2015 is a year in which the Goddess Returns with more force and strength than ever before in the modern age

Joy Hope Love 6:00pm Feb 22

The preparations for this Divine Feminine resurgence have been underway for many years. Those who have elected, as part of their Sacred Contracts, to assist with the rebirth of these primal Shakti energies on Earth are being organised with great precision by Spirit.

The Ones who have been chosen to anchor, channel, and midwife the Great Birth of the Goddess Spirit onto the Earth plane once more will most likely have had their lives significantly shifted over the past 7-10 years. This is so that the ancient Life Codes of She can be once again accessed and trusted; so that those who were initiated in the powerful language of the Divine Feminine Essence can open up their personal sacred channels and once more be the conduits for the Goddess to radiate Her unequalled Life Forces.

These Divine Healing forces are urgently needed to re-balance and re-stabilise the energy currents presently working through the Earth planes. Many Emissaries of the Goddess are only recently being Called into Action. It may only be in the last few years, or past months, that they have felt the distant, yet profoundly deep and aching longing to be once again reunited with Her, and to answer the Sacred Call for devotion to all that She represents.

Some Emissaries and Channels for the Divine Feminine Spirit are only just being stirred into Life again – but for ALL chosen and elected Channels of the Divine She-Forces, 2015 will prove to be a pivotal time of unprecedented activity and renewal.

When the Ones who carry the Codes of the Sacred Feminine are contacted, and reminded that they too have a central role to play in midwifing and supporting the new birth of the Goddess Energies, they nearly always find that their Earthly lives are required to change (sometimes dramatically) in order for their energy fields to accommodate the Mission.

Plainly speaking, if you find that your life being re-ordered in perhaps unsettling and uncomfortable ways, whilst you simultaneously are experiencing an overwhelming, irresistible Call to follow a new path – one that is more aligned with your True Self, your deep inner creativity, your urges to follow your heart, your desires to be free and uninhibited by social or familial expectations – you are more than likely being Called into Action by the Goddess now.

For many Souls such as this, who have profound links and past life experiences with the Divine Feminine in various early civilisations around the globe, you could find that your life takes on a quality and shape that you have not designed this year.

You are probably aware of the first whispers and murmurs of these changes, but will have no idea how the Goddess can radically and dramatically overhaul your existence in order to get you where She needs you to be. You are in Her Service – and you agreed to it many, many distant lifetimes ago. There is no turning back from the Divine Mission of your Lifetimes. You are needed, you are prepared internally and spiritually (even if you are not presently aware of this), and you will be used as a messenger, an advocate, a torchlight of Divine Feminine power.

You cannot stop the tidal wave of energies that are now poised to flood your way. There is no stopping this accelerating Plan as it continues it’s pre-destined course. You are meant to be doing things differently; you are meant to be breaking out of old patterns and conditions; you are meant to be heading resolutely into the Unknown (although it is actually more planned than you realise).

The Goddess is supporting, guiding, leading you more than ever as we begin our new calendar year and open up to 2015. You will enter territories that you never knew existed, let alone could plan to travel to. You will be taken to new levels of intimacy, new vistas of spiritual awareness, new horizons of consciousness regarding your own incredible, awe-inspiring creative and Divine powers of transformation.

Take a deep breath, because you are right now being spotlighted by the Goddess Herself – the Prime Creatrix of All. This is the most powerful and mesmerising spiritual contact you could ever experience. You have been Called into Action, on Her behalf, on the most necessary and urgently needed healing Mission that has existed for eons.

Much will change this year, as you shed old skins, old, draining and heavy relationships and conditions, and take the hand of the Goddess Herself. She will charge you with a Light that is beyond comprehension, beyond compare, beyond the visions of your wildest dreaming. Take a breath, and prepare to roll with the changes, for there will be many, and they will be deep-rooted, long-lasting, and potent.

This is not a time to run and hide from your destiny. It is a time to surrender more deeply than you have ever done, and let Her lead you into a New World, one more beautiful, more ecstatic, more electrifying than you ever thought you were worthy of. You are the most worthy, because you have proved to Her over many lifetimes of initiation that you are trustworthy to carry out this most Holy of Missions. Let Her prove Her Love to you, this year, Beloved Emissary of the Sacred Feminine Light.

You will discover, as this year unfolds it’s wings, that you are worthy of more love, more care, more devotion, more overflowing passion than you ever believed in, or knew was there for you. She has been waiting patiently to love you for longer than you can comprehend. She has been waiting to breathe new life into you, to set your delicate heart alight with flames of sacred love, to show the world how magnificent, radiant and glorious you are.

The Time Has Come to fall, blissfully, without restraint nor shame, into Her adoring, devoted arms. She Will Never Leave You. Jump off the cliff edge, Dear One, because She is ready to catch, support and love you into flight.”

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Suzanne Lewis, editor and manager Wholisticbodymind.com since 2000. Suzanne is a Planetary Peacekeeper, an Agent for Conscious Evolution, a Spiritual Healer, a Mother, a multi - faceted artist (beads, gems to trade beads; guords star seed art; published author and Lover of Life for the sake of All our Relations.
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