Generation ONE Intensive w/Barbara Marx Hubbard

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Dearly Beloved Evolutionaries & Cocreators,

This truly is the time when we are called to face together a new level of reality in the world. We are members of “Generation One,” an emerging phase of evolution. We weren’t there for the origin of Homo sapiens’ self-reflective consciousness 50,000 years ago, but we are here NOW for the rise of Spirit-based Evolutionary Consciousness.

That is why it is with a sense of great expectancy and real discovery that I invite you to join me and some of the most daring pioneers of our time for The Generation One Intensive — Awakening to the Power of the Radically New… Together.

Why is our condition radically new?

I believe that the planet has gone over the “Chaos Point and we are no longer stable. We have evidently been given the crises we need as drivers toward the next stage of consciousness, freedom and complex harmonious order…or devolution and destruction of much of Earth life.

All the training each of us has had up to this Shift Point is needed now to be integrated and made more effective as we learn to be evolutionary leaders in the new era, the time of radical newness.

This is the purpose of my CALL to you, to join with me and major evolutionary pioneers to participate in this Generation One Intensive in order to integrate our inner attunement to Spirit with our vocational attraction for evolutionary action. We actually are expressions of the impulse of Evolution with astonishing new self and social capacities to respond to our crises and opportunities.

For this purpose Generation One will combine the stunning work of David Gershon of the Empowerment Institute and other expert co-faculty to offer a study path for the capacities we need to actualize during this new phase of our personal and social lives.

The power of “radical newness” is not a metaphor. But it takes evolutionary eyes to see it and an evolutionary heart to become it…to cultivate the whole system shift within ourselves and our communities and world.

I look forward with real joy and anticipation to this great journey with you.

BMH-headshot-2012.jpg Love & blessings,

About Suzanne

Suzanne Lewis, editor and manager since 2000. Suzanne is a Planetary Peacekeeper, an Agent for Conscious Evolution, a Spiritual Healer, a Mother, a multi - faceted artist (beads, gems to trade beads; guords star seed art; published author and Lover of Life for the sake of All our Relations.
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