ASTROLOGY of the PLANETARY ALIGNMENT on 12th JANUARY for Sacred Ceremonies

on 12th JANUARY for Sacred Ceremonies to

For background information on this momentous cosmic event, see…/workshop-ceremo…

The workshop is now full.
Others are welcome to join an outer circle of support for our ceremony on Sunday. Please let us know if you plan to join us.

The ASTROLOGY: (technical bits in brackets can be ignored, if preferred)

For this alignment, there are no retrograde planets. This means that all are focussed towards the most positive outcomes for the future.

At the top of the chart (Midheaven) is a conjunction of the Sun with asteroid / minor planet Ceres and Saturn, Pluto and Mercury. These are all aligned at the end of a red (90°) square aspect, connecting upwards towards the heavens like an umbilical cord.

As we look out from the Earth towards the Sun, this means that these 4 planets are aligned in a straight line behind the Sun. We link to the Sun through our Heart chakra, to Mercury through the Throat chakra, to Ceres through the Navel chakra (Hara), to Saturn through the Root chakra and to Pluto through the Stellar Gateway and Earth Star chakras.

The Stellar Gateway (about 2 ft / 60cms above the Crown) is our direct link with the pure light frequencies of Divine Will. This pure energy stream is received into our bodies through the central vertical column of light in the Core Channel that runs down through the core of our body, and anchors into the Earth Star Centre, (about 1 foot / 30cms) in the Earth beneath our feet, and from there into Earth’s energy grids.

For the purposes of this alignment, we need to be attuning with the pure crystalline Light of Divine Will or Purpose, carried by Pluto, flowing down from the Stellar Gateway. Feel it descending down through our Core Channel, becoming focussed and activated at our Throat, so that we may understand and absorb it at the level of the mind; then to embrace it at the Heart level, to anchor it into our will at the Navel and into our body at the Root centre, before anchoring these down-pouring energies into the body of Mother Earth at the Earth Star, beneath our feet.

At the other end of the red (90°) square is asteroid Juno in Libra. She is concerned with creating peace, harmony and right relations with ourselves and all beings. This is our task, if we are to truly anchor these cosmic energies into Mother Earth, via Uluru and the Rainbow Serpent line.

The green quincunx (150°) aspect from Juno to Neptune in Pisces means that we can only learn how to do this through complete surrender to what the Universe requires from us now. This may appear to involve a certain amount of chaos and uncertainty, because we are moving into a new and unknown paradigm, which we will not fully understand until we get there.

Another green quincunx from Neptune to the Moon in Leo means that we can only learn to surrender in this way, by letting go of our most cherished desires, wants, needs and in particular, letting go of our identification with the dramas of our life.

The red (90°) square from the Moon to Vesta in Taurus means that in order to do this, we are being challenged to move beyond being focussed on our personal emotional desires and dramas, towards opening our hearts unconditionally so that we may feel, experience and embrace the sacredness of all of Life.

Then we will begin to feel the rewards of how that can open us to the infinite possibilities offered by the Universe, as that energy flows from Vesta, along the blue (120°) trine aspect to Jupiter conjunct the Moon’s South Node in Capricorn. This conjunction is about offering back to the Universe our gratitude for all that lies in our past experience and appreciating the lessons learnt and the rewards received, even in our most challenging and difficult times.

(From Jupiter there is a Searching Figure, with semi-sextile (30°) to Mars in Sagittarius, which is quincunx (150°) to Uranus in Taurus, which is trine (120°) back to Jupiter.)

The Searching Figure is pointing us towards Uranus, towards liberation and freedom from the constraints and limitations of the material world. In order to reach this, Mars in Sagittarius is telling us that we need to formulate a clear intention for the direction that we want to move in; we cannot reach our goal by mere wishful thinking, hoping for a better life, a better world, without a clear intention and the will and unwavering determination to follow it through. Mars here means that we need to be following our gut feelings, so that even though we may not be able to see the big picture, we are at least heading in the right direction.

(From Mars another Searching Figure has a trine (120°) to Chiron in Aries, which is semi-sextile (30°) to Uranus, which is quincunx (150°) back to Mars.)

This means that in order to create and follow such an intention, we need to release and heal our past failures. This is achieved not by deep introspection and painful soul-searching, but through humour! It is about perceiving the humour in our own unique Divine Comedy, in all the times when we have taken ourselves far too seriously, when we have lost the detached perspective of our soul, the ability to observe the drama that we make of our lives, and the realisation that we have been merely acting out the part that was written for us by our planets, our genetics, and our accumulated experience of past lives.

(From Chiron, there is a Small Learning Figure, with a square (90°) aspect to Pallas Athene in Sagittarius, which is trine (120°) to Venus in Aquarius, which is semi-sextile (30°) back to Chiron.)

In order to perceive the humour in our lives, the great Cosmic Joke that the Universe has been playing upon us, we need the clarity and perspective of Pallas Athene’s incisive intuitive insight, coupled with the realisation that everything we experience offers us the possibility for transformation into our true spiritual potential, and for living and walking the Path of Beauty in everything that we do.

If you wish to receive a PDF, giving details of when the alignment of the Sun and 4 planets will pass overhead at many of the world’s sacred sites, please email
If you wish to tune in with your own ceremonies, those would be the best times to help anchor these energies into the Earth Grids, as the energy wave sweeps around the planet.

Simply focus on the Sun above, with the 4 planets (Mercury, Ceres, Saturn, Pluto) aligned behind the Sun. Feel that alignment connecting you to a cord of light that descends down through the core channel of your body, anchoring in at your Throat chakra, Heart chakra, Navel chakra, Root chakra (perineum), and then into the Earth beneath your feet, at the Earthstar.

Simply breathe in and down from the Heavens and out into the Earth, and then breathe in and up from the Earth and out and up to the Heavens. Do this for as long as feels right. Then take your attention away from the cord of light and draw up a cloak of gold and emerald light from the Earth and wrap it around you completely.

Move around, stamp your feet and have something to drink and eat.
For All our Relations




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