Dr. Clarrisa Pinkola Este’s –Tovar, “This Man”** Speaks…– SEEDKEEPER prayers

Blue_corn_wreath_corrected copy

Be alert to weakening
that comes from overplanting.
Seedkeeper chooses carefully
strongest of seeds,
rejecting many,
until the line is robust.

Seedkeeper knows fields are finite
and plans proper rooms and depths
for each seed–
as in planting corn,
a family of seeds
is poured into
each opening in earth.

Like our families,
each sheaf growing
from same opening,
each sheaf growing
in his way, in her own way,
yet all sheaves supported —
leaning against each other
as we grow dearer and sweeter–
all rooted in same good soil

–Üzembentartó Magvak/
Guardián de semillas:
Keeper of Seeds–

A field has only enough soil
and shelter
to grow just so much at a time.
Overburdening the soil, the groundspace,
shutting off the light, barriers to rain,
scarcity of nourishments, shelters,
wind and sun medicines…
is a way of life La Maestra de semillas/
Üzembentartó Magvak
A Master of the seeds
would never willingly plan or accept.

The seed keeper’s vision
is to bring the most delicious,
the most simple
most beautifully domiciled harvest possible–
one planned by an old lush consciousness.
Simple, meaning ‘best life-giving’ in planning,
in memorable cycles…
‘Simple’, a word often underused
with regard to human goals
in the ‘do-do-do-do-til-half-dead’ world.
Better to be a wise seed keeper
regarding one’s life–
to bury the good seed properly
in its own time,
instead of oneself, improperly,
before one’s time.

Choose one thing. Take it to done-done. Then the next. Then the next. Wise seed keeper.

Don’t put off sorting the seeds, nor the thinning out, not barriers against the invasive— in order for the chosen to grow to fullest of fullest, for you, for others, for our world.

Gleaning is often the way for each seed to have its sunrises proper, and its space to grow strong. Elemental. Do not shortcut nor shortchange, either the seeds nor the seed keeper. Remember your inborn arts, instincts and intuitions. Don’t forget.

This comes with love,

**Tovar, “this man” is from my book *The Faithful Gardener” about our refugee family — this particular blessing poem is one of many, as well as much text –that was cut from the original manuscript. The editors of that time, now nineteen years ago, felt is was better to have only two blessing poems, in the book. Rather than one at end of each chapter—even though that is my signature style, but not their ‘style.’ [as you see blessing poems at the end of each chapter in DOW audio, for instance, which is the rhythm of my way of conveying, offering my work, just following my own angelitos y santitos.]

Having grown greatly in outlook about publishing my own writings and creative works—and placing them in the world… and the difference between whole weavings carefully crafted vs. chopping weavings to fit others’ ideas about what shape and construct should be—I’m bringing the blessing poems that were cut from TFG to a book of their own.

The book is currently simply called The Sacred Seed, and is, I think/hope, much needed as our very sources not only of the life of the Soul, but also, actual seed worldwide, is and continues to be diminished by what I call “the lack of creed and overage of greed” –in the corporate overculture.

There are many people working across the world to keep the heritage seeds alive and they are doing well often. Some are screechy, some are wise, some are aggressive, some are gentle. All are needed.

WE, are the seed keepers. The only ones on the face of the earth, in many many ways left to defend the Source without source. Let us.


Do your most important loving works
and know you are blessed each day
in loving ‘prayer-care’
coming from a gaggle
of intrepid old women, old men, here.

We pray onto you and your life
–for you to grow in love
and in loving action, daily.

In case you forgot for a minute…
we haven’t forgotten.

Each of you is not only seed keeper,
but also holy seed
from Source without source.
Even when you think not.
Even when you fail to remember.

The giant tree
is inside each grand Sequoia seed,
the beautiful sweet black cherries
are yet unfolded inside each tiny
hard green marvel.

Spirit vision is x-ray.
We can see you and your bounty within.
So can your Soul.

With love again… all grows to fruition.

The blessingpoems ‘–Tovar, “This Man”** Speaks…–
‘;–Üzembentartó Magvak/Guardián de semillas: Keeper of Seeds–; –Continuan–;
and commentaries, are from ‘The Sacred Seed, BlessingPoems and Commentaries’ unpublished manuscript ©1990, 1996, 2014, by CP Estés, all rights reserved

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