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January 2014
(1) Thanks to all those who have been asking if I have written a 2014 Guidebook! 2014 is going to be a very interesting year and I really wanted to write about it, but I was just too busy this year to set aside the time needed to get the book written. However, there is an alternative. You may be interested in purchasing the One Year Detailed Forecast Report on my website. This report is personal just for you. It is based on your date, time and place of birth. It will give you much more individual information than the book.

For more information and a sample report please see: One Year Detailed Forecast Report

(2) Radical Restructuring is a phrase used below to represent the energies of profound change, upheaval and transformation that have been affecting our world and our individual lives for the last several years and will continue to be very strong through 2015. Astrologically, these energies are shown by a square (90 degree angle) between Uranus and Pluto. For more information see: Radical Restructuring article.
(3) The pertinent astrological aspects for January are at the end of the Forecast.

January 1 to 5 ~
Put Your New Year Resolutions into Action
January 1: New Moon, 4:14 am MST, 12º Capricorn
The New Moon occurs every 29.53 days. It signals a time for a new beginning and brings in energy for a fresh start. We will have two New Moons in January 2014. The first one is on January 1 in the organized, responsible and realistic sign of Capricorn. January 1 is always a significant day, as we regard it as the beginning of an entire year. This particular New Moon will be very powerful all on its own. The fact that the New Moon occurs as we begin a New Year on January 1, 2014 adds special significance. It will set the tone for the whole year.
This New Moon will focus on the radical restructuring energies, especially the Plutonian energies of transformation, release and rebirth. Capricorn says it is time to reorganize, get our ducks in a row and get to work on accomplishing our goals.
Time for transformation and very appropriate for New Year resolutions! Most of us need a periodic reassessment of our life. Responsible and realistic transformative actions and plans begun now are likely to receive big rewards by the end of May 2014. Be patient.

For all signs: If you are familiar with your birth chart, find the house containing 9-16º of Capricorn. The area of your life represented by that house will be a very active part of your life all year.

Special Note: This New Moon will initiate a particularly important time of change and transformation for those with the following birth dates: Capricorn -Dec 30 to Jan 7; Aries -Mar 29 to Apr 6; Cancer -Jun 29 to Jul 8; Libra -Oct 1 to 9.

It is usually best to wait at least a few hours after the New Moon is exact to allow its influence to strengthen before actually beginning a new project. This New Moon will be exact very early in the morning for all time zones in the continental USA. Anytime on January 1 from mid-morning on would be a good time to focus on what we want for the New Year and to make our “resolutions”. See below.

January 1, 2014
Some Suggestions on how to effectively use the energies of January 1, 2014 New Moon:

Step One: Ask yourself these questions.

What and who do I Love? What and who do I enjoy? What and who do I value?
Clarifying what we love and value on an emotional, material and spiritual level will be an important theme for the entire month of January. Really think about this before you go to the next steps.

Step Two: Embrace transformation.

This will be a potent time for transformation and letting go. Identify areas in your life where things need to be changed, released or revitalized in order to honor and nurture what was revealed in step one.

Step Three: Determine what actions must be taken to make this happen.

The desire for action will also be stimulated now. Your energy, desire and initiative will be needed. Avoid rash actions, but be open to taking action when necessary. Become a peaceful warrior in your life. Be courageous.

Step Four: Examine your inner and outer communications and your mental outlook.

This New Moon also brings the energy and motivation to change the way we think. Take some time to consider both your inner thoughts and the words you speak out loud about yourself and others. Are you sabotaging your desires by constantly saying or thinking the exact opposite of what you really want? Do you have low expectations for yourself? You can change the way you think. If you need some ideas and inspiration, read or listen to your favorite author/teacher.
You may already have this part of your life in good shape. If so, use this energy to reinforce your good habits and weed out any stray self-defeating thoughts that may have crept in when you weren’t looking.

Step Five: Make your life more spiritual, positive and optimistic.

Use this energy to make your outlook on life more positive. Start where you are. Find at least one good thing in your life each day. If you consciously look for the good around you, you will find more of it. Do what works for you. It could be reading works by inspiring authors, meditating, singing, dancing, creating, being in nature, or anything else that awakens your sense of inner joy. When you find your Joy, you will find your Spirit.

