May 28th, Jean Shimbola’s Seed, Water, Fertilize

Seed, Water, Fertilize!

Dear Friends:
Remember the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree? Plant the seed, water & fertilize. First year, nothing happens, continue to water & fertilize, nothing happens, several more years, same story, until it spurts up 40’ in a season! All that watering and fertilizing was doing something underground, this is how grassroots advocacy for a UN 5WCW reaches tipping point, and voila! On the last day I was at the UN CSW, opportunity and synchronicity came together via an unexpected invitation to be interviewed on Our Sacred Journey, a Voice of America program hosted by Audrey Kitagawa. The program became available on May 20, was an opportunity to talk of sacred circles, 5WCW advocacy, heart-centered activism and part of my own journey that began with role-model parents. More watering and fertilizing!

The interview The Rise of the Divine Feminine


I am writing Atalanta: The Indomitable Spirit of the Artemis Archetype. Sekhmet
This writing got interrupted by Moving Toward the Millionth Circle to further 5WCW, which I felt needed to be written and published in time to give copies away at the UN CSW in March, trusting that this seeding of the idea would reach those in whom the idea would grow. The first draft of Atalanta is due in June, with the pubdate expected to be in Fall-Winter 2014 from Conari Press. In April 2014, HarperCollins paperback division will be publishing the 30th Anniversary edition of Goddesses in Everywoman, The 25th Anniversary edition of Gods in Everyman, and a new printing of Goddesses in Older Women. I have suggested a cover image of Sekhmet ancient Egyptian goddess with the head of a lioness and the body of a woman, who is one of the “Enough is Enough! Archetypes with Kali and Crow Mother.


June Events

Book Passage author event Sunday June 2, 4 pm (Free)
51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera,CA (415) 927-0960

“In Jungian analyst Jean Shinoda Bolen’s writing, symbol, archetype, and synchronicity combine with activism to create the potential to change the world. In her latest book, Moving Toward the Millionth Circle ($18.85), Dr. Bolen inspires women to be the millionthcircle==heart-centered activists who will bring about a tipping point. Bolen is the author of the ground-breaking book, Goddesses in Everywoman.”

CIIS Friday lecture, June 7, 7 – 9 pm
California Institute for Integral Studies, San Franciscso:
From Conception to Delivery: Giving Birth to a New Book Lecture ($15/12)
Opening lecture for the Writing and Inner Life Weekend Workshop

Feathered Pipe Ranch, Helena, MT, June 22 – 29
Women’s Workshop-Retreat with Barbara McAfee
Times of Change & Creativity: At the Crossroad with Hecate
(Tuition $895 + accommodations varies from $1225 -2045)
Register with a friend before May 31, discount per person–$150

Other 2013 Events in St. Louis (August), Vancouver Island (September), Colorado Springs (October). For details:


With love, hope, perseverance and optimism,

Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD

Jean Shinoda Bolen is on Facebook. Sign the Petition Petition – Support a UN 5th World Conference on Women (5WCW) – GoPetition
for a U.N. Sponsored 5th World
Conference on Women
and the archival site

April 3, 2013

Significant victory at the UN for women!
Muslim Brotherhood condemns it!

Hello dear People,
A strong “Agreed Conclusions: The elimination and prevention of all forms of violence to end violence against women and girls” was passed by the 57th Commission of the Status of Women.(March 15, 2013) It was a significant victory for women that was condemned by the Muslim Brotherhood. Last year the “unholy alliance” (the Vatican, Iran, Syria, Russia) lobbying against women’s equality succeeded, and for the first time in recent history (or ever?), no document resulted. This was a basis for opposing a 5th World Conference on Women (5WCW) by some who feared that the Beijing Platform for Action would be undone.

