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Summer 2015 Editorial
Suzanne Lewis, Editor
13 Indigenous Grandmothers***Dalai Lama
Grandmothers and Grandfather Retiring*** What’s Next!

South on the great Wheel of Life or the summer season is the home of the Healer Archetype, the Great Mother Earth and she is calling for an upgraded language in the worlds of relationships. The focus is on Family, Love and Respectful Communications with one’s self, one’s community, one’s nation, one’s integrity and the whole Earth and all of her family
The teachings of White Buffalo Calf Woman strongly plays out during the summer or South on the Great Wheel of Life. We are asked to walk “The Good Red Road”, our sacred heart path, the North-South-North journey. Though White Buffalo Calf Woman, archetypal home is in the North (place of spiritual warrior and guardian of the South (the family). This heroine of the Indigenous Peoples advocates that the Earth and all of her family, including the “two-leggeds” are related. We’re One Family of Life, Light and Nature.
For the past few months, I have been saturated with eternal cross-cultural wisdom sharing especially for this beginning chapter of the Golden Age as the result of spending sacred time with Grandmother Flordemayo and Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Quantum changes, vibrational rewiring and re-rooting seems the call of this time.
On May 15th I wrote:
“Maybe we’re establishing a place and a way for powerful women, healers, leaders, mothers and teachers–the Peacekeepers to feed each other human kindness, joy with loved ones, mutual generosity and good will.” It has become my new anthem.”

A long time ago my dear friend, Brooke Medicine Eagle, taught me this prayer:
“There’s a Secret One Inside
All the stars and all the galaxies,
Runs through Her Hands like Beads.”
I sing this as I create Medicine Necklaces.

I have been taught that the fiercest, wisest, strongest warriors in ancient Mayan Lore were called the Flower Soldiers and they were/are women. The Earth Mother is often known as the “Rose” and all of her diverse flowers and green things reflected her essences, her complex personality

The 13 International Indigenous Grandmothers’ last gathering is to occur in September in the USA hosted by Grandmother Rita and the Lakota Sioux tribes in South Dakota. Many years ago these Grandmothers from all corners of the Earth, responded to the urgent call to show up, speak up for the sake of our precious Earth and All her Family.
(The Grandmothers say “that the Circle of Life was broken around 500 years ago when the first white people came to America…According to Hopi Legend, forgetting the original teachings to the Creator occurred. From deep under the water he said, I am going to send you in the four directions…I am going to give each of your certain teachings and when you came back together you will share the teachings with each other. Then you can live together and have Peace upon the Earth.” **)
They complete their global commitment to go to the lands of each Indigenous Grandmother to pray, sing, honor and spread the word this September.
The irony, for me: Our USA greatest wrongdoing and ongoing misconduct towards the Original peoples of our lands is occurring in Lakota Reservations. Threats of another Wounded Knee occurrence, the mismanagement of monies to railroad native children away from their family and culture, the outrageous incarceration of Leonard Peltier, the worst poverty in the nation, and the onslaught of big money energy corporations to rape and pillage their lands.
(Feds Threaten a ‘Third Wounded Knee’ with Eminent Domain Land Grab on Sioux Indian Reservation |) (It’s prophesized, N.A. has to remove its’ blinders, fess up to its ongoing disrespectful treatment of our original peoples. Bill Chisholm stated: “If as a nation, we don’t walk our talk, how can we expect to have credibility in the world. The US government’s actions towards the Indigenous Peoples of North America has been a disgrace from the get go and still is. To start the healing, to move towards what we claim to be, we need to make amends. We can’t right all the past wrongs, but we can acknowledge them, apologize and move forward. A giant step in the direction would be to release Leonard Peltier from prison.”)

“People who don’t have a concept of the whole, can do very unfortunate things.”
– Joseph Campbell –

Just this winter, Grandmother Rita reported horrendous storms, with great winds and fierce Earth upheaval tearing up massive numbers of trees; leaving the people on the rez without heat or water. The storms lasted for days and days. Just this past week, the fierce winds and storms continued to wrack havic for the land and the peoples.
The last Global gathering of the 13 Grandmothers to pray for the “land based original peoples” is occurring in our Nation’s blind sight, ignorance and denial. Part of the Eagle Condor Prophecy, held with people from the south to the peoples of the north, a long held prophecy for these current shifting times. There is a common sentiment that peace and good relations and environmental balancing will not return to America until we RIGHT our blindness our ignorance towards our land’s original people.
1776, The Declaration of Independence and it’s naming of a new country was not the beginning point for human life on this land.
The conditions here are as deplorable as Africa, Bosnia, India, Tibet etc.
Maybe worse because of our nation’s populace are stuck in a “fairytale” and stay frozen in a mindset, blind, consciously unconscious. A refusal to see black, brown, red, white and yellow beings as equal, as one Great Tree of Life with diverse branches.
In video documentation, his Holiness, the Dalai Lama shared,
“You are the Grandmothers but I am the Grandfather.”
Ironically, the Dalai Lama has announced publically that he has stepped down from leadership of the Tibetan Peoples. He stated: “”Practicing forgiveness does not mean accepting wrong doing.” The 13 Grandmothers come September will have completed their holy commitment to show up and speak out for the sake of healing and mending, to move forth in respect, dignity, support for all the Family of Light, Life and Nature.
What’s coming? Will the USofA gain clarity and truth telling and responsibility for our wrong doings? Who’s called to go public and to speak truth? A new generation of powerful, healing, leadership of the children and grandchildren of the Directions?

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