GRANDMOTHER FLORDEMAYO After the Gathering Interview by Andrea Schensky Williams

After the Gathering
Interview by Andrea Schensky Williams
grandmo florde
Natural Awakenings Magazine: What are your thoughts now that you completed the first Gathering for Humanity?
Grandmother Flordemayo: It was surreal. I could almost hear and touch the Star Nation when they gave me the mandate of bringing everybody together. When we receive a mandate, we don’t question it. You embrace it and pray on it. It took the diligence of my daughter Heather to put the Gathering together and reach out to the other organizations and see what everybody thought about coming together.
NA: How would you describe the Star Nation?
GF: They’re not like humans. I would say it was a telepathic humanoid kind of communication. The voices or tones sounded like regular voices. They were very gentle, kind, mild mannered and quiet. I felt very comfortable with them.
NA: Do these beings live in another dimension? Does everybody have their individual journey?
GF: You know, we all have our individual journeys. That’s number one. And yes, there are different dimensional worlds.
NA: I would imagine that people have to be very open to connect and receive that type of energy. How can people have that type of experience?
GF: We have to accept everyone for what they are and who they are. If we don’t have that acceptance in our heart how are we going to accept anybody that’s from another dimension?
NA: One of your beliefs is that everybody holds a piece of the puzzle to help the collective healing. How do we discover what our piece of the puzzle is?
GF: It’s not so much that we discover. It’s more of a knowing. When the announcement about the Gathering came out, people would say, “Oh yes, I understand this.” Something similar happened to me and I know what it means. When we’re putting a puzzle together, we don’t know how many pieces are involved. It’s almost insane to try to even guess that.
NA: How would you recommend that we get closer to the light or connect with our cosmic remembrance?
GF: Do not let your mind interfere with any of this. It’s not about the mind. What we are trying to do is to get some kind of recollection from our light DNA about remembering because we are multi-dimensional beings. We live yesterday, today and tomorrow all at once. We have to find a way of quieting ourselves, being in a still place to ask our mind specific questions. We could use that as a prayer and keep asking over and over until we receive the answers.
NA: Looking at what’s going on in the U.S. and in the world many people worry about their future. Do you have a message in regards to that?
GF: People are always waiting for somebody else to do something, somebody else to do the prayer, to pay the bill, or have an answer. But what are you doing? That’s what I like to say to people. What are you doing to make this a better world? What is your responsibility? In the 70’s I remember hearing about the Mayan prophecies and people coming together. This one prophecy called upon people to awaken. The dawn is here. No one shall be left behind. We are all as one fingers of a hand. But we’re still acting like we’re not fingers of the same hand. AWAKEN, the dawn is here. The right time is here, the light is here, and we need to look at things differently. We need to open our hearts and our mind of acceptance.
NA: In closing do you have any anything else that you would like to share.
GF: Yes. I’d like for people to remember that we are the children of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Whatever we did yesterday, we can certainly correct today. But if we want a better tomorrow, we better fix it today. I think that’s something everybody can understand and connect with.

A vital puzzle piece of Grandmother Flordemayo’s cosmic journey is The Path. Located on 40-acres in Estancia, New Mexico, just east of Albuquerque, the mission of The Path is “to conserve and distribute seeds for future generations.” The mission is achieved through conservation, education and collaboration with other organizations. The vision of the Path “is to raise spiritual consciousness on the inter-connectiveness between humanity and Mother Earth”. For more information, donations or to volunteer go to

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