (square). We are in the first crisis/turning point in this cycle right now (2010 through 2015). We still have a ways to go. Uranus and Pluto have two more exact squares before they finally start to separate from the square configuration. The next one is on December 14, 2014 and the last one will be on March 16, 2015. The turmoil will start to lessen in 2016, but we will still have to deal with the repercussions of our actions until 2020 when some new planetary cycles take precedence. Because the complete cycle is longer than our lifetime, it makes it impossible to see the “big picture” from our current viewpoint.

Time will have to be the judge as to what this cycle in radical restructuring ultimately means in the evolution of human consciousness. In the meantime, we are living through an historic planetary upheaval. We are here because we wanted to be on Earth at this time for our own spiritual evolution. As individuals we can help ourselves and others by maintaining a positive attitude and making our own lives as kind, loving and forgiving as possible. We are all contributing to the whole and the positive energies we send out really do help. We can be aware of our feelings and change our thinking if we find ourselves getting caught up in fear, anger, or other poisonous emotions and attitudes. It can easily happen, especially if you are a very sensitive person. Take time to ground yourself and meditate. Be aware of your thoughts and your feelings. Honor your boundaries. These are all things that can help get us back to our center and in touch with the wonderful Spiritual Beings that we all are.

The past has no power over the present moment.

Eckhart Tolle
September 8

FULL MOON, 16º Pisces, 7:38 pm, MDT. The sensitive, creative and compassionate energies of Pisces will flow to the surface at this time. There could be a tendency to be over idealistic or a bit too helpful. Don’t be a doormat. However, we can be stabilizing and helpful influence on ourselves and others by being responsible, realistic, careful and patient.
September 9-13

The 9-11 anniversary always brings an increased tension around this time and this will be no exception. In fact it is likely to be more tense than usual. There is a strong likelihood of escalating change and transformation during this period. Breakthroughs could occur in our personal lives, but may come through meeting challenges and tests. Communications will be very important. Strive for a balanced, reasonable and objective attitude and avoid getting swept up in arguments or power struggles.
September 19-30

There are mixed influences overlapping each other during the rest of the month.
September 19-30: Positively, it should be easier to make sweeping changes and to liberate ourselves from restrictions as Jupiter trines Uranus during this entire period. It could also be easy to get carried away and overdo things. However, this is a positive influence we can certainly use. Do something to improve your life. Be brave. Go big. Have fun.
September 20-21: Our intentions may be good, but possibly misguided. Wait a day or two before taking action.
September 22: Fall Equinox, Sun into Libra 8:29 pm, MDT. Fall begins and Pluto’s energies will intensify as it starts to move forward after being retrograde since April 14. This will be a turning point. It may be subtle at first, but it will be the beginning of a significant increase in transformational energy. See if you can sense a shift in your life over the next few days.
September 24: NEW MOON, 1º Libra, 12:14 am. The New Moon in the partnership sign of Libra will bring a cooperative energy and will be a good time to initiate relationships or any activity involving working together as a team. People will be better able to work together harmoniously and effectively. In our personal lives, this would be a good time to revitalize our close relationships.

Happy Fall and Thanks for Reading!

Judy Joyce

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Pertinent Astrological Aspects, September 2014
Times shown are Mountain Daylight Time. Degrees have been rounded off.
Sep 1: Mercury enters Libra
Sep 3: Sun trine Pluto, 10:08 am, 11º Virgo/Capricorn.
Sep 5: Venus enters Virgo
Sep 8: FULL MOON, 7:38 pm, 16º Pisces. Venus opposite Neptune (in orb), Sun sextile Saturn and Moon trine Saturn.
Sep 9: Mercury square Pluto, 4:48 pm, 11º Libra/Capricorn.
Sep 10: Venus opposite Neptune, 4:51 am, 6º Virgo/Pisces. Mercury sextile Jupiter, 12:37 pm, 12º Libra/Leo. Moon in Aries square Pluto, opposite Mercury, conjunct Uranus, 10 am – 8 pm.
Sep 11: Mars square Uranus/Pluto midpoint, 28º Scorpio/Aquarius.
Sep 12: Sun square Mars/Pluto midpoint, 20º Virgo/Sagittarius.
Sep 13: Mercury opposite Uranus, 2:16 am, 15º Libra/Aries. Mars enters Sagittarius, 3:57 pm.
Sep 14: Venus trine Pluto, 8:33 am, 11º Virgo/Capricorn.
Sep 19: Jupiter trine Uranus 1º orb begins (exact on Sep 25, lasts until Sep 30)
Sep 21: Venus sextile Saturn, 7:03 am, 20º Virgo/Scorpio. Mars square Neptune, 9:40 pm, 6º Sagittarius/Pisces.
Sep 22: Pluto Sta. Direct, 6:34 pm, 11º Capricorn. AUTUMNAL EQUINOX, 8:29 pm, Sun enters Libra.
Sep 24: NEW MOON, 12:14 am, 1º Libra. Sun and Moon sextile Mars in Sagittarius (in orb). Venus in Virgo and Mercury in Libra are in Mutual Reception.
Sep 25: Jupiter trine Uranus, 12:17 pm, 15º Leo/Aries.
Sep 27: Mercury enters Scorpio, 4:39 pm.
Sep 29: Venus enters Libra, 2:52 pm. Moon in Sagittarius trines Jupiter and Uranus in Leo/Aries, 7-10 pm.
Sep 30: Jupiter trine Uranus 1º orb ends.
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