13 Indigenous Grandmothers at World Congress Health and Nature

Beloved friends and interested visitors to the congress!
A very warm welcome to the first big event in Europe with all 13 Grandmothers! The time is more than ripe for us to campaign consciously and with full determination for important changes to life on this earth! Increasingly many more people are becoming aware of the problems, aberrations and the manifold dangerous consequences thereof which can no longer be ignored or postponed. There’s no more time to waste and we are nearly at the point of no return, the point at which we can no longer turn the tide on the mutually intensifying negative developments.

GMC_Oregon_004_PL copy (2)In July 2013, when the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers come to Germany for the 1st World Congress on Health, Consciousness and the Healing of the Earth, we will encounter courageous and committed women who, with their wisdom, love of humanity and kindheartedness, can give us a profound impetus for our personal inner growth, for individual physical, spiritual and psychological health as well as the healing essential for the survival of this earth.

We invite you to take part in this marvelous 3-day meeting from 19-21 July in Karlsruhe, a meeting which will certainly provide many fruitful impulses for every one of us individually and for the crucial future development of life on Earth.

Victor Rollhausen, on behalf of the EARTH OASIS Health Foundation events team

Udo Grube,CEO, HORIZON Ltd. who brought the movie “For the next 7 Generations“ to Europe

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