4/15 Bill Chisholm’s TWO CENTS WORTH

April 15th
Bill Chisholm’s TWO CENTS WORTH
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No doubt about it, it is getting wild out there…. it is obvious to almost everyone regardless of where one might see themselves on the political spectra that things aren’t quite right in Tinsel Town. What I caution against is losing one’s cool, of over reacting, or acting without thought, without thinking things through, making everyone who thinks different than you the enemy.

I remember an incident back in my college days. It was after the shootings at Kent State University. There had been some anti-war activity on the campus at Idaho State University, but after the shootings things amped up. There was a large protest march that was to go from the campus to the federal building downtown. We started on the sidewalk, which lasted about 100′, then went into the street. A block or so on, a Pocatello police car, blocked the road and a sergeant got out of the car. Immediately some of the more radicals started calling him a “Pig”, but some of the others of us, pulled them back. The officer, said… “We can’t stop, you, just tell us where you want to go and we’ll block traffic.” I was impressed with the officer’s cool.

No doubt there are some “Pigs” out there on both sides of any equation.. folks that .. I’ve been arrested a number of times for civil disobedience, I’ve had numerous conflicts with persons whose actions I have opposed. In those situations, I have tried to separate the sin from the sinner and recognized that the enforcer was not the main problem. I tried instead to engage them as human beings. Talk to them about what I was doing and why.

This is not about being a patsy, or being milk toast… backing away from one’s beliefs.. it is about engaging in the process in a different way. When it becomes a battle, the reasons for the fight often disappear and it just becomes a power struggle and if it turns violent…. the violence becomes the issue and when the dust settles… the problem still needs to be resolved.

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