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Archive | January, 2015

Depression – The Final Addiction

Depression – The Final Addiction By Jonathan Starr Written May, 2008 Authors note: This article will be more meaningful if you’ve read Suicide Is Not an Option first. When I began writing the article, Suicide Is Not an Option, I was surprised that what manifested in front of me on paper went back to 1979 […]

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Winter 2010 Editorial

WBM TIMES Winter 2015 Editorial Suzanne Lewis A few weeks ago Boise Valley experienced a five days and nights of below zero weather. We had snow on the ground and it was bitter cold. In an early morning dream I was forewarned through a sequence of memories of various times in my life where I’d […]

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FREEDOM and EQUALITY A Woman’s Perspective

FREEDOM and EQUALITY A Woman’s Perspective by Suzanne Lewis To See, Hear and Write Old Stones Like Old Crones Must Speak Infused With Wisdom If I were a minister I’d be forced to leave the pulpit this moment in my life. From somewhere deep in my soul an advocacy lurks to honestly “tell it like […]

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DREAMER written 2000 by Suzanne Lewis

Dear Readers, Here is a reprint of an article I wrote in 2000. DREAMER Suzanne Lewis– 2000 As a young child I often heard the story of my great, great grandparents, they were born in Wales recruited by LDS missionaries in the mid-1800’s left their poverty, hunger-filled dark existence came America, and settled the promised […]

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