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December 2013 Forecast
(1) Radical Restructuring is a phrase used below to represent the energies of profound change, upheaval and transformation that have been affecting our world and our individual lives for the last several years and will continue to be very strong through 2015. Astrologically, these energies are shown by a square (90 degree angle) between Uranus and Pluto. For more information see Radical Restructuring article.
(2) Astrological aspects are at the end of this article.

December 1 – 6 ~ A New Start
December 2: The New Moon occurs in the optimistic and enthusiastic sign of Sagittarius. Each month the New Moon ushers in a new beginning and brings in new energy for a fresh start. The Sagittarius influence of this New Moon tells us that December will be time to make life more positive and expansive.This particular New Moon will bring a favorable mix of energies representing change, optimism, practicality and action to new endeavors. Projects started now will have the potential to grow and stand the test of time.

It is usually best to wait at least a few hours after the New Moon to allow its influence to strengthen before actually beginning the new project. The New Moon is exact at 5:22 pm, MST, on December 2. That evening would be a good time to think about how we can use these energies in December. Pay attention the morning of December 3. Helpful insights and ideas could occur that will be useful in implementing a new start over the next two days. It doesn’t have to be a huge new start. Just think about making life better in some way. (If you are familiar with your own chart, find the house that contains 11 º Sagittarius. The area of your life represented by that house will likely be the recipient of this new start.)

On December 4 and 5 the Moon will be in the practical and business oriented sign of Capricorn, which will be favorable for business dealings, organizing and planning. December 4, in particular, could be a day of significant change, as the Moon adds emphasis to the radical restructuring energies.

Warning: December 6 will not be a good day for practical matters or important decisions. Thinking and communications are likely to be fanciful, unrealistic, doubtful or confusing. Instead, use this imaginative energy for daydreaming, fantasy and creativity.

December 7~A New Sheriff in Town
On December 7, Mars will move from the sign of Virgo into Libra. This is going to be a more important sign change for Mars than usual.

What does Mars represent?
Mars is associated with how energy is used: it can manifest as anger, conflict, accidents, arguments, aggression, power, force, action, courage, strength, daring, passion, sexuality, physical assertion, construction and hard work. It can be used in a destructive way or in a positive way. It can tear down or build up.

What does Mars Rule?
In the outer world, Mars rules the military, law enforcement, warriors, guns, knives, fire, weapons, criminals, militants and activists.
In our individual lives, Mars manifests as our physical activity, energy level, sexual drive, how we express our anger and how we go after what we want in life. Mars is our inner warrior and shows how we respond when under stress or a perceived attack.

As stated above, this sign change will be more important than usual. It takes Mars almost two years to complete one cycle around the Sun, spending about 1 ½ months in a sign. However, every two years it goes through a retrograde cycle and spends almost eight months in one sign. That is what will start on December 7 as Mars moves into Libra, where it will stay for over 7 ½ months (until July 25, 2014). That means the Mars in Libra influence will carry extra significance this time because it will stay in Libra much longer than usual.

When Mars changes signs, there is a general shift in energy. The following analogy may help explain this further:

Each planet has a certain persona, like a role in a play. In the case of Mars, the role is the warrior. The warrior’s role is to take action, to defend or to attack, to go after what it wants, to take the initiative and to make things happen.

The sign shows the way a planet will play its role, the “costumes” it will wear, its personality, and how it will portray its role. In this case, how Mars will portray the warrior.

Mars has been in the practical, analytical, earthy, detail-oriented, hardworking and exacting sign of Virgo since October 15. Virgo is also associated with healing and healthcare. Mars in Virgo is a warrior that analyzes, critiques and takes things apart in order to put them back together correctly. Mars in Virgo notices what is wrong and what needs to be fixed. Mars in Virgo warrior is prone to irritation and worry when things are not in order. Kind of like an accountant with a gun.

On December 7, this all changes. Mars will don a new costume as it moves into Libra, the sign of peace, harmony and relationships. This means a new approach and a new look for the warrior.

