Judy Joyce July August Astrology 2014

July and August 2014 Forecast Judy Joyce
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(3) The pertinent astrological aspects for July and August are at the end of this Forecast.

Jupiter in Leo
July 16, 2014 through August 10, 2015
With all the turmoil in the world brought about by the radical restructuring energies, it is nice to know that there are also some easier astrological influences. So this newsletter is going to focus on one of the most positive astrological influences – the planet Jupiter. Now is a good time to discuss the effect of Jupiter because it will change signs in July and that will bring in new energies.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and has a protective affect on the Earth. Due to its size and gravity, it attracts asteroids and comets that might otherwise come crashing into earth. In astrology, Jupiter’s influence is also protective and beneficial. Jupiter’s energies are associated with growth and expansion, optimism, doing things in a big way and looking at the “Big Picture”.

The astrological influence of Jupiter brings good fortune, enthusiasm, humor, confidence, faith, optimism, enjoyment, a positive attitude, a philosophical outlook and the urge to improve conditions. Jupiter is like cosmic fertilizer; it causes things to grow and expand. However, Jupiter energies can sometimes get carried away and bring over-confidence, excess and overdoing things. Balance and maturity are needed to optimize Jupiter’s energies. Most people experience the positive effects of Jupiter, but it is good to keep in mind that there really can be too much of a good thing.

Jupiter takes twelve years to move through all the signs, spending about one year in each sign. The year that Jupiter is in the same sign as your sun sign is a very important time in your personal life and often brings positive self development and improvement. It is characterized by positive thinking, growth, expansion and opportunities for personal success and happiness. Even when it’s not in your sign, Jupiter is still moving through your chart and bringing opportunities for growth and expansion in some area of your life.

Jupiter has been in the sign of Cancer since June 25, 2013. Cancer is a water sign and is associated with home, family, security, safety, emotion, sensitivity, intuition and imagination. Those were the qualities that Jupiter expanded during its stay in Cancer over the past year. For most Cancers this has been a very helpful influence in their personal lives. However, it wasn’t without some challenges. Jupiter in Cancer formed a difficult pattern with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn (aka the radical restructuring energies). The effect of Jupiter in Cancer ramped up and increased the transformative influence of Uranus and Pluto. A general feeling of growing unrest has been evident in world conditions over the past year. Disruptive energies expanded in the world and now seem out of control. Many things were brought to our collective attention that were unsettling.

It is now time for a shift in Jupiter’s energies. Jupiter will move from the sign of Cancer to Leo. This should help to slow down the out of control growth of radical change, emotional reactions and disruption. We have all felt this in some part of our lives. It certainly doesn’t mean the radical restructuring energies will go away, but it should help things move in a more manageable direction.

On July 16, 2014, Jupiter will move into the fire sign of Leo and will stay through August 10, 2015. Jupiter’s influence of optimism, confidence, faith, enjoyment, fun, expansion, growth, good fortune, humor, a positive attitude will be expressed through the qualities of Leo. Leo is enthusiastic, spirited, generous, courageous, determined, confident, playful, fun, loving, creative and self expressive. A good combination! This should help us all have a sunnier outlook.

If you are a Leo or have a Leo Ascendant, the next twelve months should be positive, expansive and exciting for you. If you know your chart, look for planets in Leo, they will also receive a boost.

No matter what your Sun Sign is, Leo will be part of your chart. Your birth chart is a circle comprised of all the signs, and you have a Leo area of life. That is a naturally creative place for you, so your creative energies will be stimulated during Jupiter’s stay in Leo.

To find out where and how Jupiter in Leo will help you become more daring, creative, expressive and loving, read your Sun Sign below. If you know your Ascendant (rising sign) read that, too.

Jupiter in Leo will benefit the area of your life connected to creative self-expression, fun, entertainment, children, love, romance and speculation. This will be a period of expansion and optimism in these areas. You may become involved in the creative arts, drama, music or social events. It will be an excellent time for social activities and enjoying life in general. You will now have the confidence to express yourself creatively and socially. Children may be a positive influence in your life at this time. You can also be quite lucky during this period. Although there is could be a tendency to become over-confident. Even if it seems like it at the time, it really is not a good idea to spend all the grocery money on lottery tickets. All in all, this will be a very pleasant time when you open your heart to more joy and happiness into your life.

Jupiter in Leo will benefit the area of your life connected to home, family, real estate, your past, your childhood, your parents and your inner foundations. This is a very positive and optimistic time for family relationships. Your family is likely to be beneficial to you during this period and you will be beneficial for them. Your family could also expand during the year ahead. You are likely to enlarge or improve your current home, or move to a better and bigger home now. You may do some creative projects in your home or yard. You will want your home to be an expression of who you are. This is usually a very favorable time for real estate matters. Your inner foundations will also feel fortified. Your inner sense of security and happiness will expand.

