How can we as a planet heal or repair our collective Global Stress Disorder?

I am Grateful For
Water, snow, sunshine and warmth
A New Day Begins
Suzanne Lewis, Editor and Manager WBMpeace_in_oneness

During this morning’s meditation I could feel the instant warmth heating me as the sun crested the nearby foothills. It seems phenomenal the wave energy, light rays connect/contact so instantaneously. Whatever that spark of ignition is, I am grateful to be connected and warmed.
Cross culturally it is shared that all the Family of Life, Light and Nature have this same spark. To be like the Great Earth Mother and Expansive Sky Father uniting, becoming whole or unified with fire. The shared spark gets ignited like the sun’s instant heat and warmth generated and becomes love.
For decades I’ve studied the archetypes of humanity from the saints to the sinners. I’ve looked at what it takes to be a healer or dis-eased; teacher or obsessive dominatrix; leader or bully intimidator; a seer, visionary or con, manipulator. I’ve studies all the ages and transitional times of beings. I’ve realized that in times of stress, toxicity, war; beings can go into a survival mentality much like their wild primal animal nature.
This morning I heard a new terminology, for me, that our precious Mother Earth and all her peoples are in Global Stress Disorder with post-traumatic stress response…the whole planet! That’s when the bell of truth rang through me. As a repairing PTSD person, knowing in a nano-second one can become triggered. The trigger occurs through one’s senses, whether through seeing, hearing, smelling, touching it’s our instinctive protection response. The adrenalin starts dumping with a flight or fight stand, shortness of breath, sweats, skin crawling, nausea, body tremoring.
It takes training to step in when triggered as one’s rational, present moment awareness is lost. Dr. Stephen Levine in his book WAKING THE TIGER teaches as soon as we are in the adrenaline dumping, fight or flight mode. We are to remember our animal nature whether it be like a deer caught in headlights, or a dog with sensory overload, or bird that has just missed a dangerous situation responds with moving on, out of the path of harm. If not literal, at least one must imagine in their mind’s eye, leaving the trigger stress and then shaking it off, the trigger terror sensation.
My dog Latte Girl, models this for me all the time…too much nervous overwhelming energy around and she instantly shakes her whole body from her ears to her tail. The little birds outside my kitchen window show me that after a near catch by the local hawk, they land in the brambly rose bush and then they shake it off, fluffing every feather on their body.
Our Earth humanity as a whole has PTSD, crisis after crisis, bombs, cruelty. I noticed in the latest bombing in Paris the suicidal martyrs were directed to harm places where people were coming together as a community to have fun to enjoy. This intrigues me…joy, fun, community…attacked as the enemy.
How can we as a planet heal or repair our collective Global Stress Disorder?

About Suzanne

Suzanne Lewis, editor and manager since 2000. Suzanne is a Planetary Peacekeeper, an Agent for Conscious Evolution, a Spiritual Healer, a Mother, a multi - faceted artist (beads, gems to trade beads; guords star seed art; published author and Lover of Life for the sake of All our Relations.
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