Libra likes to get things done by working with others, by being charming, good natured and cooperative. Libra strives for peace and balance, does not want conflict and avoids it whenever possible. However, Libra has a purpose in mind, and if necessary will take action to make it happen. Libra has been likened to the iron fist in a velvet glove. Think of Roger Moore (a Libra) in his role of James Bond. Just because he’s smiling, doesn’t mean he won’t shoot you if necessary.

Although Mars in Libra will prefer to seek a peaceful solution to problems, there will be some challenging times ahead. That’s because Mars in Libra will stir up and increase the action of the ongoing radical restructuring energies. See December 22-31 below.

December 8-14 ~
Keep Your feet On the Ground
And Aim for the Stars
Whatever started just after the New Moon on December 2 could receive a big boost all week with Jupiter making an exact trine to Saturn on December 12. This is not a big flashy influence, but it is one that can bring long-lasting positive results by blending optimism and confidence with practicality and focus.

December 15-21 ~ Shifting Directions
The Full Moon is on December 17 in Gemini, the sign of communication, mental activity and curiosity. This will be a time when creative ideas and big plans initiated at the new moon will blossom. However, there could be a tendency to be impractical or to go overboard. Definitely create and dream at this time, but wait to implement your plans until you come back down to earth in a day or two.

Uranus, the planet of change, surprise and sudden shifts (and one half of the radical restructuring duo) has been retrograde (moving backwards) since July 17. In December, Uranus will slow down, stop, and then very slowly begin forward motion on December 17, just a few hours after the Full Moon. Because Uranus will barely move in December, its energy is very concentrated and focused all month. Once it starts moving forward, many changes that had been pending will start moving to the next level. You may feel like something BIG is shifting.

On December 21, Venus, planet of love, money, fun and enjoyment goes retrograde (shifts to a backward motion). This will occur while Venus is in the practical and achievement oriented sign of Capricorn. Venus will be retrograde until the end of January 2014. This six week period will be a good time to think about what and who we truly love, value and enjoy in life, and then re-organize our priorities accordingly.

December 22, 2013 – January 2, 2014 ~ Fireworks
The radical restructuring of change and transformation will be in high gear as 2013 ends and 2014 begins. Hang on because these energies will continue to expand and grow in 2014. A peak in the radical restructuring energies will start around December 22, 2013 and will continue to expand until it reaches a dramatic point in April 2014. It will taper off by the end of June 2014.

From December 22, 2013 to January 2, 2014, Mars, the Sun and Mercury will add their considerable energies to the change and transformation of the radical restructuring energies. Radical restructuring re-enforcements are arriving! Oh my!

First on the scene will be Mars. On December 22 things will begin to heat up and get activated. We will notice this out in the world and in our individual lives. Mars likes to get things started and take action – NOW. Because Mars will go retrograde in 2014, it will continue to move in and out of the radical restructuring action through June 2014. Used in a positive way, this can give us the energy and courage to break through blockages that have been holding us back from making desired changes in our lives.

The energies of change and action will be powerful on December 24-26 as Mars opposes Uranus. This will make for a dynamic and energetic Christmas, but also holds the possibility of over-assertion, accidents, aggression, or explosive energy out in the world or in our personal lives. Drive carefully and avoid risks. Luckily, there will also be a spirit of compassion and caring that could help to soothe the fiery energy of Mars from December 24-27.

From December 29, 2013 through January 2, 2014, conditions will heat up even more, as both Mercury and the Sun join Mars in stirring the pot of change and transformation. Arguments and power struggles could occur and communications could be strained. Avoid coming on too strong and trying to make someone change their mind. Be aware that this energy is affecting everyone to some degree. If you start feeling frazzled, try deep breathing and count to ten. It will help to do something physical to relieve tension in a positive way – take a walk, exercise, dance and sing. Know that everything that is happening around us is part of the path right now. All energies can be used productively when used for the highest and best good.

The New Moon in Capricorn on January 1, 2014 will be very potent. It will powerfully initiate a new phase in the radical restructuring energies.

Wow. Happy New Year….

Thanks for reading. Wishing you Love and Joy for the holidays. More next time!

Judy Joyce

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