January 2 will bring lots of enthusiasm and energy, but also a tendency to want action NOW. This could lead to impatience and rash actions. Look before you leap. January 3 could reveal some temporary fears, doubts or obstacles. Face things realistically, but also be aware it is just a small bump in the road. January 4-5 will bring inspiration and optimism. This will be a good time to think about and discuss your positive plans for the future.

January 6 to 12 ~
Keep Things in Perspective
The urge to make changes will be strong January 6-8. However, there is apt to be a tendency to be impatient and bite off more than we can chew. Wait until January 9-10 to make any important decisions. Both days and into the very wee hours of Jan 11 will be an excellent time to look at your goals realistically. You may find some re-evaluation will be necessary. Taking time to do this will improve and strengthen your plans.
January 11 is mixed. Thinking may be a little fuzzy or unrealistic in the morning. A more objective and rational approach will emerge in the afternoon and some innovative ideas could turn up that evening. January 12 will be a good day to do something intellectually stimulating and fun.

January 13 to 19 ~
What Has Been Hidden is Revealed
January 15: Full Moon, 9:52 pm MST, 26º Cancer
The energy will slowly build on January 13-14 as we approach the Full Moon in Cancer on January 15. The seeds of change we planted at the New Moon on January 1 will begin to blossom. That isn’t to say that the results will necessarily be lovely. We may be shown very precisely where action is needed regarding whom and what we love and value. Relationships of some shape or form will be in the spotlight for many people. (See January 1-5, step one.) This Full Moon will be mild for some and very intense for others. Much depends on the previous choices in our lives regarding the love and values that are now up for review. Open communications and innovative ideas can be very helpful on January 16-17. Take the day off and relax on Saturday, January 18. Be industrious on January 19. It will be a good day for getting your surroundings in order and for the pursuit of healthful activities.

January 20 to 26 ~
Some Assembly Required
The urge to achieve something big will be strong for the next two weeks. January 21-22 will be a very active time and many people will feel it’s time to move forward with a project. Innovative and exciting ideas and conversations will bring a feeling of confidence on January 24, followed quickly on January 25 with the realization that a lot of mental focus and hard work will also be required. A project or situation that begins on January 24-25 is likely to go through some revisions in Mid-February, and will finally be completed by Mid-March. You may have to take some extra time to address a few roadblocks, but don’t be discouraged. With focus and discipline all will turn out well in the end.

January 27 to February 2 ~
Expanding Possibilities
January 30: New Moon, 2:38 pm MST, 11º Aquarius
One phase is ending and a new one is beginning as we approach the second New Moon this month. The planetary influences on January 28-29 will step up the desire for achievement and expansion that began the previous week. The second New Moon for the month will occur on January 30 in the future-oriented and humanitarian sign of Aquarius. This New Moon will stimulate our desire to improve the future.
It will also stimulate the radical restructuring energies. It will carry the seeds for a large release of energy and power in the world. Pay attention to what occurs around this time, both out in the world and in your personal life. Whatever is initiated now will be directly connected to a much more forceful release of transformative radical restructuring energy in April 2014. The best time to use the New Moon energies and focus your intentions for the month ahead will be anytime from 6:30 pm to midnight on January 30 (MST).

Some Suggestions on how to effectively use the energies of the January 30, 2014 New Moon:

It will be important to maintain a healthy balance. Resist the temptation to overdo and go too far, which will likely backfire. Revisit what you have learned in January about what you love and value. Using that as a guide, keep your priorities in mind as you plan for the month ahead.

January 31 is apt to be a day of fluctuating emotions. Let your thoughts and feelings develop and clarify before making major decisions. February 1 will bring inspiration, compassion and a fresh perspective. Rest and recuperate on Sunday, February 2.

Happy 2014 to All!
Judy Joyce
First comes thought, then organization of that thought into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, you will observe, is in your imagination.