Jupiter in Leo will benefit the area of your life connected to mental attributes and communication. During this period, your general mental outlook will become more optimistic, expansive and open-minded. You will have the urge to communicate more and may find yourself very busy with errands and short trips. You could become more involved with your siblings or your local community. You may help them or they may help you. The use of telephones, computers, the Internet, texting, and all forms of telecommunications will increase in your life. You also will be seeking new information and this will be a great time to take up a new study that will expand your perceptions and be of benefit to you in the future. You will have an opportunity to fully express your creative thoughts and ideas. It is a favorable time for speaking, writing and working with the media.

Jupiter in Leo will benefit the area of your life connected to personal finances, possessions, values, self-worth and talents. Jupiter’s energies will bring opportunities to improve and expand your finances and your sense of self-worth. You will feel more optimistic about your financial situation now. You will also appreciate what you have and realize what you really value. In addition, you will likely be able to increase your income and possessions. You may also get a chance to use your natural talents in a way that is very gratifying. One caveat – You may be tempted to over-spend now. Be sure to balance your optimism, confidence and generosity with reality and your bank account.

Lucky you! This a very fortunate time period for you. Jupiter will be in your own Sun Sign, and will bring you opportunities to expand and enhance your true essence. During this time you will have the desire to improve the way you express yourself in the world, your appearance, your self interests and your general health. This is likely to be a very positive and successful time for you. Your self-confidence will grow and your outlook on life will become more outgoing, optimistic and expansive.

Beneficial people and opportunities will be drawn to you during this period because of the positive energy you radiate to others. Your popularity will increase and you are likely to meet many new people and expand your social life. There can be a tendency to expand your waistline, too. Keep that in mind when you are tempted to over-indulge. You may be tempted to go overboard or be over-confident at times, but for most people this will not be a big problem. All in all, this will be a very fortunate time for your personal desires and your general sense of well-being.

Jupiter in Leo will benefit the area of your life connected to your inner self and subconscious. You may enjoy being alone more than usual and spend more time meditating, imagining, visualizing, creating and dreaming. You will feel more in tune with the Oneness of us all. Compassion, service to others and charity will appeal to you during this period. This is an excellent time to rest and renew your spirit and expand your spiritual life. It will be a good time for spiritual studies and to commune with the Universe. You may meet a spiritual teacher or be one for someone else. You will also be very compassionate now. You are laying the inner groundwork for a year of positive personal growth and success that will start for you when Jupiter enters Virgo on August 11, 2015.

Jupiter in Leo will benefit the area of your life connected to friends, associates, humanitarian interests, groups and future plans. During this period you will expand your involvement with friends and groups with whom you share common ideals and interests. You may lead a group or do a creative project involving others of like mind. You could become more involved in your community or in political or humanitarian organizations. You are likely to meet many new people during this period and some will become good friends. The friends, professional associates and groups that do come into your life will be mutually beneficial. Your future will improve because of the contacts you will make now.

Jupiter in Leo will benefit the area of your life connected to your career, life path, social status, public self, reputation, or any outer world pursuits. This is a very important and fortunate time for you. Opportunities to enhance your career/outer life path will increase. You could receive a promotion and recognition at work. You could begin a new career that is connected to travel, writing, teaching, creative arts, other cultures, the law, imports, exports or publishing. Powerful people could also be very beneficial to you now. If you own your own business it will expand and become more successful. You will feel confident about your abilities and others will see you as a successful person. You are likely to be in the public eye more at this time. Opportunities to be noticed may come out of the blue. Be prepared by being positive and looking your best when you are out in public.

Jupiter in Leo will benefit the area of your life connected to belief systems, travel, world view, advanced studies, writing, teaching and publishing. This is a time when you will want to spread your wings and fly to faraway places or at least to somewhere new and exciting. You will feel optimistic and inspired during this period. This is a good time to explore or revive your spiritual/religious views through studying, teaching, writing or traveling. You could feel a desire to share your philosophy of life with others. You may start an advanced degree, publish a book, begin a spiritual study or embark on a major journey. This is also the area of philosophy and politics, so you could get involved in politics or expand a particular world view in which you have a strong belief.

Jupiter in Leo will benefit the area of your life connected to joint finances, intimacy, sexuality, power, transformation and the mysteries of the unknown. During this time you are likely to benefit through the resources of others. Other people can provide material, emotional and psychological support. Your spouse or significant other could have an increase in income. Getting a loan will be easier than usual. If you are a business owner, others will be more willing to invest in your creative ideas and plans at this time. Because Jupiter energies can be over-confident at times, be realistic when signing up for future financial commitments. You could also experience an increase in intimacy and sharing in your close relationships. This can be a time when you gain a deeper understanding of yourself through therapy and spiritual or psychic experiences. You could also find that your psychic abilities and paranormal interests are expanded over the next year.

Jupiter in Leo will benefit and improve the area of your life connected to relationships. This will be a fortunate time for you in all your one-to-one encounters. Other people will be drawn to you. Your relationship with your spouse, significant other, business partners, close friends advisors, or counselors will be very beneficial for you during this time. Relationships will improve. Previous problems with others can be solved. Even if you end a relationship now, it will be for the best. You may form an alliance with others to work on a project involving the creative arts, children or social events. Agreements and contracts are favored. This is also a good time for public relations and promotions. Others will be drawn to your warm, expansive and generous nature. Opportunities will come your way to meet many new people and your social life will be quite enjoyable.