This particular CSW involved many more ambassadors than those from the 45 member-states on the CSW. Ambassadors or Representatives from 131 other member states were in attendance, observing and lobbying and in the end the document passed by consensus on the last day. This means that 176 of the 193 member states were present during the passage of a strong Agreed Conclusion, which also bodes well.
The Muslim Brotherhood’s statement: Click Here
CSW57 Agreed Conclusions: Click Here to open pdf in browser, right click and save as to download


Moving Toward the Millionth Circle and 5WCW at the UN

At the UN CSW this year, my energies as an author, activist, and speaker came together, with the book launch for Moving Toward the Millionth Circle: Energizing the Global Women’s Movement. The book launch was on Saturday March 2, the weekend before the Commission on the Status of Women had its two week run. During the first week, 1800 copies of MTMC were given away by more than forty delegates, Trust in synchronicity makes me think of this book going out into the world like a message in a bottle: what shores/whose psyches will it touch?

The book launch was videotaped and edited into a ten-minute Youtube. It’s of me and Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury. Great shots of his holding the book as he speaks. Warms the cockles of an activist-author’s heart! click here Such a privilege to be on stage with the former president of the Security Council who laid the groundwork for the passage of SC Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace, and Security, and in his many other roles had a major role in introducing the concept of a Culture of Peace at the UN. In a separate video, Chowdhury speaks about why we haven’t had 5WCW and what to do about it. click here


Moving Toward the Millionth Circle: Energizing the Global Women’s Movement

Click Here to Order Book from

Click here to order 5 or more books at 50% discount directly from the publisher
(NOTE: at checkout use the code MOVE)

“In Jungian analyst and activist Jean Shinoda Bolen’s writing, symbol, archetype, soul work, and synchronicity come together with activism and the potential to change the world or save the planet when grassroots and enlightened leaders work together. In her latest book, Moving Toward the Millionth Circle, Dr. Bolen inspires and enlists women to be millionth circle, heart-centered activists in order to energize a 5th World Conference on Women in the 21st Century. The conference is not a goal in and of itself, but a means toward valuing women and the feminine to bring about a tipping point.”


Michelle Bachelet announced that CSW 57 was her last one as head of UN Women, that she would be going home to Chile. Since then, she has formally announced her candidacy to run for president of Chile.The elections are in November and she is favored to win. With this likelihood, South America would have three women presidents (Brazil, Argentina, Chile) as well as Pope Francis from Argentina. The four previous UN World Conferences on Women have been held in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. 5WCW in South America?


Need is to now get members of the General Assembly
To support the Secretary General’s call for a global women’s conference.
The belief that there will be one is growing into an assumption.
Proposed regional meetings will help the idea to spread

Last year, the Secretary-General asked for a resolution from the General Assembly to convene a global women’s conference in 2015. Efforts were unsuccessful–the US and the EU lobbied against it. This was months before the US elections, after CSW56. Now that President Obama is in his second term, it is time to seek his support, as well as Michelle’s and their two daughters. Anyone reading this from another country, do the equivalent—get your country’s support.


For details see schedule on website

Santa Barbara, CA Pacifica Graduate School “The Writer’s Journey: Outside In and Back Again” April 26-28 “Giving Birth, Finding Form” (lecture, April 28)

Corte Madera, CA: Book Passages
“Moving Toward the Millionth Circle” (Book talk & Signing June 2, 4pm)

Helena, MT Feathered Pipe Ranch Women’s Retreat June 22-29
“Times of Change and Creativity: at the Crossroad with Hecate” (June 22-29)

San Francisco, CA California Institute of Integral Studies
“Writing and the Inner Life Symposium’ (lecture, June 7)

Copenhagen, Denmark, International Association of Analytical Psychology (August 18 –23)

St. Louis, MO Third Jung in the Heartland Conference September 5 – 8
“The Meaning We Make of the Numinous” (lecture, September 6)
“Path with Soul, Path with Heart: the Inner Compass (workshop, September 7)

Vancouver island, BC,Canada International Labyrinth Society Annual Meeting

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