Napoleon Hill

Pertinent Astrological Aspects (Times are shown for Mountain Standard Time Zone, degrees have been rounded off)

Jan 1: New Moon, 4:14 am, 11 º Capricorn. Ruler, Saturn in Scorpio, will trine Jupiter on May 24, 2014. New Moon Aspects:

Step One: Final aspect of the New Moon is a conjunction to retrograde Venus in Capricorn. Venus will be retrograde in Capricorn until January 31.

Step Two: Sun-Moon conjunct Pluto, 11º Capricorn

Step Three: Sun-Moon square Mars, 11º Capricorn/Libra.

Step Four: Sun-Moon conjunct Mercury, 11º Capricorn/13º Capricorn.

Step Five: Sun-Moon opp Jupiter, 11º Cap/16º Can. Merc opp Jupiter, 13º Cap/16º Can.

Jan 2: Sun square Mars,5:15 pm, 13º Capricorn/Libra. Mercury opposite Jupiter, 12:11am, Jan 3, 16º Capricorn/Cancer.
Jan 3: Moon square Saturn, 6:47 pm, 21º Aquarius/Scorpio,
Jan 4-5: Moon in Pisces both days. Jan 4: Moon conjunct Neptune. Jan 5: Moon sextile Pluto, sextile Sun, trine Jupiter, sextile Mercury, trine Saturn. Sun opposite Jupiter, 2:12 pm, 15º Capricorn/Cancer. Mercury sextile Saturn, 1:51 am, Jan 6, 21 ºCapricorn/Scorpio.
Jan 6-8: Moon in Aries from Jan 6 @ 12:45 pm until Jan 8 @ 6:23 pm.

Jan 7: Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus, square Pluto, opposite Mars, square Jupiter, square Sun.
Jan 8: Moon square Venus and Mercury. Mars square Jupiter, 3:36 pm, 15º Libra/Cancer.
Jan 9: Moon in Taurus Trine Pluto and sextile Jupiter.
Jan 10: Moon in Taurus trine Sun, opposite Saturn, and trine Venus.
Jan 11: Between 3:44 am to 6:39am -Moon in Taurus trine Mercury. Sun conjunct Venus 21º Capricorn. Venus and Sun sextile Saturn, 21 Capricorn/ Scorpio.
Jan 11:Moon Gemini square Neptune, 12:26 pm. Mercury into Aquarius, 2:35 pm. Mercury sextile Uranus, 11:02 pm, 9º Gemini/Aries.
Jan 12: Moon trine Mars Gemini/Libra.
Jan 13: Moon into Cancer, 5:25 pm.
Jan 14: Moon in Cancer square Uranus, opposite Pluto, conjunct Jupiter.
Jan 15: Full Moon, 9:52 pm, 26º Cancer.
Jan 16: Venus retrograde square Mars, 10:13 am, 18º Capricorn/Libra. Mercury sextile Uranus, 11:25 pm, 9º Aquarius/Aries. Moon in Leo trine Uranus and opposite Mercury.
Jan 19: Moon in Virgo trine Pluto and sextile Jupiter.
Jan 21-22: Moon in Libra opposite Uranus, square Pluto, square Jupiter, conjunct Mars.
Jan 24: Mercury trine Mars, 7:57 am, 21º Aquarius/Libra. Moon in Scorpio sextile Pluto, trine Jupiter, sextile Venus.
Jan 25: Mercury square Saturn, 4:56 am, 22º Aquarius/Scorpio. Moon in Scorpio conjunct Saturn and square Mercury. (Mercury will go retrograde in February and will square Saturn and trine Mars for the 2nd time in mid-February during its retrograde phase. After it goes Direct, Mercury will square Saturn and trine Mars for the 3rd and final time in Mid-March, thus completing the cycle.)
Jan 28: Moon in Capricorn square Uranus, conjunct Pluto, opposite Jupiter, conjunct Venus.
Jan 29: Sun sextile Uranus, 1:33am, 9º Aquarius/Aries.
Jan 30: New Moon, 2:38 pm, 11º Aquarius.
Jan 31: Jupiter opposite Pluto, 2:36 am, 12º Cancer/Capricorn. Venus turns Direct, 1:49 pm, 14º Capricorn.
Feb 1-2: Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune, trine Jupiter, sextile Pluto, sextile Venus and trine Saturn.


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