Jupiter in Leo will benefit the area of your life connected to your work, working conditions, health, pets and service to others. During this time the work you do will be very creative, enjoyable and fulfilling. If you have a job, working conditions and relationships with co-workers and your boss will improve and expand. If you have your own business, employees will be happier and more productive. If you work independently, you will be able to do what you love. The help and service you give others will not seem to be a chore and you will be happy to help. Your health should be robust at this time. You may start a positive new health regimen now. However, at times, you may over-optimistically convince yourself that pies, cakes and cookies will not cause you to gain weight. Unfortunately, that assumption will be incorrect.

Thanks for reading. May you enjoy the blessings of Jupiter in your life!
Judy Joyce

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe,
deserve your love and affection.


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Pertinent Astrological Aspects:
Times shown are Mountain Daylight Time. Degrees have been rounded off.
July 1: Mercury Direct, 6:50 am, 24º Gemini.
July 4: Sun opposite Pluto, 2:00 am, 12º Cancer/Capricorn.
July 7: Venus sextile Uranus, 12:49 am, 16º Gemini/Aries
July 8: Sun square Uranus, 10:23 am, 16º Cancer/Aries.
July 8: Sun trine Saturn, 6:29 pm, 16º Cancer/Scorpio.
July 12: FULL MOON: 5:25 am, 20º Capricorn.
July 12: Mercury into Cancer, 10:45 pm.
July 13: Venus trine Mars, 2:22 am, 24º Gemini/Libra.
July 16: JUPITER into LEO, 4:30 am.
July 18: Venus into Cancer, 8:06 am.
July 18: Mercury trine Neptune, 11:37 pm, 7º Cancer/Pisces.
July 19: Sun square Mars, 12:32 am, 26º Cancer/Libra.
July 20: Saturn Direct, 9:21 am, 17º Scorpio.
July 21: 8:53 pm, Uranus Retrograde, 17º Aries.
July 22: Mercury opposite Pluto, 12º Cancer/Capricorn.
July 22: Sun into Leo, 3:41 pm.
July 24: Venus trine Neptune, 5:10 am, 7º Cancer/Pisces.
July 24: Sun conjunct Jupiter: 2:44 pm, 2º Leo.
July 24: Mercury square Uranus, 6:07 pm, 17º Cancer/Aries.
July 24: Mercury trine Saturn, 8;11 PM, 17º Cancer/Scorpio.
July 25: Mars into Scorpio, 8:25 pm.
July 26: NEW MOON, 4:42 pm, 4º Leo.
July 28: Venus opposite Pluto, 12:37 am, 12º Cancer/Capricorn.
July 31: Mercury into Leo, 4:46 pm.
July 31: Venus square Uranus, 10:43 pm, 16º Cancer/Aries.
August 1: Venus trine Saturn, 4:22 am, 17º Cancer/Scorpio.
August 1: Mars square Jupiter, 4:47 pm, 4º Scorpio/Leo.
August 2: Mercury conjunct Jupiter, 1:33 pm, 4º Leo.
August 2: Mercury square Mars, 6:01 pm, 4º Leo/Scorpio.
August 7: Mars trine Neptune, 6:14 am, 7º Scorpio/Pisces.
August 8: Sun conjunct Mercury, 10:21 am, 16º Leo.
August 8: Mercury trine Uranus, 2:14 pm, 16º Leo/Aries.
August 8: Sun trine Uranus, 6:36 pm, 16º Leo/Aries.
August 8: Mercury square Saturn, 8:50 pm, 17º Leo/Scorpio.
August 9: Sun square Saturn, 9:11 am, 17º Leo/Scorpio.
August 10: FULL MOON, 12:09 pm, 18º Aquarius.
August 12: Venus into Leo, 1:24 am.
August 15: Mars sextile Pluto, 3:25 am, 11º Scorpio/Capricorn.
August 15: Mercury into Virgo, 10:44 am.
August 17: Venus conjunct Jupiter: 11:21 pm, 7º Leo.
August 18: Mercury opposite Neptune, 9:42 pm, 6º Virgo/Pisces.
August 21: Mercury trine Pluto, 1:19 pm, 11º Virgo/Capricorn.
August 22: Sun into Virgo, 10:46 pm.
August 25: Mercury sextile Mars, 2:46 am, 18º Virgo/Scorpio.
August 25: Venus trine Uranus, 3:38 am, 16º Leo/Aries.
August 25: Mercury sextile Saturn, 6:30 am, 18º Virgo/Scorpio.
August 25: NEW MOON, 8:13 am, 2º Virgo.
August 25: Mars conjunct Saturn, 1:30 pm, 18º Scorpio.
August 26: Venus square Saturn, 12:22 pm, 18º Leo/Scorpio.
August 27: Venus square Mars, 9:46 am, 19º Leo/Scorpio.
August 29: Sun opposite Neptune, 8:33 am, 6º Virgo/Pisces.

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