Brooke Medicine Eagle Message May 26, 2020 CHOOSING LOVE

CHOOSING LOVE: Well folks, the news of rioting and hateful behavior from friends in the southern USA is sobering and shocking, and yet it’s good to have a sense of what is actually happening. I receive beautiful stories of caring and sharing too. MY HOPE IS THAT FOR ALL OF US, IT GALVANIZES A WILLINGNESS TO DO EVERYTHING WE CAN ON THE POSITIVE SIDE. And, of course, CHOOSING LOVE over fear and anger IS THE PRIMARY WORK.
It’s quite strange, to say the least, to be living the experience that our wise elders and prophecies have predicted for generations – a time when great shaking must take place to loosen the hold on the old ways and open to the new. I’ve always wondered what it would look like, and this certainly seems to be at least part of it. Those power-hungry and greedy find chaos and disciplined shut-down, perhaps even of democratic process in a vital election year, to be beneficial to their causes.
Crisis, crucial moments, always imply a cross-roads where we get to actively choose our path into the future. Prophecy says this is a time when a new level of Love will blossom, and regeneration of all Life burgeon from there. Yet, even the most conscious and willing of us may not find ourselves at that higher level. So what we are called upon to do, from what I can see, is find the highest and clearest Love we can generate in ourselves (through bringing those radiant memories into our bodies so fully that we literally feel them) and making a practice of sending that vibration into our world – whether the person walking 6 feet across from us on our street, angry people rioting in the streets, hungry children in refugee camps across the world, or polar bears starving on melting ice. Don’t forget the animals and trees and plants and water. Add some GRATEFULNESS into the mix, and you have a winning combination.
Step up. Take care of and be there for everyone you can in any way. Love opens us to offer our best; Love transforms and regenerates; Love is the finest medicine.

Remember, it’s a PRACTICE and Life depends upon it. It’s not too tough an assignment, since having Love vibrant in your body and pouring forth is one of the most wonderful feelings in the human form. I think the Great Mother planned it that way.
I tell my students: there are only a few reasons NOT to do this practice ~
1. ignorance of Love’s transformative power,
2. thinking that you aren’t enlightened enough to do it,
3. and just plain old laziness.
a. You aren’t ignorant (although I usually spend two days in class illustrating the magic potential of Love for humans and all Life).
b. If you have ever had a moment of feeling Love – giving or getting it – you are qualified.
c. And it’s time to get your butt up off the inner couch and do the work we came to do. This is not some light game that is playing out here. Everyone counts and it’s a participatory sport….

For me, here in the quietness of our garden home, it means being incredibly grateful; getting my hands in the rich soil; giving ground to seeds doing their amazing thing of becoming food plants; spreading Love across the countryside on bike rides; writing and sharing as much goodness as I can through modern technologies; and remembering that LOVE CREATED EVERYONE AND LIVES IN EACH OF US, we just need to FIND AND USE IT.
I’ll soon be announcing my POWER & BEAUTY Wisdom Series, which I think has some wonderful answers and practices of wholeness and holiness vital for this time.

Wishing you very well on a day of sweet and soaking rain. It’s that natural lesson in how our constant, gentle soaking of the world with Love, will produce an irresistible flowering. Be wise and well, Brooke

Above I left out a couple important things that need to be shared, as well.
Love is FIERCENESS too. FIERCENESS is not aggression or meanness, it’s about behavior correction and boundaries. A mother dog, when bitten on the ear by the tiny, sharp teeth of her playful pup, gives an intense snarl and “glare”. It’s a big NO without physical harm, and she means it; the message is clear!!! A couple experiences of this, and the baby gets the lesson, the boundary of good behavior. Bless us all, B

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