4/5 Awakening the Senses

Tuesday, 5 April 2011April Energy Forecast – Awakening the Senses
Fear is high in people right now and this fear is proving constructive or destructive in peoples lives and behaviours. Anger and fighting are being explored by some, feeling numb or numbing the self is also present as an energy, and for many accelerated Anxiety is being quickly followed by accelerated Joy.

These symptoms are due to the high levels of fear moving through the world. This is causing an awakening of the senses in people at an all new level.

The first senses that needed to clearout in many are those that relate to the lower chakras. Fear is strongly rooted in our bodies at physical and emotional levels. But when you open to the roots of a fear you are carrying, a release can occur. So the release of fear will be a continuing theme in April, as was dramatically catalysed across the world in March with the biggest focus being Japan.

Most of us are programmed to fear 2 things in particular as humans: Death and Pain.
The survival instinct is strong in our minds and motivations and it rises in the shadows of our fears.

The interesting thing about these fears is that, at some point in your life, Death and pain will be inevitable. Death will come, and pain will happen for you. Whether that is the pain of great heartbreak, or the pain you feel in your physical body. Or the pain that accompanies a rebirth experience (a major release of old identity while still in the same body).

At some moment, Death and pain will have found or will find us.

So fearing their arrival is an interesting dance. For when we fear these two, we simply fear the inevitable. We are spending energy focusing on something that we know will happen, that we can’t stop happening, and yet a part of our mind will be tempted to worry and attempt to safeguard against (or control) the inevitable.

Many people turn to meditation or the self-development world for help with their fears of Death and pain. Many turn to a medical doctor for medication. Many turn to the comfort of their father’s hug for soothing their fear. Many turn to their creativity. Many turn to re-organising the kitchen cupboards.

There are many ways for us as humans to deal with expressing or suppressing fear, because it is such a widely experienced feeling and we are a diverse group of people. We each deal with the experience of ‘fear’ through different thoughts, stories, spiritual ideals, religious beliefs. Yet the feeling is universal. The beliefs greatly differ but the feeling is undeniably universal.

The smoothest journey through April will be one where you are staying aware of the presence of fear in your life. Either within yourself or as witnessed or felt in others. Many are slipping in and out of consciousness with regards to seeing and feeling the fear within their behaviour.

Despite all of this talk of fear, the release of such depth of feeling brings a very positive charge not far behind it. And April will have plenty of this energy to go around.

Some of you will have already experienced this in March. You will have had periods of overwhelming new levels of peace, clarity, happiness. These ‘upsurges’ often following the release of lower emotions, such as anxiety or sadness/loneliness. There are a whole group right now who have never felt as clear, as peaceful or as in Joy as before. And that group is growing in number every day.

It will serve you to remember this ‘upsurge’ principle in April, as it will be a true experience for many of you. You will feel yourself lifting in spirit, sometimes profoundly, but often directly following a loss, some worry or anxiety.

Energetically, March was the biggest heartbreak month of 2011. A month of sadness, grief, shock and loss for so many. Whether it was through the experience of Japan, or learning of a loved one’s illness. So with all of this taking place, the highs are very high, just as the lows are very low.

We learn a lot about our fears through our most intimate relationships, and this is why the biggest shifts still occur for many of us through the experience of falling in love and/or heartbreak (relationship loss or physical loss/death of loved ones). Falling in love often follows a heartbreak period. Not always, but often.

We just went through a world level heartbreak. Therefore, much is moving and rearranging within us in response. Remember too that thoughts tend to move faster than emotions so keeping a focus on how you feel rather than what you are thinking or perceiving will be most important in the month of April. This will also help you stay clear in the mind.

March was a tricky month for mental clarity and balance because the primal fear in people became activated. This can make the mind overact and over-think.

When we are in primal fear, everything inside us that worries, frets, gets anxious or feels dis-empowered starts to accelerate and amplify as primal fear adrenalises the body. So, conversations can begin in the mind that are either off-centre or judgmental of yourself or others. Control thoughts can also come up strongly at times like these, for the mind is losing ‘control’ of the situation, so it works harder to regain control.

Many in March experienced high levels of thinking and worry. This led some to actions that were reckless, obsessive or driven by panic. But the internal fear energy needed to release somehow, so for some, a dramatic experience was created to process it. When there isn’t room for your feelings to be present in your life, you will sometimes create a dramatic external experience to then process those feelings through. Or an experience will come and find you that will allow this release.

Our senses and bodies are working faster than ever to respond and adapt to our vibrationally transitioning planet. So those of you experiencing anxiety about finance, are in shock because of ill-health within your loved ones, or are worried about the state of the world in the now or the future, stay aware that fear is on the rise. And it is a collective phenomenon.

So when you catch it in yourself, move your attention away from the thoughts of the mind and turn your attention back to the feelings in your body and its well-being. You may do this and suddenly find that the body is clear of fear, and it was just the mind in fear after all. Or you will feel the fear in your body and deal directly with it. Sitting and slowly breathing your way through it until it releases in the body, gently stroking the body, or even taking the fear dancing or for a run – whatever way works for you to move fear, do it.

We are in a period of quickening, dramatic change and structure reappraisal of our world. There is not too much time to think and there will be more thoughts than could possibly make sense. You just have to feel your way through it. The body will make more sense than the mind, so allow the body to lead you more.

Our senses are awakening because a unification of feeling is taking place at a new level in our global community. Oneness is being remembered at all new levels. And this is a part of the greater mass awakening that is happening. The awakening is simply, the realisation that we are not guaranteed anything. We are not guaranteed life on the planet. Our lives in the physical body will come to an end at some point.

This realisation is one that many would rather not face, but facing it allows and causes you to experience life at a more sensory and feeling (rather than mental) level. The ‘now’ becomes an easier place to reside.

So, as you have this awakening occur to you, as you truly ‘get that’ inside both mind and body, then you see that there was nothing to fear all along. We are not guaranteed a life and we are not guaranteed a life span. At any moment, any of us could go.

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