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Suzanne Lewis August 1, 2019

Some background around being a GrandMother. Since I was a very young child, I have had reoccurring dreams of a grandmother coming to me. In my dream I am out in a field, harvesting/digging roots when she comes to me behind me and she whispers into my left ear. She has never left me and advocates and guides from the invisible.
I met Brooke Medicine Eagle when I was 31 years old, dying from a brain growth in my Pituitary. She provided me with key wisdom that activated my inner physician and allowed me to use my active imagination to reframe my brain and heal. I participated in a four-year healing of the waters ceremonies with Brooke from 1984-1988. Brooke began calling me a GrandMother at the age of 35 when I healed from my “Downwinder poisoning.
Being a GrandMother means to me “Loving People and Feeding Them Well”. A GrandMother’s Council can take a 1000 forms (There’s a 1000 way to kneel and kiss the sweet Mother Earth”)
As I am a Celtic American with DNA roots to Ireland and Old Brit (Wales) I love Celtic Shamanistic dialogue around GrandMothers where there is such inclusiveness of the elements, family of mother nature, such that one can be a GrandMother for the whales, the waters, the air, the rocks and so on. So maybe one’s GrandMother Council is a Grove of Trees.
I am working on a manuscript called Holy Woman Reclaiming the Feminine Face of God. I have been drafting a chart based on the Great Wheel of Life naming the multitude of honorable, inherited archetypes, pattern holders with their special gifts and talents. I contend we must immediately stand up and name who we are. Breaking the patriarchial dominated language of diminishing and making invisible we powerful, important, proud leaders, teachers, visionaries, Great Mother Advocates.
NorthEast on the Great Wheel for me is the home of the Grandmothers’ Council, the wisdom keepers of the whole tribe, clan, land, it’s elements and animals. Whether one traces the indigenous peoples’ such as the Hopi, or the Iroquois, and others; one finds that before any chief, tribal leader can make a decision that affects its people and the earth, the Grandmother’s Council was consulted. The Grandmothers are the pattern keepers who are obligated to consider every aspect of the tribe, past and future. They are the moral compass and it is time for the Grandmothers’ Councils worldwide to be respected for their courageous hearts and steeped wisdom.
“I heard the Dalai Lama stated: If Western Woman will come out from under the shadow of the great mountain, the earth will be saved.” And that the Hopi Wisdom Keepers are sharing: “When the grandmothers speak, The earth will be healed.” My revered Hopi Spiritual Messenger, Thomas Banyaca stressed: If the Elders will speak, the young will listen.”
Are we as an Earth Family on the dark night of our Collective Soul’s journey? That piercing long shrill calling for attention right now. Will the response be as Dr. Estes’ petitioned: “And let us pray that we remember: If mountains are made of grains of sand. We each are a grain. Together, we can become a moving mountain for good.”
I am a fifth generation Idahoan and am a Planetary Peacekeeper, Wisdom Keeper, Mother, Earth Steward, Herstorean, author of Teacher of Heart: A Self Health Journey and The PeaceWheel Practice Guidebook: Dismantling Post Traumatic Stress and Harm. I am a Community Spiritual Leader and Healer. It takes a village to tend to the health and welfare and respect for all our family.
I also call myself a Rainbow Warrior, where the elders/grandparents stand beside the young during these heightened, harmful time. When one hears RAINBOW BRIDGE it can refer to the Rainbow Prophecy found in many tribes/cultures’ predictions. The RAINBOW is a blessing from the Creator. It can represent cross-cultural diversity and respect and beauty, it means generations standing beside one another. From the Hippies, with the Beatniks, with Indigo Children, with the nerds, with the geeks, with old with the young, with all of Mother Nature’s family….
In the Seventies, we who were unable to stand with our government regarding the draft, the Viet Nam Error, the nuclear proliferation and ignorance, the prejudice and injustice to all the minorities (women, blacks, children, ill, yellows, and list goes on as we are all some kind of minority); well we marched, protested and tried to be heard. We stood alone and were judged harshly.
The Rainbow prophecy declared that at this time when the young must take a stand, to lead the call for justice, safety, rehabilitation of our ways with nature etc., WE their Seventies radical activists, devoted Earth Stewards will stand right beside them. We will represent dignified unity for all.
It is time to be Legacy Leaders.
Return of the Ghost Dancers Calling Sky Walkers, Earth Dancers

“Have You Forgotten? I Am Your Mother. You Are Under My Protection.”
“There is a promise Holy Mother makes to us,” explains Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, “that any soul needing comfort, vision, guidance, or strength can cry out to her, flee to her protection, and Blessed Mother will immediately arrive with veils flying. She will place us under her mantle for refuge, and give us the warmth of her most compassionate touch, and strong guidance about how to go by the soul’s lights.” Untie the Strong Woman is Dr. Estés’ invitation to come together under the shelter of The Mother—whether she appears to us as the Madonna, Our Lady of Guadalupe, or any one of her countless guises. In this unforgettable collection of stories, prayers, and blessings, Dr. Estés shares:

Why does the face of Our Lady appear in the most humble and unexpected places? Why does she burst forth into every culture no matter how hard authority tries to suppress her? It is because she never fails to answer our call when we are in need. With Untie the Strong Woman, Dr. Estés invites you to encounter the force of Immaculate Love—“So that your memory of Her is renewed, or else knowledge of her miraculous, fierce, enduring ways is drawn into your heart for the very first time.”

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Suzanne Lewis, editor and manager since 2000. Suzanne is a Planetary Peacekeeper, an Agent for Conscious Evolution, a Spiritual Healer, a Mother, a multi - faceted artist (beads, gems to trade beads; guords star seed art; published author and Lover of Life for the sake of All our Relations.
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