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Archive | September, 2015

James O’Dea Power and You (and you and me and us)

James O’Dea: When it comes to power, the bombast, the flame-thrower, the grand manipulator, the self-righteous holy-roller and other such archetypes are having a field day in American politics. Braggadocio meets castigation meets contempt. It’s quite a scene. Finding exemplars of power that are authentic, transparent and not owned by shadowy special interests is rare. […]

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Suzanne’s 2017 Editorial 1987-2017 PROPHECIZED TIME – IN THE GOLDEN AGE NOW

WBM EDITORIAL Suzanne Lewis PROPHECIZED TIME – IN THE GOLDEN AGE NOW I have always loved watching the night sky with its’ grand family of stars and galaxies…. I have spent a lifetime wishing upon the first star I see each night. Since the eighties, my gaze often has gone to the Pleiades, the Seven […]

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