Aluna Joy New Earth Equinox energies March 2018

Aluna Joy New earth equinox energies
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I can really feel the build up to the equinox this year. I don’t think that I have actually ever felt it this strong before. The 2013 through 2017 equinoxes were pretty uneventful for the most part. Now I understand that a new world was cooking and growing underground like a cosmic seed sprouting. But now it is time to get ready. This is going to be very powerful. Are we ready? It has been a long wait!

We are going to share some suggestions for you to prepare. And I am sure that you will find other preparations that are necessary for you, so share them here in the comments! We can benefit from our different perspectives.

I feel that we are finally arriving, after 5+ years, in a new cycle. This cycle began with us hunkering down into a cosmic chrysalis. This time prepared us to be reborn in this new cycle. This was a cosmic orientation that 12-21-2012 triggered. It was hard and sometimes gut wrenching work.

We began to notice our emergence out of this chrysalis when we were called to completely reboot our medicine circle. I mean we have moved, cleared and honored each and every stone, crystal and artifact in the circle. The funny thing was that for 18 years I was called not to disturb anything in this 20 foot, equinox aligned circle. The sacred circle now feels shiny and brand new. We are also calling to do the same with each item in our altars inside our home. Everything is being touched, honored, cleared out or rebooted. It is like the past has been wiped clean and does not exist anymore. We are now entering a brand new playing field.

All of humanity is going to feel this equinox. We might begin to feel the arrival of this new playing field as a new flow in our lives. It could be the beginning of new, surprising opportunities. We will see new relationships and connections beginning to grow. There will be a powerful healing of the past to the point that there are little or no emotional triggers anymore.

Now this is the good part . . .

The deep depression (feeling stalled, stuck, passionless, and directionless), that the Star Elders warned us about that some would feel, beginning in 2013, is beginning to fade and is being replaced with crystal clarity. This depression often is viewed as negative, but it is not! You are simply waking up! Depression is a side effect of subconscious remembering in our body’s DNA. The relief comes when we start to remember these things consciously. There is always a path between the subconscious and the conscious. Yep . . . it is called waking up. We have been doing this work for a long time, and recently without a break or down day for over a year now.

We can expect a few intense waves of magnetic storms. I find that solar forecasts (like the image below) rarely show up as big as predicted. But this month looks significant happening right around the Equinox on March 20th. Energy will begin to ramp up on the 15th with very little integration time until the 27th. It is like a magnetic, solar bubble surrounding the equinox!

Magnetic storms can make GPS navigation, satellites, and power grids across the globe unreliable. They can affect us physically as well, as we have learned in these last decades. So if you look back on 2018, two other storms actually reached Earth on January 15th and February 19th. So, do you remember what happened to you on those days? This time will be similar, but multiplied globally by the balance of the solar energies across the northern and southern hemispheres on Earth. We can expect new surprising situations and opportunities to arise with the new moon energies as well. (New moon is on March 17th, around sunrise here in the southwest).

Our days around these dates can be wonky for sure. It might be harder to sleep. You might feel dizzy or even nauseous. Sensitive people will feel this profoundly while others might not even notice. Our elders usually feel this energy the most. So listen to your elders. They understand things you cannot feel. Those who’s health is compromised might feel sicker, and others may find it a powerful doorway to make the journey to the other side.

Things you can do to ease symptoms.

Sacred sites and soul truth.
Of course I am going to say that being in a sacred site over the equinox window is the best option, as the energy in these sites are deeply balancing to the truth of our souls. This is why we like to travel to these places over and over. They are home base for the soul. So if you can . . . , go to a sacred site and make your offerings. When you give/offer ceremony to Earth and humanity, the universe automatically protects and aligns you. I will be hanging out in my medicine circle with my starry based Ica Stone, as I am not traveling this Equinox.

Be compassionate . . .
Do not judge yourself or others, and do whatever gets you through the day. You can self adjust in a few days if you go off the rails with food, entertainment, etc…. Eating grounding foods always helps. Anything that grows under ground is helpful. Bury your feet in sand. Be by the ocean. Or even a simple celtic sea salt bath helps!

Dirty Energy Cloaking . . .
Amazonite filters incoming energies and blocks dirty electromagnetics, and geopathic stress. Hematite cuts down on electromagnetic pollution and is very protective and highly grounding. And I have been particularly attracted to Shungite recently which is a powerful shield for electromagnetic frequencies. It is also very protective and purifying. It is said to suck up negative energy and creates a cloaking effect (I just discovered this one, and I am liking it). I am sure you have your favorites too! Use what works.

Assistance from the Archangels.
You can always cloak yourself just by asking Archangel Michael for a negative energy, protective shield. He loves to wrap you in pink, fuzzy blanket, or sometimes he uses a silver, gossamer fabric, which is also incredibly protective from undesirable energies.

Reaching off planet.
Oddly and out of character for me, I usually take extreme measures to ground during these times. But this time, I am feeling a strong attraction to Tektites. (Tektites are formed from terrestrial debris ejected during meteorite impacts.) Also, you might consider Moldavite, Libyan Gold, Meteorites, etc…. I am expecting this has to do with some new incoming, cosmic frequencies. It might even include close encounters during this time. Oh … I did say that didn’t I?   shhhh. Don’t tell anyone! Lol. Keep clear from any silicate type crystals, because Quartz easily resonates with electromagnetic frequencies and can draw them to you.

For now, I don’t know what else to say, but also know that this message is not complete. Probably because we are not aware of everything that is going to happen just yet. I expect that in the next few days more information will be coming in regarding this equinox and many more surprises. Consider this message a starting point to something much bigger than what we understand right now. There is much more to come.

This is a launching point for many new experiences to come. We will begin to gather new tools for our future. I am told that just as my medicine circle has been cleaned and rebooted, so have the worlds sacred sites. I almost feel like I am starting over after 33 years of travel to sacred sites. I am excited to see what we will be collecting and absorbing in these new frequencies.

We will be in deeply etherial Avalon (England – July 2018) and alchemical mysteries of Egypt (October 2018). Both pilgrimages being in a huge portal of thinning veils that will last from May to November, and both having strong ties to the great mother archetype. Our Great Mothers . . . the Pre-Celtic Clan of the Marys in England, and the Sekhmet Clan in Egypt.

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