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Welcome to May….spring flowers and May rains. And when we start to enjoy this spring weather and the beautiful flowers, we can also expect to experience friendly bugs.

My roses have been so beautiful this spring, and my courtyard has smelled heavenly. However, as the old roses have wilted and fallen off the plant and I have trimmed them back so new buds will start to grow…the aphids has decided these new tender buds are just what they need to live on.

I use “Thieves Household Cleaner” mixed in water in a spray bottle and it seems to cause them to fly away. However, after re-reading the information below, I will be trying spearmint and then peppermint to scare away these friendly little pests. I know peppermint and purification work great to send ants scurrying to find another location far from your treated area with the Essential Oils.

It is always great to be reminded of how to use the many Young Living Products that are available to us. It seems we get stuck in a rut and just use a few that are our favorites, forgetting how important it is to experiment with some of the other products…so we can add to our favorite list as well as share testimonials of our great discoveries.

I have also used the oils done this way (oils with water in spray bottle) to spray my dogs to help keep the bugs off them when they go outside…especially when we go to the mountains. However, living in the desert is a challenge as well, as we have many strange pests that like our animals, so it helps prevent bugs from crawling onto our pet’s fir…don’t like them bringing these friendly pests into the house. (Just spray away from their face (eyes and nose)

I particular like Purification. PLUS: you can use it for yourself and your family. Great to use when choosing to deter mosquitoes, bees, flies, spiders and ants and etc. PLUS: if you do get stung by any of these seemingly friendly creatures, Purification is the first one I always grab as it appears to take the sting away and the bite seems to go away quickly. Thieves is another one that I use often when dealing with these cute (and some not so cute)….unwanted insects.

Perhaps this will be a good reminder for you as well and help you rid yourself of the insects in a safe and natural way.

For plants infested with insects, use one of the following essential oils. Fill a mist spray bottle with 4 oz. of water, add the essential oils and mist the infested plant.. Several applications, a few days apart, may be necessary. (Use as little as possible)

Spearmint: ants, aphids, caterpillars, black flea beetle, gnats, lice, moths, and plant lice.

Peppermint: ants, aphids, bean beetle, cabbage root fly, caterpillars, black flee beetle, flies, lice, moths, and plant lice.

Lemongrass: black flea beetle, fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks.

Idaho Tansy: black fly, carrot fly, fleas, flies, greenfly, mosquitoes, and white fly.

Hyssop: aphids, cabbage root fly, moths, and slugs.

Thyme: bean beetle, cabbage root fly, cutworm, and ticks.

Sage: cabbage root fly, cutworm, nematodes, ticks, and white fly.

Rosemary: cabbage root fly and carrot fly.

Patchouli: gnats, snails, weevils, and woolly aphids.

Pine: slugs, snails, and wooly aphids.

Sandalwood: weevils and wooly aphids.


Do It Yourself—Bug Spray

http://staticapp.icpsc.com/icp/loadimage.php/mogile/982032/63937f361d2e7f91a47b825bb949e9b9/image/jpegSpring is the time when insects and bugs begin to multiply at astounding levels and pester any early evening plans in the fresh air. If you’re anything like me, then you are also certain that mosquitoes and other biting insects are out to get you and may keep you indoors instead of enjoying the pleasant weather outside.

Bugs should not keep us from a walk around the park or neighborhood, a relaxing getaway at your favorite fishing hole, or enjoying a barbecue with family and friends. Before you get to the point of banishing yourself indoors, try this all-natural approach to a safe and hazard-free bug spray with 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils from the World Leader in Essential Oils®.

Items needed:

• Spray bottle, 8 oz.

• Distilled water, 4 oz.

• Unscented witch hazel, 4 oz.

• Thieves® essential oil blend

• Purification® essential oil blend

• Melaleuca alternifolia essential oil

• Citronella essential oil

• Lavender essential oil

• Lemon essential oil

• Peppermint essential oil

• Idaho tansy essential oil


• Fill an 8-oz. spray bottle with 4 oz. of distilled water

• Add 4 oz. of witch hazel

• Add 10 drops of Thieves, Purification, and Melaleuca alternifolia essential oils

• Add 5 drops of lemon, lavender, peppermint, Idaho tansy, and citronella essential oils

• Shake well before each use and spray a light layer on skin and clothing

This natural alternative to store-bought bug sprays will keep you free from chemicals and other unnatural ingredients—not to mention the pleasant aroma that will be with you as you enjoy the nature around you.

However, if by chance you find yourself outside without bug spray, Purification is an amazing after-bite reliever that minimizes itching and redness, so be sure to keep some handy wherever you go.

—Marco Colindres III, YL Product Marketing Manager


Part 6: Finding Pure Essential Oils

Visitors tour new greenhouses

In 1995 I expanded my farming adventures into a third farm in Mona, Utah, where I bought 120 acres and built my first greenhouses to propagate plants to expand my growing potential. One year later I leased 1,600 acres of totally raw, organic land that had been used only for raising cattle. It was exciting to be at the beginning of what has now become a very big operation.

This farm has become our showcase, where thousands of people have come to see the harvesting and actual distilling of our plants. As the steam travels up through the cooker, it saturates the plant material, causing the oil to be released in the form of a gas molecule, which is enclosed within a thin membrane. These essential oil molecules travel with the steam up into the condenser, where the membrane breaks and the gas returns to a liquid and is then recovered in the separator. A great, natural beauty appears before your eyes when the essential oil droplets bubble up through the water inside the separator.

Gary & Mary explain distilling

After this fascinating experience, our visitors are able to go through the laboratory next to the distillery to see the oils filtered and prepared to go to our bottling facility. Thousands of people have enjoyed seeing the actual production at our farm and have come through our visitor’s center, asking questions and wanting to know more about essential oils.

To be continued . . .

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