Joel and Michelle Levey 2013 Wisdom at Work Intensive Seattle

Announcing the 2013 Wisdom at Work
Summer Learning Laboratory:

An Intensive Immersion in Joel and Michelle Levey’s
Essential Guiding Principles, Practices
and Wisdom Teachings

August 23-24-25-26, 2013

Seattle, Washington

“Be mindful today of the quietness to be found
amidst all the sounds…
The stillness within motion…

And the clarity amidst confusion…

True dynamic balance is found by appreciating the

myriad of paradoxical realities that weave

the fabric of your life!”

~ Joel & Michelle Levey

Over the years we have received numerous requests from sincere friends, colleagues, and students to have an opportunity to study closely with us in a more intimate and in-depth way to inspire their personal development and professional training.

“If you are interested in adding new insights and dimensions to your life-work, deepening in your spiritual practice, expanding your capacity to bring deeper wisdom, wonder, and compassion to your life and to your work in the world, then participating in this Learning Laboratory
will offer many inspirations!”

In response to these repeated requests, and building on last summer’s Foundational session, we are moved to offer a continued exploration and special Summer Learning Laboratory with us at our home in Seattle this August. In order to optimize this learning opportunity, we are scheduling this Lab to follow our 5-day retreat on Orcas Island (August 17-22 ). This timing will provide interested participants with the option of extending the Retreat into the Learning Lab for additional deepening, reflection, practice, and integration of the core teachings we will share. The Summer Learning Lab welcomes both Orcas Island Program participants as well as those who will not have attended the retreat at Indralaya, and is equally appropriate for those who attended last summer’s Foundational session and those who will be attending for the first time.

OUR VISION AND INTENTION for offering this Wisdom at Work Learning Laboratory
is to provide an inspiring, nurturing, intensive, intimate opportunity for people to learn, practice, deeply understand, embody, and reflect upon the distilled essence of the most inspiring-useful-powerful and relevant methods, frameworks, principles and practices that have been at the core of our Wisdom at Work teachings over the past 40 years.

Through guided practice and deep reflection, we’ll discover how we can flourish with resilience in these exciting and challenging times when so many of the unsustainable systems and structures and ways of life are dis-integrating and so many new forms are emerging.

We will meet in our home sanctuary on Woodlawn Avenue, by Green Lake, in the Emerald City of the Evergreen State of this Blue Marble world to explore ways to develop our capacity to bring a deeper wisdom, wonder, compassion, creativity, and skillfulness to our lives and work. In the spirit of learning from “the Holy Book of Nature” we will likely take advantage of the summer season and also gather for teachings, picnics, and mindful walks in some of Seattle’s beautiful parks, providing an immersion in nature and the unique beauty of the Emerald City.

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Up-coming Public Teachings with Joel and Michelle Levey

May 31-June 15
Teachings for business leaders and public programs in Taiwan

June 21, 2013

Mindful Leadership: Keys to Resilience and Wisdom at Work
At the In2In Thinking Network gathering of thought leaders

Los Angeles, CA

Info and Registration

August 9-10-11

Mindful Leadership in Health Care
Bastyr University – San Diego


August 17-22, 2013
Sacred Portals: Meditation, Nature, and Community

Summer Residential Program with Michelle and Joel

at Indralaya on Orcas Island
Info and Registration:

August 24-27, 2013

Summer Learning Lab w/Leveys in Seattle

An intimate gathering and learning intensive with Joel & Michelle at their Seattle home.

More info

September 13-20, 2013

ArtMonks Retreat with the Levey

San Francisco Bay Area
Friday, September 13 – Friday, September 20, 2013
Open Sky Retreat Center
Sebastopol, Sonoma County, CA

October 14, 2013 – American Society for Anesthesiology Conference
in San Francisco

Mastering Stress, Preventing Burnout, and Promoting Resilience for Anesthesiologists and Perioperative Physicians

Italy w/Leveys – June 17-22, 2014

Meditation, Medicine, and the Healing Arts

A Special Workshop near Assisi, Italy for Physicians
and Health Care Professionals

Leveys’ Links to Explore:

Programs for Leaders and Organizations

Meditation and Medicine Links and Resources

Meditation, Mind-Fitness & Contemplative Science

Books, Video, and Recordings

Hawaii Sanctuary & Learning Center


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