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JUNE 2014 FORECAST Judy Joyce

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Hello Summer!
Here are the highlights for June 2014.

June – All Month: Mercury goes retrograde on June 7 and will stay that way until July 1. However, the days just before and just after the actual retrograde period can be quite intense, too. June will be a good time to clear out clutter in your home, do some repairs, catch up on chores, and for heaven’s sake, finally read or throw away that pile of magazines/articles/etc. you’ve been saving for months (years?). Focus on completing, refining or revising projects already started. Stay flexible if you are traveling and keep your schedule open. That will enable you to accommodate unexpected changes and take advantage of spontaneous opportunities. Meaning of Mercury Retrograde

June 4-8: This will be a favorable time for pleasant social contacts and strengthening connections with others. Dare to be yourself and follow your heart.

June 12: The FULL MOON in adventurous and optimistic Sagittarius can bring a positive slant to some serious issues that could arise now. The bill is likely to come due at this time for any over spending or impractical ideas that were initiated around the last New Moon on May 29. Oh oh. Something that seems challenging may actually lead to a deeper understanding of love and commitment. Focus your attention on what is most important and worthwhile in life, whether it is material, emotional, physical or spiritual.

June 13-14: Projects or issues that began back in December 2013 now are ready for one last big push to completion now through July 25. Focus on getting some major things done during these two days. The radical restructuring energies will be strong. Energies are high and a lot can be accomplished. Keep a positive attitude and avoid power struggles.

June 17-18: Keep your ears and eyes open the morning of June 17. Be observant of the world around you. It could be very enlightening and interesting. Both days are favorable for social occasions with friends and loved ones. The general feeling is peaceful, generous and lighthearted.

June 21: SUMMER SOLSTICE is at 4:51 am, MDT, when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer. This is the time of year to embrace the fullness and sumptuousness of Mother Nature. Celebrate the life-giving rays of the Sun. Connect to your own Inner Light and let it shine!

June 23: Venus, planet of love and enjoyment, enters Gemini, the sign of communication, curiosity and lighthearted fun, where it will stay until July 17. Get out and about, have some interesting conversations and try something new just for fun.

June 24-25: This will be another two days of intense activity related to something you have been dealing with for months (see June 13-14, above). The radical restructuring energies are surging and the urge for liberation and freedom will be strong. Avoid impatience, impulsiveness and irritability. Breathe deeply and try to relax. You may finally break free of whatever has been holding you back. A breakthrough of some kind could certainly occur, but the way it happens may surprise you.

June 27: The NEW MOON is in nurturing and emotional Cancer today. Time to shift your focus to family, security and your home over the next 30 days. This would be a good time to ask yourself the following questions: What does “home” mean to you? What do you need to feel physically and emotionally safe and secure? What does it take to make you feel snug as a bug in a rug? Does your home life reflect this? If not, make some changes. If yes, enjoy!

June 28-29: Focus on caring and sharing feelings. Romance, imagination, intuition and creativity are favored at this time. Be aware that there could also be a tendency for over-idealism and some unrealistic expectations.

Keep your feet on the ground and your head in the stars and
Have a Great Summer!
Judy Joyce

More articles on astrology can be found at: www.JudyJoyceAstrology.com

Pertinent Astrological Aspects
Times shown are Mountain Daylight Time. Degrees have been rounded off.

June 4: Venus sextile Neptune, 7:16 am, 8º Cancer/Pisces.
June 6: Sun sextile Uranus, 5:20 am, 16º Gemini/Aries.
June 7: Mercury retrograde, 5:57 am, 3º Cancer, goes back to 24º Gemini. See July 1.
June 8: Venus trine Pluto, 7:38 pm, 13º Taurus/Capricorn.
June 9: Neptune retrograde, 1:51 pm, 7º Pisces.
June 12: Venus opposite Saturn, 10:09 pm, 18º Taurus/Scorpio.
June 12: FULL MOON, 10:11 pm, 22º Sagittarius.
June 14: Mars square Pluto, 6:34 am, 13º Libra/Capricorn.
June 17: Mercury retrogrades back into Gemini, 4:05 am. Moon in Aquarius trine Sun and Mercury in Gemini, 6 am to noon.
June 18: Venus sextile Jupiter, 3:16 am, 24º Taurus/Cancer.
June 21: Sun into Cancer, 4:51 am, SUMMER SOLSTICE.
June 23: Venus into Gemini, 6:34 am.
June 25: Mars opposite Uranus, 2:25 am, 16º Libra/Aries.

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